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Why Nimarata « Nikki » Haley Will Be Vp, or Someone a Lot Like Her

By  Allan Stevo

June 8, 2024

This is the fact of the matter - central bank loving Zionists, predisposed to big war, big government and neo-conservative views (read: pseudo-conservative) are dumping money on Trump's campaign right now seeking the promise that he will put Nimarata "Nikki" Haley in as his VP.

They want to make her the Plan B nominee when Trump goes to prison. Or if that does not happen, as a plan C, they want to make her the Dick Cheney of the 47th presidency, a grey eminence who subverts anything conservative in order to prevent it from coming out of the White House. Cheney was styled after other saboteur vice presidents of the past, George H.W. Bush among them.

She's the agent being sent in to sabotage the Second Trump Administration. And others are auditioning for the same job, showing they can adeptly play that same role.

In contrast to that, the very wealthy Bitcoin industry is barely donating a penny to this guy because they pretend politics is below them. The same is true of libertarians, Austrian school aficionados, and constitutional conservatives. Tea Party types. And other "pro-freedom" folks. Many tend to be very tight with their money.

If you were Trump what would you do? Would you choose to not be able to competitively campaign come October because you are out of money? Or would you instead sell some of your political positions to help you get back into the White House and hopefully have some positive influence again?

I would choose whatever it took to get back into the White House, even if that meant I would need to lose on some important issues.

The good thing is that more people are getting involved as donors and volunteers and leaders in various capacities. They are not waiting to be told what to do. They are just going out and doing it. In San Francisco last night, exactly that happened.

But it's hardly enough.

So we may get four more years of neocons run by the GOP or four more years of neocons run by the democrats.

During this election period I have and will continue to give generously to PACs and candidates, have formed several organizations that influence elections and impact the media narrative, have donated my time generously without charging my hourly rate. By Election Day I will have given a lot to make sure there are more Ron Paul views than Nikki Haley views represented in the next White House.

And that's an important part of how politics works, down to the lowest level, there is a debate on how decisions are made. You have to work if you want more Ron Paul views than Nikki Haley views represented at any level of government.

Sometimes a person in a seat of power is a co-opted shill. Other times you get lots of different influences at play. It's easy to say "Everyone is a co-opted shill. I'm giving up!" That would just be a lie to claim that, though.

And the truth is, Donald Trump doesn't have that many pro-freedom people around him who seem to understand how this process works.

Many pro-freedom people want to believe that whatever nonsense they cooked up in their heads from Netflix or a George Carlin skit is the truth. The truth is, it isn't the truth, and they don't want to know the truth.

So yeah, Nimarata or a look-alike probably becomes VP because libertarians and Bitcoin folks and all kinds of other "freedom fighters" are too cool and too cheap to do the hard work that it takes to win. Part of the hard work is giving of yourself in big ways. Other parts of the hard work is making sure you have as much influence as you can, rather than giving up and abandoning a person who is not a purist.

Donald Trump makes me groan when the word "guns" comes up and he praises the NRA rather than NAGR, JPFO, GOA, or a host of other organizations that actually hold the line on freedom and say the uncomfortable things. There's stuff the guy doesn't get and there's stuff he probably won't get. That's no reason to ignore him and that's no reason to dismiss him. In fact, I want you to do the opposite. I want you to bigly support his campaign, I want you to be active in your local political and electoral process, and I want you to see what role you can play advancing freedom the next four years in an enhanced way if Trump is elected. But don't wait. Start that today. Trump is a far better instrument for freedom than most politicians. We just may get another four year reprieve of the globalist overthrow of America in which to advance the grassroots of the freedom movement.

This opportunity is an immense one. It isn't just two politicians on stage who share similar views and values when Biden and Trump face off. They do share some values, but there are fundamental antagonisms between the two that make Trump a useful vehicle for freedom.

Things got crappy enough in America for me to have my eyes open by 2005 or 2006. Others reading this preceded me by decades and have been generous givers and leaders far longer. But for most libertarians and most Bitcoin folks and most pro-freedom folks that is still not the case. Things have evidently not gotten crappy enough in America for them to move into meaningful action. They see what is happening, but they do not act.

Maybe we can pass up this golden opportunity, let the pot simmer for a while, and just try again in twenty or thirty years if they will let us out of the FEMA camps to run for office then.

No matter what the future brings, I will always remember that Trump by 2024 was the best that I ever saw in the White House, the most effective federal politician that I ever saw, and that in 2020 and in 2024 so many times what I saw was that people with resources who claim to stand for freedom couldn't be bothered to do the hard work to put the man into office and to push him to the extreme fringes on some important pro-freedom views. Nope. They were too cool to do that effortful and important work.

Instead, they perpetually rolled over and gave up at every turn, and the best chance for freedom through an officeholder that I ever saw in my lifetime was co-opted by the establishment.

