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We Don't Need a Majority

By  Tom Woods

March 30, 2024

From the  Tom Woods Letter:

Since we're in March, almost every day is the four-year anniversary of some useless directive from March 2020.

And that has me thinking: if this all happened again, what would be different?

I think this time, in certain Western countries at least (and above all, the United States), there would be a significant minority of refuseniks, who remember full well what happened in 2020 and aren't about to be snookered into doing that all again.

But despite the destructiveness of what the world's regimes did to us, and even though it's obvious enough by now that it did nothing to improve your health, it's still just a minority of us who would raise our voices against a repeat.

Now as we saw, a minority is all we need: a minority got those "vaccine passport" systems overturned in numerous American cities.

But it's the principle of the thing: it should be a large majority refusing to go along.

Unfortunately, large majorities rarely resist much of anything, and we'll be disappointed if we put our faith in large numbers.

I got to thinking about all this because I just read that a woman named Devi Sridhar has been asked by Joe Biden to advise him on "post-Covid-19 response."

Sridhar was wrong about everything it was possible to be wrong about, but her advice is nevertheless being sought.

Now I would cite this as another example of the Clown World we inhabit, but a reader rightly corrected me yesterday, noting that the expression is unfair to clowns:

"I do wish folks would stop referring to clowns in a derogatory manner. Clowns go to school to learn the basics of their profession. They spend hours rehearsing their act so it comes off smoothly and entertainingly. There is nothing haphazard about a clown act. It is all preplanned. As contrasted to, for example, politicians - who are the true fumbling, bumbling clumsy, inarticulate grifters."

It was against The Situation Formerly Known as Clown World that I directed my (if I may say so) very satisfying new book, Diary of a Psychosis: How Public Health Disgraced Itself During COVID Mania.

I will be debating this subject (yes, there's someone out there who still wants to defend lockdowns and masks publicly) in New York City next month, and subscribers to my print newsletter (which is a perk of being a  Supporting Listener) will receive the text of my opening statement in the mail next month when they get the April issue.

In the meantime, there's always  the book itself, which I especially recommend in audiobook form, since it's my voice reading it, so you're guaranteed just that balance of sarcasm and contempt you crave:


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