{"176079":{"id":"176079","parent":"0","time":"1593363669","url":"http:\/\/www.strategic-culture.org\/news\/2020\/06\/28\/biden-basement-strategy-just-say-nothing\/","category":"USA","title":"Biden's Basement Strategy: Just Say Nothing","image":"","hub":"newsnet","url-explicit":"biden-s-basement-strategy-just-say-nothing","admin":"newsnet","views":"6","priority":"2","length":"5230","lang":"en","content":"\u003Cp\u003E\u003Ci\u003EPatrick J. BUCHANAN\u003C\/i\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003ESome polls now have Joe Biden running ahead of Donald Trump by 10 points and sweeping the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. This vindicates the strategy Biden's advisers have adopted:\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EConfine Joe to his basement, no press conferences. Trot him out to recite carefully scripted messages for the cameras. Then lead him back to his stall.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EThis enables Biden to avoid the blazing questions that are dividing not only Democrats and Republicans but liberals and leftists. And most of these issues touch on the explosive subject of race.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EConsider. California's legislature just voted to put to a statewide ballot in November a return to the racial preferences that were banned as discriminatory in a statewide referendum, 25 years ago.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EThe proposal would reverse the 1995 constitutional amendment, approved by 55% of voters, which outlawed \"preferential treatment\" based on \"race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.\"\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EIf the measure carries, California returns to a racial spoils system.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003ERace preferences are being pushed because they are needed to bring about greater representation of Blacks and Hispanics in the student bodies of elite schools of the state university system like UCLA and the University of California, Berkeley.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EAsian students are today \"overrepresented\" in these prestigious schools, because of their superior test scores.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EWhere does Biden stand on anti-Asian discrimination?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EEarlier this June, the California Assembly voted to establish a task force to make recommendations for reparations for slavery.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003ENow, California did not enter the Union until 1850, and slavery was outlawed in the state constitution, though several thousand slaves were brought there during the 1849 Gold Rush.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EWhere does Biden stand on reparations for slavery?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EMany of the recent protests in the wake of George Floyd's death have involved the desecration and destruction of monuments.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EWhat does Biden think about tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus and Robert E. Lee? Where does Biden stand on destroying statues of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, Grant and Theodore Roosevelt?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EWhat did Biden think of the removal of the statue of Caesar Rodney, Delaware statesman and slave owner, who, despite a grave illness, rode to Philadelphia to sign Jefferson's Declaration of Independence and cast his lot with the American Revolution?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EUnderstandably, Biden would prefer not having to choose between Caesar Rodney and BLM.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EBlack men are arrested and incarcerated more often than whites because of the systemic racism of law enforcement officials, we are told.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EDoes Biden believe white cops are congenital racists?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EIn the great cities where the killing of Black men is today all too common, the regimes that have ruled them for decades have been almost wholly Democratic.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EDoes Biden believe there is systemic racism in the ruling circles of all these Democratic-run cities?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EOver the last month, there has been an explosion of shootings and killings. In Chicago, over Memorial Day, 84 people were shot, 24 mortally.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003ELast weekend in Chicago, 106 people were shot and 14 killed. New York City is experiencing the worst shooting violence in a quarter century.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EIs there systemic racism in the police departments of our great cities? Again, who has been running those cities, if not Democrats?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EIs there inequality in wealth between Black and white America because of systemic racism? If so, why did that inequality persist through two terms of our first Black president, with Biden as his VP?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EDoes Biden believe, with Elizabeth Warren, in wealth taxes on the rich and wealth transfers to close the Black-white wealth gap?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EIs there systemic racism in American media?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EOur dominant media institutions include The Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, CBS and NBC. All are controlled by liberals.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EIs there systemic racism in our great universities and colleges? Yet, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and the rest of the Ivy League have long been run by an entrenched liberal elite.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EIs our huge federal workforce permeated by racism?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EThough African Americans are 13% of the U.S. population, they occupy 18% of all federal jobs.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EIs there systemic racism in our public schools? Who controls the teachers unions? Who fills almost all of the teaching positions?\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EIs there systemic racism in California? If so, who is at fault? The governor, both senators, both houses of the legislature, all statewide offices, and 46 of 53 U.S. House seats in California are held by Democrats.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EIf Biden emerges, then he will have to answer why all these institutions where his party and people are predominant - the media, Hollywood, the academic community, public schools, big-city governments, the big foundations, the federal bureaucracy - are apparently shot through with systemic racism after decades of Democratic dominance.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EAnd, more precisely, what he intends to do about it.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003EPerhaps it's better to shelter in place in the basement.\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003E\u003Ca href=\"https:\/\/www.lewrockwell.com\/2020\/06\/patrick-j-buchanan\/bidens-basement-strategy-just-say-nothing\"\u003Elewrockwell.com\u003C\/a\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E\u003Cp\u003E\u003Ca href=\"http:\/\/www.strategic-culture.org\/news\/2020\/06\/28\/biden-basement-strategy-just-say-nothing\/\"\u003Estrategic-culture.org\u003C\/a\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E"}}