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Russia invites Roger Waters to speak at the Un Security Council

FYI: my interview with Roger Waters here:

 Interview with Roger Waters

RT reports:

Moscow has requested that Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters be allowed to speak at the next UNSC meeting on Ukraine

British rock icon Roger Waters has officially been asked by Russia to participate in the upcoming United Nations Security Council meeting, set to be held on Wednesday, to discuss peace prospects and weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

The invitation was announced by Russia's First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky on Tuesday. He wrote on his Telegram channel that Russia had officially requested that the UN allow the Pink Floyd co-founder and peace activist to be featured as a speaker.

Waters has been an outspoken critic of the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which he has called an "unnecessary war," and has repeatedly called for efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the issue. He has also condemned the West's continued military support to Kiev, accusing the US and its allies of "war profiteering" and intentionally provoking and prolonging hostilities in the region.

He has also stated on several occasions that he holds Washington responsible for sparking the Ukraine crisis and allowing the conflict between Moscow and Kiev because it benefits American interests and is "really good for business."

The musician's repeated calls for peace between Moscow and Kiev and criticism of Western military meddling have seen him branded as a Russia apologist and propagator of "Kremlin talking points." His opinions have led to his concerts being banned in Poland and he has even landed in the notorious 'Mirotvorets' database - often dubbed Kiev's "kill list" - after several individuals, including journalists and politicians, were assassinated after appearing on the website.

In September, Waters wrote an open letter personally addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling for diplomatic talks to end the conflict. He also wrote to Vladimir Zelensky's wife Elena, asking her to help him "to persuade our leaders to stop the slaughter."



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 Russia invites Roger Waters to speak at the Un Security Council

Noble Appeal By Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, But Western Warmongers Are Comfortably Numb

This war is an existential one: it is all about preserving American hegemony and propping up the floundering Western imperial global order. "Unipolar world domination," as Roger Waters put it.

Pink Floyd rock legend Roger Waters made an impressive and impassioned plea for peace at the UN Security Council this week. The English-born singer-songwriter was invited by Russia to address the specially convened forum on the prospects of finding a peaceful resolution in Ukraine.

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 Russia invites Roger Waters to speak at the Un Security Council

Roger Waters s'adresse aux Nations unies: « Cette voie ne mène qu'au désastre »

Crédit Roger Waters official

La Russie a sollicité une réunion du Conseil de sécurité à l'ONU le 8 février 2023, pour aborder la question de la livraison d'armes à l'Ukraine. À cette occasion, elle a fait appel au co-fondateur britannique de Pink Floyd, Roger Waters.

Dans son discours Roger Waters a abordé la question de la guerre entre la Russie et l'Ukraine, s'expri

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 Russia invites Roger Waters to speak at the Un Security Council

Le fondateur de Pink Floyd a condamné les provocateurs du conflit en Ukraine à l'Onu

par Stoletie

La Russie a été poussée à lancer une opération militaire spéciale (OMS) en Ukraine, a déclaré Roger Waters, cofondateur et leader des Pink Floyd lors d'une réunion du Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU, où il s'est exprimé à l'invitation de Moscou. Les diplomates russes ont invité leurs collègues étrangers à discuter de la fourniture d'armes occidentales au régime de Kiev et des perspectives d'un règlement pacifique.

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 Russia invites Roger Waters to speak at the Un Security Council

Roger Waters interview to Berliner Zeitung

Note: reading these moronic questions+statements only confirms to me my conviction that Europe is sub-pathetic and deserves what will come its way. This is sad, of course, but indisputable. As for Roger Waters, his willingness to reconsider his views only inspires even more admiration in me.

source:  rogerwaters.com



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 Russia invites Roger Waters to speak at the Un Security Council

Roger Waters addresses the Unsc (at the invitation of Russia)

Comment by Andrei: Russia invited Roger Waters to speak at the UNSC even though the Russians perfectly knew and understood that Roger Waters does not share the same view of this war than Russia does. That is true pluralism and not its pathetic and ugly substitute we see in the "free and democratic media" which immediately branded Waters as an "Putin agent" and, of course, an "anti-Semite". Let me repeat, it is Russia which gave a voice to the billions of people Roger Waters speaks about and speaks for.