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Feminists Silent as Germany Allows Gang Rapes and Prosecution of Women for Speaking Out

By Vladek Filler
 Vladek Filler's Substack

May 13, 2024

It's not a secret that Feminism is a subversive hate movement promoting Marxism. Herbert Marcuse of Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, CIA (OSS), and the father of Critical Theory and the Radical Left movement once said that Feminism is the most promising vehicle for changing Western society. If by that he meant destroying Western society, the nuclear family, and the men that protected it all, then 'mission accomplished.'

But one would at least expect mainstream Feminists to speak out about the epidemic of mass gang rapes of German women and girls by African and Middle Eastern welfare 'migrants'. Setting aside all the other crimes and 'no-go zones' caused by third world foreign nationals, the simple question is, does the epidemic of mass gang rapes of white women and girls at least warrant the feminist establishment to mobilize, campaign, and condemn the politicians who are enabling it? Or is fighting against mass rape of girls now in conflict with the feminists' greater agenda of destroying all white Christian nations?

It is not just in Germany but all over Europe white women and girls are being gang raped by vicious third world people who invade and overtake European communities in every sense of the word. Even the children of these 'migrants' are violent.

Just last month, a  14 year old Belgium girl was taken to the woods during the Christian Easter celebration by a 16 year old Somalian who set her up to be gang raped by 10 Somali 'migrants' ranging in age from 11-16 years old. The girl was kept in the woods for two days being tortured, gang raped, and recorded by her attackers who later posted videos on social media. None of the gang rapists are likely to ever be jailed under Belgium law, and in fact they are being portrayed as victims. And that is the norm across Europe.

In another case in Belgium a young girl was gang raped by a group of 'migrant' men who also videotaped and posted the attack on social media. The girl committed suicide.

Where are all the leftists and social justice warriors fighting to protect these white women and girls from the real 'rape culture' and its perpetrators invading Europe and America?

Instead, the corrupt European and American establishment actively protects third world gang rapists, and shifts the blame on white men and Christian culture.

According to the doctrine of Critical Theory and Intersectionality, all blame falls on the white men for everything that happens-that is the narrative.

This may explain why in Germany, a 27-year-old politician named Marie-Thérèse Kaiser was recently  prosecuted and convicted for the crime of "Incitement to Hatred" for posting a link to data showing Afghani nationals are committing vast number of gang rapes of German girls. In other words, gangs of  illegal alien rapists in Germany are protected and treated as victims, while a German woman who posted a link to the data is punished and given a criminal record for "Incitement to Hatred."

Kaiser's real so-called 'crime' was that she spoke the truth. Had she found some way to blame white men and "rape culture" she would be praised, not prosecuted. But she spoke the truth, and truth is a crime in Germany today, as it is in Europe and America.

Sweden was once considered a utopian nation but is now the 'rape capital of Europe' after being overrun with third world foreigners not fit for any society that respects human rights, or indoor plumbing for that matter. Beautiful blonde Swedish women and girls are hunted and brutally raped by African and Middle Eastern perpetrators while their Feminist politicians, like Barbro Sörman,  suggested migrant rape isn't that bad, and is "worse" if Swedish men do it.

In Italy, women are terrified to walk the streets in their towns because they are being harassed and raped by gangs of Africans who are allowed to do whatever they want without facing consequences.

Paris, once known as a city of beauty, art, and architecture is now an open air toilet that looks more like Haiti with mass rapes, murders, riots, homeless encampments, and burning of historic churches.

London has turned in to a third world with people that don't care for women's rights any more than they care for free speech at Speakers' Corner. Instead, British authorities allow third world gang rapists to enslave and traffic underage white British girls, while setting up Sharia Law in their communities. The British authorities protect these foreign rapists and traffickers, and instead prosecute citizens like Tommy Robinson for speaking out against it.

In Ireland, communities are being overrun by violent Africans. Like all European people, the Irish are being abused in the nation their forefathers suffered and died to protect.  Children are not safe to be alone even in public bathrooms because they are being raped. But instead of getting legal and political protection, they get foreign nationals, like African born mayor Lillian Seenoi-Barr, shoehorned in to powerful ruling positions to attack and slander white Irish people for opposing more African resettlement, while claiming suppressed 'true' history shows Africans built Ireland.

What is happening in Europe and America is not just mass assaults, rapes, and murders, but the replacement of the white people and culture using political and judicial corruption and historic revisionism.

All over Europe the so-called 'migrants' are establishing Islamic religion and culture which Europeans must  accept in their own Christian nations. It is not just a violent cultural invasion taking place, but a spiritual one that is subjugating white Christian Europeans.

It is somewhat a unique situation in Germany, where some 80 years after WW2, the German people are still being punished and not allowed to have self-determination, freedom of speech, freedom of association, or even the basic human right and dignity to say "No." The Germans and all other white Europeans must now scream "No" at the top of their lungs, and take action or face the end of their beautiful cultures, people, and history.

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