Assange Accuser Ridiculed for Proclaiming Teenage Climate Activist New 'Prophet'

11-08-2019 13 min #160243

According to Anna Ardin, the Swedish deacon who has accused Julian Assange of sexual misconduct, the world must listen to Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old with Asperger's Syndrome who has risen to international fame and inspired thousands of followers with her "school strike" campaign, claiming that her message comes from God himself.

In her piece in the Christian newspaper  Kyrkans Tidning, Anna Ardin, the Swedish woman who has accused Julian Assange of rape, proclaimed celebrity climate activist Greta Thunberg a prophet of our time, just as the biblical characters Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah and Ezekiel once were.

Together with Joakim Kroksson, Equimenical Church deacon Anna Ardin has listed six traits they claim to elevate Greta Thunberg to prophet-like status. The traits include "daring to talk about harsh reality" and "preaching repentance".

"The point is that we must listen to the message, because the message comes from God. It requires a radical conversion to a fossil (fuel) free life and society," Ardin and Kroksson wrote, while stressing that the goal of the article was not to hail Greta Thunberg, but her message.

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Theologian Stefan Gustavsson, the director of Apologia, a Centre for Christian Apologetics, is critical of his colleages' reasoning. According to him, a prophet must explicitly claim to be sent by God and convey God's message and fight sins against God. He also disagrees with the claim that Thunberg faces the same rejection as her biblical "counterparts", who lived in stark exclusion, unlike Thunberg, who has received a plethora of awards and has even been nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Not a single prophet has received the same global tribute as Greta," Gustavsson told the Christian newspaper  Världen Idag, stressing that Thunberg has the entire establishment behind her.

On social media, Ardin's stance on Thunberg has triggered even stronger reactions.

Artist, musical producer and former Army of Lovers start turned philosopher Alexander Bard wrote that the same woman accusing Assange of rape proclaiming Greta Thunberg a prophet sent by God was a token of "how utterly mad Sweden has become in 2019".

The female leader from the Swedish Church who proclaimed that Greta Thunberg is a prophet sent by God is the very same woman who accuses Julian Assange of having raped her when visiting Sweden. No kidding! This is how utterly mad Sweden has become in 2019.

"I just left the Swedish church because of that", another user  wrote.

"Insanity knows no borders. Neither does Sweden", yet another user  mused.

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Others labelled Anna Ardin unbecoming epithets ranging from " complete nutcase" to " one of the most extreme leftists in Sweden".

Anna Ardin, who is a self-attributed "radical reformist" and "fighter against 'Churcharchy'", is a feminist and an animal rights fighter. In 2010, she claimed that WikiLeaks owner Julian Assange had tampered with a condom during sex with her, essentially forcing her to have unprotected sex. While Assange denied the allegations, an court in England where he then lived, ruled that he should be extradited to Sweden for investigation. In response, Assange sought asylum at London's Ecuadorian embassy, where he remained until earlier this year.

I would be very surprised & sad if Julian is handed over to the US. For me this was never about anything else than his misconduct against me/women and his refusal to take responsibility for this. Too bad my case could never be investigated properly, but it’s already been closed.

Greta Thunberg is a teenage Swedish climate activist who rose to international fame for her weekly "school strikes" held outside of the Swedish parliament, as well as doomsday rhetoric of imminent environmental catastrophe. In recent months, her movement has gathered hundreds of thousands of students in over a hundred countries across the globe to follow her example.

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Despite her numerous psychological issues, such as Asperger's and selective mutism and depression, to name a few, she remains a cultural icon in Sweden, where she is known as "Climate Greta" and has been named "woman of the year" by the country's largest newspapers.




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newsnet 19/08/11 17:30

incroyable, comment s'opère la mise en opposition de Greta et de Assange, via celle qui l'a accusé de viol. C'est vraiment pas très difficile de remonter le fil blanc dont tout ceci est cousu.