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29/09/2023  8 min 🇬🇧 #234559

Silent Depression and Current Economic Realities

By Doug Casey

International Man

September 29, 2023

International Man: Wall Street Silver, a financial analyst on Twitter, highlights that during the Great Depression, the average home cost 3x the average income. Today, it costs 8x as much.

In the 1930s, the average car cost about 46% of a year's earnings. Today, they eat up 85% of the annual average wage.

Rent, which previously claimed just 16% of yearly income, now demands a staggering 42%.

29/09/2023  5 min 🇬🇧 #234558

Peter Schiff: It's the Beginning of the End of This Whole Phony Economy

September 29, 2023

Interest rates continue to push relentlessly higher. As Peter Schiff explained in his podcast, that's a big problem when the entire economy is built on a foundation of cheap money. But most people in the mainstream don't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation. They don't realize that we are at the beginning of the end of this whole phony economy.

In a nutshell, the economy is buried under trillions in debt.

29/09/2023  24 min 🇬🇧 #234557

The End of the Road for the Dollar

By Alasdair Macleod

September 29, 2023

With the Asian hegemons undoubtedly able to introduce gold standards, where does that leave the dollar?

This article describes just how precarious the fiat dollar's position has become. For now, the dollar appears to be buoyed up by rising bond yields. However, as they rise further portfolio losses for foreign investors are likely to increase, leading to dollar liquidation.

29/09/2023  39 min #234555

La politique de la Banque Centrale de Russie est-elle cohérente avec le changement de structure de l'économie ? Par Jacques Sapir

La Banque Centrale de Russie a décidé le 15 septembre dernier de remonter son taux directeur de 12% à 13% Cette décision, et les raisons pour laquelle elle a été prise, ont ranimé un débat sur la cohérence de la politique monétaire menée par la Banque Centrale vis-à-vis de la croissance économique en Russie. Les questions posées sont bien réelles et le risque que les hausses répétées du taux directeur ne ralentissent la croissance non négligeable.

28/09/2023  5 min 🇬🇧 #234515

Can We Prevent Catastrophic Collapse?

By Capt. Randall

September 28, 2023

Even the most casual observer of world affairs knows on some level, that given all the tyrannical attacks on the public at large, things will not end well… maybe very soon?

Can this chain of global domination and destruction be broken? I do not hate Russians, Chinese or Iranians, but I despise the unquestionable narrative that we must create enemies to make wars to steal and kill to feed their empire.

25/09/2023  13 min 🇬🇧 #234346

Approaching the Bond Yield Event Horizon

By Tom Luongo

Gold Goats 'n Guns

September 25, 2023

I get asked for my opinions on what's happening by members of the press pretty regularly. They don't always make it into print, nor do i respond to them all. It's a tough business so I don't ascribe any malice to it. Some stories simply get stale. I was asked about two topics the other day — the potential government shut down's effect on Ukraine aid and the FOMC meeting.

25/09/2023  4 min 🇬🇧 #234345

Bank Ceos Have Their Heads in the Clouds

By Douglas French

September 25, 2023

Bank CEOs always have their heads in the clouds. First, pessimists never earn a seat in the corner office. Plus, it takes a good-sized ego to climb to the top of a bank bureaucracy. A person running a bank believes they can sail the ship through any stormy economic weather.

Take John Allison. He's the chairman of a bank holding company, Home BancShares.

23/09/2023  2 min #234275

Inflation, dette, Europe : à quel point sommes-nous dans la panade ?

publié le 23/09/2023 Par Olivier Berruyer

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Henri Sterdyniak est économiste, membre des économistes atterrés. Il a publié de nombreux articles en macroéconomie, politique économique, économie monétaire et internationale, économie européenne, questions sociales, fiscales et budgétaires. Dans cet entretien pour Élucid, Henri Sterdyniak débat avec Olivier Berruyer a

23/09/2023  7 min 🇬🇧 #234254

Governments Start Calling for Price Controls - Rationing and Cbdcs Come Next

By Brandon Smith

September 23, 2023

Last month in the middle of the surreal "Bidenomics" hype I published an article titled ‘Nothing Is Over I outlined the misconceptions surrounding CPI and how it is not an accurate model for the effects of inflation. I also noted that the index had been manipulated downwards by Joe Biden as he flooded the market with oil from the strategic reserves.