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John Kerry Goes Full Et at the Wef

By David Haggith
 The Malarkey Musket

January 23, 2023

As a friend and colleague of President Joe Biden, John Kerry's elongated look originally inspired Biden's reference a couple of years ago to "dog-faced pony soldiers." Had Kerry been present when Biden threw the offhanded insult at someone who was questioning him, people would have understood what Biden meant just by looking at Kerry. What people would not have understood is that Kerry's look derives from the genetic transitioning he has undergone as a transspecies person who uses the pronouns it/those.

In his latest public appearance, Kerry spoke in one of the smallest rooms at the World Economic Forum because he is increasingly old and irrelevant even though he is one of the original human hybrids placed in charge of the geoengineering project that is intended to make Earth compatible to the alien Centaurian species that originates from Alpha Centauri system. (Hence his horselike look: The Centaurians are actually highly evolved reptiles that have a sort of reverse-centaur look with horselike faces but a body somewhat like a man... or a bipedal insurance gecko.)

Kerry notably kept his talk short, perhaps to make time for the important speakers, or perhaps in deference to his inability to stand longer than fifteen minutes, an aging disability he acknowledged at the start of his talk by noting he now finds it difficult to climb ladders.

The former senator, secretary of state and top Earth ambassador to the planet Centauri I introduced his talk by describing how, just the night before, he and his daughter were pondering why it is that the common people of earth want to ignore science as he and his daughter dined on  beetleburgers. He expressed a sense of awe at how "we, select group of human beings, because of whatever touched us at some point or other in our lives, are able to... come together and actually talk about saving the planet. It's so almost extraterrestrial."

"Saving the planet" is the Centaurian talking-point phrase like "climate change" for terraforming the earth into a habitat more suitable to the Centaurians, who eventually plan to arrive after earth's population has been sufficiently reduced to make room for them, while leaving just enough humans to do the essential labor as a slave race... and food source.

In speaking of the "almost extraterrestrial" nature of the "select group of human beings" that Kerry is part of, the elder statesman was referring to how those who were gathered at the WEF are mostly hybrids of a reptilian-human gene-transitioning project that selected specific Earth leaders for gene-modifying injections. The gene-placement surgery makes them almost extraterrestrial internally so they can survive like amphibians in Centauri I's atmosphere, yet enables them to go unnoticed on earth and to live with continued exposure to earth's atmosphere as well as in the rarified atmosphere of Davos and its frigid climate. It also enables them to live on a diet of insects.

What Kerry was referring to when he said "because of whatever touched us" is the genetic-mutation virus injected to transition the elite into Beta Centaurians, the name for the Centaurion-human hybrid species.

Throughout the video above, Kerry can be seen exhibiting his reptilian inner physiology as, with an almost autonomic reflex that cannot be easily controlled, he frequently flicked his tongue while speaking to catch flies as captured in these stop-action clips:

Video sequences of Kerry flicking his tongue to catch flies while speaking.

Kerry recognized his extraterrestrial claims would sound strange to ordinary people if they were ever present at such a gathering as this one in Davos, Switzerland:

"If you said that to most people, they think you're just a crazy, tree-hugging, lefty, liberal, you know, do-gooder, whatever, and there's no relationship." However, he admitted, "but really that's where we are." In other words, yes that is the intellectual space they live in.

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