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Who exactly is Sir Keir Starmer? George Smiley being jointly run by Israel and Us.?

Martin Jay

Starmer's actions while CPS chief would, at a distance, seem to be the exact same as what you would expect the CIA to take if they were given the Assange dossier themselves.

It's hard to completely fathom what happened in the UK with the general elections which installed Sir Keir Starmer, a lawyer by training, into Downing Street. Certainly, two key aspects of July 4th were critical though. One, a low voter turnout with many Tory voters simply staying at home; and, secondly, a protest vote from the conventional Tory voters either to Labour - in great numbers - and to some extent fringe parties like Reform UK.

But we should also ponder the system itself which is well overdue for an overhaul. The first-past-the-post voting system which simply requires a party get more than 50% of all of the seats is woefully inadequate and a poor tool in representing the real political demographics of, in particular, smaller parties. In the case of the far-right Reform Party led by the mercurial Nigel Farage, the 14th of the entire voting share would have given his party 100 seats in parliament in a proportional representation voting system used by many European countries these days. In the event, it only gave him 5 seats.

Yet perhaps the real point on Labour's so-called 'landslide' - if it can be called this, as, in reality only 34 percent of the voting population opted for them - is that all of the superlatives about the vote itself pale into insignificance when you look at the international geopolitical implications of this government taking the keys to Downing Street.

Keir Starmer, and a great many of his cabinet, are receiving money from Israel according to recent reports from investigative journalists in the UK who can't be considered mainstream. The payments are seemingly small and are presented to the electorate as travel expenses for a number of MPs like Angela Rayner for example, who have travelled to Israel on so-called fact-finding missions. In reality, much more money has been put in their pockets which has not been declared, which would lead anyone with any sense of rational to ask the perfectly reasonably question was Kier Starmer and the Labour party installed by the U.S. and Israel as part of a Zionist plot to serve both Washington's and Tel Aviv's interests?

Certainly Starmer's background is worrying given that he was a lawyer who no one has heard of until he was head hunted for the top job of chief of Britain's Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) a job which gave him enormous powers as Britain's top police regulator and one which put him in direct contact with Mossad, the CIA, FBI and of course Britain's own secret police MI6 and MI5. Was was he chosen for this position by the Americans? Much of the evidence of what we know about him would certainly indicate that as his behaviour while in this post smacked of someone being controlled by the secret police. But whose? America's or Britain's?

His appointment as chief of the CPS in November 2008 was suspicious at best, only trumped by his odd departure in 2013 immediately after the director of Mi5 retired. And then less than two years later, after leaving a law firm linked to money laundering scandals, he mysteriously takes up the offer of a Labour MEP earning a fraction of what he was taking as a lawyer.

It's worth noting that intelligence agencies need people to help them launder money on behalf of the undesirable people they employ, who some might call 'terrorists'. Such people cannot be officially paid so they need to be given dirty money, acquired through drug sales, arms trafficking or the spoils of war. The problem arises when the top people in these organisations insist on the West to assist in laundering the money that they have been paid so that they can relocate to the U.S. with their families. It's not enough to allow a terror group, for example, to sell stolen oil on the black market or even for it to be allowed to send drugs into the U.S. They need to be able to legitimise their stash.

And so Keir Starmer's links to a law firm which is tarnished with a reputation of money laundering should start to ring bells. But it's his actions - or lack of them - during his period earlier as CPS chief which should have alarmed a number of journalists in the UK pushing them to scrutinize who exactly is this opaque grey man in a grey suit whose chief skill is to be so dull that most people forget almost everything he ever says? Perfect skills to hone as a double agent working as an alias, most intelligence officers would argue.

No journalists in the UK did this though and it only stinks even further that he has until now avoided the statutory 'hit job' from even one of them which reveals all his skeletons in the closet. Starmer's actions while CPS chief would, at a distance, seem to be the exact same as what you would expect the CIA to take if they were given the Assange dossier themselves. As the most powerful legal figure in the UK, when the Assange extradition case with Sweden came up - based on fake rape allegations trumped up by an overzealous Swedish prosecutor - he did all he could to try and get Assange extradited to Stockholm, knowing full well that the moment the Australian publisher entered a police station there America would have legal ground to nab him. Starmer even went as far as to deny the opportunity for Swedish police officers to come to the UK to interview him in London.

Starmer also has a dark side when it comes to intelligence agencies as one of the first tasks he sets himself to do is build himself an international spy network dressed up in the auspices of British lawyers advising heads of state of Global South countries how to deal with human rights issues or torture techniques. It is hard to imagine that a man so absurdly bereft of imagination and creativity came up with this idea. Was it a brainchild of a CIA operative? Is that why Starmer got the CPS job in the first place? Certainly, his relations with intelligence organisations in the U.S. are well documented as is his stoic behaviour in defending British MI5 and MI6 officers from investigation of torture allegations. Each and every time all efforts by victims was blocked by Starmer, even going as far as to prevent a former MI5 director facing charges.

The number of cases of him covering up scandals and any flak coming the way of intelligence bosses is too many to dismiss. Starmer is certainly part of this family and his proximity to Israel as well only leads the humble journalist to wonder whether he is Israel's creation which the U.S. backs, or in fact he is a product of years of Langley searching for a left-wing stooge who would finally rise to the ranks of Prime minister. Expect a lot of fake news about Israel and Gaza surrounded by smoke and mirrors for the dim-witted Westminster press pack who haven't even picked up how he delayed an ICC judgment being carried out against a former Israeli minister while she visited London, when he was CPS boss - given her just enough time to leave the country unscathed.