In total direct, indirect, and in-kind donations, I've given to pro-liberty causes since 2020 every year more than most people make in income. I have put a great deal on the line throughout. Trump is only part of it but is a big part of it. Having even partial control of the White House in the hands of someone who is even partially pro-freedom means a lot. I have no idea what most pro-freedom people have been doing these past four years. (Actually that's just a figure of speech, I know exactly what they have been doing - talking a lot and doing nothing.)

So yeah. Nimarata or someone like that is almost certainly the future VP, unless something changes with the pro-freedom contingent and quick.

Inactive "freedom fighters" are the best friends of the incompetents who read the New York Times. That inaction and indecisiveness is basically the only thing that allows the incompetents to have any say in this country. And based on where we are, they don't just have a say, they are running the show.

Nimarata for VP is almost a guarantee, in fact. And it won't be the fault of the two party system. So don't roll your eyes when Trump holds his nose and chooses Nimarata or a doppelgänger in order to bring the big money and establishment influencers along with him. This isn't innocent aw shucks 2015 either. This is 2024 when the man can have Secret Service protection stripped from him and can be put in a prison any day now and for the rest of his life. Donald Trump is at the far extremes of what any man should be expected to bear.

Can you really say that it will be the fault of the two party system that Nimarata becomes Vice President? I say no. It will be the fault of "freedom fighters" who do not seem to understand how easy it would be to sway Trump right now.

I know many capable "freedom fighters" and I recognize how incapable they choose to be in this historically important moment we are going through.

This is the fight of the political right's to lose, yet again. This is the fight of libertarians, and Bitcoin folks, and Austrian school fans, and others to lose yet again. Another four years of being ruled by the Trigglypuffs of the world. Awesome. Thanks "freedom fighters." Yet again, you show your true colors, just like you did when you obediently put on that mask and obediently got in line with all the rest (or almost all the rest) of the lockdown measures.

We just aren't made of tough enough stuff to deserve freedom. And that's not because 30% or 50% or 75% of the country is clueless. No, I'm not talking about them because they don't matter much.

No, I'm talking about the 1% of politically aware people. Or maybe it's 5%. Or maybe possibly even 10%. I am talking another the economically literate. I am a talking about the people who know what works and what doesn't. I am talking about the people who can talk a big game as "freedom fighters." That's who I am talking about. How much it would mean to America, if one person at a time, you who are reading this would just stand up and lead.

Instead, you really are choosing to be a putz at a moment when a warrior is needed. And the qualifications for being a warrior right now is to just be willing to fight uncomfortable and meaningful battles for your values. That's it. It's a very low standard to stop being a putz and to start being a warrior. Just be willing to fight uncomfortable and meaningful battles for your values.

Do that and you'll probably win 85% of battles. Instead, not 1 in 100 "freedom fighters," can be bothered to fight meaningful and uncomfortable battles for their values.

I'm not talking about the rest. I know how little they matter. Let sheep be sheep. Let the hyena-like people be hyena-like (Gavin Newsome, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Tony Fauci). They hardly matter. There is a third group that needs to step up, for the time is short. I'm talking about the lions who know better but refuse to do better.

Don't you speak deceitful defeatism to me like "There just aren't enough Americans standing up." Because I will say back to you "What are YOU doing?" Chances are, you are not leading when a leader is needed. You are busy doing what is comfortable. A small number like 1 in 100 Americans matter in such moments. That's the truth. And of the Americans who matter most right now (you being among them), among those dear reader, a mere one in 100 are standing up.

You matter. What are you doing?

Are you living life being willing to fight the uncomfortable and meaningful battles in order to win for your values?

Boy is that a bummer to watch. Literally person-by-person I see the utter failure. And person-by-person I see the willingness to talk all day long about how it's someone else's fault.

The bigger the game they talk, the less they are part of the solution, is the truth of the matter - almost down to the very last person.

How nice it would be if we could all be Scott Preslers. Scott Presler is a kid with about a million flaws. He also has about a fraction of the book knowledge of 85% reading this. Yet Scott Presler is positioned to be more impactful in 2024 than the entire national and statewide apparatuses of the entire Libertarian Party, the conglomeration of Austrian School economists, the entire wealth of the Bitcoin industry, and the vast majority of people who fashion themselves "freedom fighters."

If we had 100 Scott Preslers we could win no matter what kind of steal came at us. But we don't. We have a bunch of divisive talkers who do very little and make a hobby of never cooperating with anything of value. We have a bunch of putzes.

The standard for being a warrior in such an evil and weak time is very low.

Just be willing to fight uncomfortable and meaningful battles for your values. Then go out and seek the most meaningful, no matter how uncomfortable. Once you've done that successfully, go out and do it again. And again. And again. Until it becomes a lifestyle. Contained within is freedom, a lifestyle of freedom, and a culture of freedom.

But right now all that is needed of you is this - the first step.

Just be willing to fight uncomfortable and meaningful battles for your values. Then go out and seek the most meaningful, no matter how uncomfortable.

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