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The Curious Case of How Mike and Michael Saved America from the Globalists

By  Davis Taylor

September 18, 2023

The current twist in the plan to put globalists in charge of America, under the pretext of saving society from infectious disease, has two tracks—a  treaty track and a track to modify  international health regulations. Boiled down to their essence, both tracks aim to hand the WHO control over most aspects of Americans' lives, to be triggered by the WHO allegedly determining that a new pandemic is underway.

Dr. Meryl Nass has taken the lead in warning about the current iteration of the plan, and, on September 1, 2023, she was  interviewed by Del Bigtree about it. Nass is the founder of  Door to Freedom, and its website has information about the looming threat of WHO control.  James Roguski is another voice repeatedly warning about this threat. Both  Nass and  Roguski post articles about this topic on Substack.

Nass and Roguski have worked heroically, trying to educate Americans about the scheme, and trying to propel Americans to insist that their elected leaders stop it. They're correct, of course, that it's much easier to squelch tyranny before it's put into place under purported "legal" proceedings than to try to roll it back or peel it off afterward. However, modern day Americans aren't inclined to get ahead of bad things to prevent them. So, this issue likely won't get Americans' attention until they're once again locked in their homes and masked up, this time with mandatory injection squads knocking on their doors, donning uniforms in a lovely shade of WHO light blue. Interestingly, this is nearly the same shade of blue as the masks forced upon the population, to muzzle and dehumanize it.

If the warnings of Nass and Roguski go largely unheeded, as this author expects, and smoke and mirror "legal" proceedings purportedly give the WHO control over Americans, are we all just simply screwed at that point?


I believe the work of another set of heroes—Mike and Michael, or "the Mikes" as they're sometimes called—will play a pivotal role in what then unfolds.

 Mike Maharrey is the National Communications Director of the Tenth Amendment Center (TTAC).

 Michael Boldin is the founder and Executive Director of TTAC.

TTAC recently had its 17-year anniversary. Since its inception, it's been educating the public about the use of strategies, rooted in American history and law, to protect our rights from federal overreach. Those strategies within TTAC's bailiwick will be what's needed when we're informed that we henceforth live in WHO-istan.

Once again boiling things down to their essence, the scheme to give the WHO control over Americans is based upon federal overreach because it will involve the feds attempting to hand such control to the globalists. It will be the feds telling Americans that the WHO is their new master.

Strategies that will keep America red, white and blue—and repel the powder blue.

TTAC's website discusses measures that will be essential for peacefully resisting the impending attempt to hoist a light blue flag over America. Below is a sampling of some of the information discussed there.

The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine: Anti-commandeering is a Supreme Court doctrine that, in a nutshell, prohibits the federal government from "commandeering" state personnel or resources for federal purposes. As the Mikes repeatedly point out in their work, the feds can accomplish very little without the cooperation of state and local government personnel. The WHO will also face this problem if it's theoretically put in charge of us. Below is a podcast episode and two articles posted on TTAC's website that flesh out how the anti-commandeering doctrine has been successfully used to protect rights.

Nullification: As explained on page 47 of the TTAC's  2022 State of the Nullification Movement Report, TTAC's nullification strategy follows James Madison's blueprint of non-cooperation to nullify federal acts in practice and effect. For example, on pages 47 through 50, the report discusses the historical success of using a nullification strategy to thwart the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which made it a federal crime to help an escaped slave. Below are some additional TTAC materials discussing the non-cooperation strategy of nullification.

The Tenth Amendment: As explained on TTAC's website, in a  section on the Tenth Amendment, the Tenth Amendment makes explicit two constitutional principles: 1.) the federal government is only authorized to exercise the powers delegated to it; and 2.) the people of the several states retain the authority to exercise any power that is not delegated to the federal government as long as the Constitution does not expressly prohibit it. As TTAC further explains in that section, "In a nutshell, the federal government has a very limited number of things it is authorized to do. These powers are listed throughout the Constitution. Most power and authority remains with the states; either with the state governments or with the people themselves as they determine in each state." TTAC's website is filled with discussion of examples of the effective use of the Tenth Amendment to resist control by the feds. These examples will surely be useful for resisting any federal dictates that are, in fact, coming from the WHO.


This article began with discussion about Del Bigtree's recent  interview of Dr. Meryl Nass. The interview no doubt moved the football in terms of alerting Americans to the scheme to subject them to WHO control, via the feds. My hope is that Bigtree and others like him with powerful platforms will interview one or both of the Mikes, so that Americans will also learn about the strategies within their area of expertise that can be used to stifle the scheme. A strong dose of the anti-commandeering doctrine, mixed with a little nullification, and with some Tenth Amendment sprinkled in for good measure, should send the WHO packing and off to whatever light blue hellscape they choose to create elsewhere.

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