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« On Hospital and Nursing Home Death Protocols »

By John Leake
 Courageous Discourse

June 7, 2024

For our book,  The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex, I interviewed several people who'd lost a family member after he or she was admitted to hospital with severe COVID-19 symptoms.

The typical scenario they described was that the family member had started off with mild flu-like symptoms that worsened around day 7 or 8,with steadily increasing difficulty in breathing. At the time, many were completely unaware of even the possibility of early treatment because their primary doctors mentioned nothing about it. And so, with panic setting in or with a blood oxygen level below 90, the decision was made to admit the family member to hospital.

Though the witnesses I interviewed were from all over the country, their experiences with hospitals were all the same-namely, no treatment was offered to their sick family members apart from supplemental oxygen, Remdesivir, and then intubation and ventilation, ultimately resulting in death.

Several witnesses heard about treatment modalities such as methylprednisolone, ivermectin, and anti-coagulants only after their family members were languishing in hospital. To their astonishment, hospital doctors steadfastly refused to administer these drugs to their dying family members, and hospital administrators even fought court orders to do so.

After hearing several of these stories, I began to suspect what initially seemed unthinkable, but increasingly struck me as that only plausible explanation for the conduct of these hospitalists-namely, that they had, for some dreadful reason, agreed to play along with a systematic euthanasia program.

My suspicion grew when I interviewed witnesses who told me of smuggling ivermectin into hospital rooms and clandestinely giving it to their family members, some of whom then quickly improved. One woman told me a terrifying story of receiving a call from an angry doctor who was dumbfounded by her husband's recovery, as it was apparently incongruous with the usual inexorable demise he had observed in other patients.

"The doctor suspected I'd given my husband something and he angrily demanded to know what it was," the woman related. "He said he wanted to know if it was a prescription drug and which pharmacy had prescribed it. It was like he wanted to get the pharmacist into trouble."

I was reminded of these stories this afternoon when I read a post by fellow Substack author, Katharine Watt, in which she argues that nihilistic hospital protocols were not only the result of stupidity, groupthink, and perverse financial incentives provided for by the PREP and CARES Acts.

These acts provided the legislative framework and the financial rewards for therapeutic nihilism and injurious actions such as administering Remdesivir and high pressure ventilation that did nothing to treat the pulmonary blood clots that ultimately killed the patients. Ms Watt believes that-in addition to pigheadedness and greed-many hospitalists and nurses knowingly and willingly participated in "an industrialized medical euthanasia program."

Please read Ms. Watt's essay- On hospital and nursing home death protocols-and let me know what you think in the comments. Did hospitalists and nurses knowingly and willfully kill patients, or did they simply lack confidence to question the nihilistic and injurious hospital guidelines issued by the NIH?

POSTSCRIPT: The many witnesses with whom I spoke all described their family members suffering from a distinct, flu-like illness that took a sharp turn for the worse during week two.

Several of these witnesses reported the ordeal happening in the summer of 2020, long after the influenza season. My mother came down with this illness in August 2020. As she described it, it began with the most severe sinus headache she could remember-like a spike being driven into her forehead. This symptom, as well as an unusual feeling of malaise, prompted her to get a COVID-19 PCR test, which was positive.

I have no doubt that my mother suffered from COVID-19, caused by the respiratory virus SARS CoV-2. Her illness quickly responded to hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, and she soon felt better. For my part, I came down with COVID-19 in late June 2022. In addition to my distinct symptoms, I tested positive to an antigen test. My cough quickly resolved with the McCullough Protocol, but I suffered by far the most extreme fatigue I'd ever experienced in my life, sleeping all day on days two and three. The syndrome was like none I'd ever experienced before.

COVID-19 was the only plausible explanation for my illness, especially considering that three other people who'd attended the same dinner party a few days earlier also came down with it at the same time.

Thus, while I share many of Ms. Watt's perceptions, I do not share her apparent disbelief that the disease syndrome we call COVID-19 was a respiratory viral illness. Here I would like to emphasize my firm conviction that civilized adults may disagree about many things while maintaining an overall posture of civility and cooperation.

This originally appeared on  Courageous Discourse.