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L'Allemand Olaf Scholz appelle à une production d'armement «à grande échelle» en Europe

Scholz and Lackeys Dig Grave for Germany

Finian Cunningham

The picture showing Chancellor Olaf Scholz with a shovel in hand merrily digging at the earth speaks volumes about the way he is burying Germany's economy. 

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and the one showing Chancellor Olaf Scholz with a shovel in hand merrily digging at the earth speaks volumes about the way he is burying Germany's economy.

Not just Scholz. The entire coalition government in Berlin is betraying the German people, like satraps for a foreign colonial power. That colonial power is the United States which has occupied Germany with its troops and nuclear weapons for eight decades.

How can the German political class be so abjectly servile and treacherous? Simple. They don't see it like that. They are so brainwashed by Russophobia and Western imperial arrogance, their pathetic actions are "natural".

Dressed like an undertaker, Scholz was photographed ceremonially laying the foundations for a new armament factory in Lower Saxony belonging to Rheinmetall, the second German military manufacturer.

Accompanying him was Defense Minister Boris Pistorius who last weekend  told the Munich Security Conference that Germany's military spending should double over the next decade.

This is while the German economy is mired in recession and German workers and their families are struggling to make ends meet. The once mighty German economy, the engine for the whole European Union, is now  referred to as "the sick man of Europe". The way things are going under Scholz's coalition government, the sick man will soon be dead and buried.

It's astounding to fathom the self-harm being inflicted by Scholz and his administration. Polls show huge popular dissatisfaction. His Social Democrat Party is hemorrhaging votes as the recent Berlin federal election re-run attested.

The German economy is tanking in large part due to spiking energy costs that have resulted from Berlin toeing the United States' line of cutting off Russian oil and gas supplies.

German farmers like farmers all across Europe are in uproar over crippling energy bills. They are also incensed by the influx of cheap agricultural produce from Ukraine that the Scholz government has permitted the EU to oversee out of pro-war support for the Ukrainian regime.

Scholz and his ministers are turning Germany into a war-time economy. All sectors of the economy are being cut except military production.

At the foundation-laying ceremony for the new Rheinmetall production plant, the event was televised for the German public. Scholz and Pistorius seem to think they are performing heroic service for the good of the nation. Their delusional disconnect with reality and ordinary Germans' hardships is truly shocking. The insanity is frightening.

Pistorius and German military commanders have been warning the public that the country might be at war against Russia in the next five to eight years. Such unhinged war rhetoric is the height of irresponsibility. It is criminal.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders have repeatedly stated that they do not want conflict or war with Europe. The Ukraine conflict is a specific problem of a U.S.-led NATO proxy war.

Still, it is awesome the febrile warmongering that has taken hold of the German political class and the rest of Europe. Entire national economies are being organized on a war footing.

The notion that Russia is preparing to attack Germany or some other NATO member after it knocks out the NeoNazi regime in Ukraine is wild fantasy to most rational people. But to brainwashed, Russophobic politicians in Berlin (and across the EU generally) such fear-mongering is entertained as reality.

Last week, Scholz hosted the money-grubbing Ukrainian conman president Vladimir Zelensky in Berlin. Zelensky's regime has lost the NATO proxy war against Russia despite some €200 billion in support and weapons funneled to his corrupt regime over the past two years.

Yet Scholz just signed a bilateral national security pact between Germany and Ukraine. (Britain and France have also signed such pacts.)

As  reported on the German pact: "The deal also says that should Ukraine ever be attacked again by Russia, Germany would support the country with swift and sustained security assistance including modern military equipment across all domains."

What does it mean "should Ukraine ever be attacked again by Russia"? How ridiculous. Russia is at war in Ukraine. The German leaders are foolishly or recklessly signing a warrant for their open entry to war.

How rapidly Berlin has descended into madness. Recall two years ago when Russian forces intervened in Ukraine to quell the NATO proxy war in that country, Berlin was mocked for its caution in only sending "helmets" to aid the Ukraine regime. Two years later, Berlin is sending Leopard tanks, howitzers, and Iris-T missiles. It is now planning to supply long-range Taurus cruise missiles to a regime that has no qualms about bombing Russian civilian centers.

In announcing the latest security pact (war pact) with Ukraine, Scholz bragged that Germany is Europe's biggest supporter of the Kiev regime.

Berlin has committed to €28 billion in military support for Ukraine, far outstripping the aid from Britain and France. Germany is second only to the United States in the amount of military and financial it has funneled to Zelensky and his NeoNazi junta.

So much for German prudence and technical efficiency. Berlin is throwing good money down the drain on a war that is being lost badly to Russia with Ukrainian military deaths exceeding 500,000. And yet the wasting of public money keeps on going under Scholz and his loser administration.

The United States covertly sabotaged Germany's economy by blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipelines from Russia. And Berlin says nothing.

Germany's industrial base and export-led revenues are decimated by following the U.S. and NATO long-time mission statement of "keeping the Germans down, the Russians out and the Americans in". And Berlin says nothing.

Scholz and his fellow vassals in government are betraying German national well-being and driving the country to another disastrous war against the Russian people - only 80 years after the last one in which tens of millions were slaughtered.

This betrayal is not just happening in Germany. The entire European Union under the appalling misdirection of former German defense minister Ursula von der Leyen (a scion of a Nazi family) is sacrificing generations of civilians to a dead-end war economy - all driven by Russophobia and total subservience to U.S.-led Western imperialism.

All these pathetic lackeys are digging a grave for Europe - unless citizens rise up against the audacious betrayal by their elites.