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Poor, Clueless Mark Cuban

By  Tom Woods

April 4, 2024

From the  Tom Woods Letter:

There's been an exchange taking place on Twitter between Mark Cuban and Chris Rufo, in which Cuban denies that the DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) movement amounts to what critics say it does.

Dilbert's Scott Adams writes:

If you are not following this ongoing debate, you are missing a great show.

Mark Cuban had no idea how DEI works in the real world.

In the real world, if your CEO says diversity is a company priority, the managers begin overtly discriminating against White males and it never stops.

Every. Time. Forever.

No one cares what vocabulary words the CEO used. Managers respond to incentives. Period.

It has been this way for at least three decades. If you need a witness to my claim, stop any White guy on the street and ask if he worked in a big company. You'll hear the same story every time.

If you ask the CEO, he'll either lie or say he expressed himself in terms of "equal opportunity" but the managers took it too far.

Cuban made the mistake of asking Chris Rufo - one of the world's foremost experts on the subject - to supply examples of CEOs who interpret and enforce DEI as an ideological and racialist campaign and who reject equality in favor of the more redistributionist, outcome-focused "equity."

Rufo supplied ten examples in about five seconds.

Raytheon, for example, flat-out tells employees that they should oppose "equality," which involves "treating each person the same...regardless of their differences," and instead to support "equity," which "focuses on the equality of the outcome."

But it's much worse than that. The propaganda about "white privilege," "white supremacy," and all the rest of it is so over the top that I promise you it's worse than you imagined it could be.

I particularly like this graphic they used at Google:

That sure is one narrow (and exhausting) path to tread!

You're pushing "white supremacy" if you believe in meritocracy, if you compliment a "POC" on his speaking abilities, if you insist race doesn't matter to you, if you reject the concept of "white privilege," if you "fetishize" "BIPOC" (so you'd better really like them, but try not to like them too much or then you're fetishizing them), if you are committed to colorblindness, or if you call the police on black people (can you please stop bothering the poor guy while he's trying to murder you?).

And if you try too hard, you'll be accused of having a "white savior complex."

If you decide that the whole thing is therefore hopeless and nothing you do will ever be right or given a charitable interpretation, then you're guilty of "white silence."

Nice bunch, the people who drafted this.

I wonder what would happen if I denied the existence of "discriminatory lending," one of the sins listed on that pyramid. That was debunked a long time ago. If blacks were being held to a higher, discriminatory standard, they would have lower default rates. They do not.

Seriously, if the list of white faults is that great, isn't the whole experiment hopeless? There aren't enough concentration camp guards to do all the reeducating that would be necessary to fix all of these alleged issues. So what could the endgame possibly be?

I doubt they're thinking that far ahead. This kind of ideology is simply a bludgeon to use to attain power.

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