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07/06/2020  11 min 🇬🇧 #175059

The Racist Public Execution of George Floyd Is a Transformative American Moment

Joaquin Flores

The racist summary execution of Citizen Floyd has created an historic moment of truth for America and the new populism. The social violence we are starting to see in response to the twin-evils of the police state, whether by public executions by the police or COVID-lockdown and, is what we forecasted starting with pre-COVID analytic pieces like '  Rage and Bloodshed Ahead' and several essays afterward on that theme in March 2020.

Because there are hundreds of killings of detained suspects every year, there is something about what is going on now that is different. That it was caught on tape was critical, but there are other factors too. It's certainly a culmination of several things, some the product of long-term mismanagement of the economy and bad policies directed at vulnerable urban communities. We could add the police code of silence, and the usual suspects.

But there's something more, and aspects of the public response have elements of being manufactured, on multiple levels - both directly and indirectly.

This is a transformative moment, and one that America can emerge stronger from, but only if we understand what really happened that led to this.

Because the DNC robbed Sanders of his nomination, and because the reality of partisan politics prevented the possibility of Gabbard on Trump's post-November cabinet, the recipe for social violence, we wrote in March, was already set in stone.

And so instead we saw congressional deadlock during a pandemic, and a CDC and WHO that conspired to make lock-down opposition seem like a matter of far-right political malpractice, who pushed heavy Contact Tracing policies in blue state and never-Trump red state governorships.

What has been done to Citizen Floyd is highly suspicious. The events surrounding it from eye-witnesses do conflict, but among these are social media reports that he was removed from the squad car, and the offending officers who were not involved in his original detention, then proceeded to remove him from the car. From here, everyone has seen the horrendous video.

There has been an unjustified attempt by both left-wing and corporate media to blame the president, when the real numbers and the actual policies indeed paint another picture.

The Trump presidency showed its true colors as we wrote at the time, '  Trump Defies All Odds & Outflanks the Left' in rolling out a social-democratic relief proposal and executive orders on Medicare for all for Covid cases, a mortgage moratorium, and student debt payment delays.

There have also been a slew of urban and infrastructure development dollars sent towards states and in federal projects, approved by Trump and in some cases, initiated by him.

The debate as to whether he has done things out of some altruism or rather cynically 'just to get re-elected' really misses the point, and probably fundamentally misunderstands what politics is and how politicians should behave. We should never assume altruism.

But when politicians do things to 'maintain popularity' and to 'get re-elected', it's probably because they are fulfilling the very mandate they were elected to fulfill. Otherwise they wouldn't have been elected, and there wouldn't be consistent polling numbers afterwards. That is after all, how indeed this thing is supposed to work. So to say these are policies aimed at 'buying off' the working class, when it comes from Democrat Party demagogues, is probably rich in its irony, hypocrisy, or both.

It's true that Trump is responding to something, and his response to the wanton murder, the summary execution of Citizen Floyd, will be critical. How citizens view this response has much to do with the populism that's rising.

This is all part of a rising National Labor Movement which months ago, we wrote would involve militia groups and citizens of all races uniting around opposition to the police state for a justice-based economy and society.

After this, we saw militia groups mobilize, leading 'Open America Now' movements, notably in Wisconsin and Michigan. Prognosis confirmed.

Indeed, what we are seeing now, what started in Minneapolis, is just as important as the Covid-19 police state gambit. The consequence which the deep state wants to avoid, is that it opens up for the possibility of catalyzing and speeding-up a new-forming populist political axis in the U.S., and will determine the outcome of electoral and social politics for the next several decades. This is the National Labor Movement we have forecasted, before the rise of Covid politics.

Still, there are some serious problems with what happened in Minneapolis, and its timing.

Right after Joe Biden just about destroyed his media-mythos standing in the black community by telling black rapper Charlamagne just who is and isn't black, magically two cops murder Citizen Floyd in broad daylight. This happened with no shortage of smart-phones to capture it. We need to address that first.

A Necessary Operation Gladio Red-Pill

Bear with us a moment, because this is all very much about how there must be justice for Citizen Floyd, because we are all Citizen Floyd, and so this is about how Trump will stop the Color Revolution strategy from preventing his re-election. The police state is the deep state, make no mistake. This is need-to-know background in order to have a coherent mental image of the actual terrain.

This police lynching coincidentally happened just in time to change the national dialogue on race away from Biden's history of racism and anti-black and anti-worker legislation, and over to something BLM and George Soros manageable that will be operationalized to help Biden immensely.

It covers over the social rage and explains away the real inequities arising from the lockdown and the mass unemployment caused by the CDC/WHO recommendations to close down the entire economy. While Nancy Pelosi showed off her ice-cream collection in her ten-thousand dollar refrigerator, Americans - particular in urban centers - thanks to Governors Newsom and Cuomo, were unemployed, in a prison-like lockdown, and stomachs were empty.

In politics, nothing is coincidental, and the timing here is highly suspicious. This requires thinking in terms of strategies of tension, which are also a part of the Color Revolution bouquet of stratagems. Anyone who thinks that right-wing elites deploy only right-wing thugs, and that left-wing elites deploy just left-wing thugs, clearly hasn't looked at how Radio Free Europe (the Gladio B network) worked through George Soros, the NED, and U.S.-AID in Ukraine to overthrow Yanukovich in the Maidan in February 2014.

Obama's point-man, or is that point-person, Victoria Nuland worked effectively to unite neo-nazi far right parties, and Europhile ultra-liberal LGBT parties into a single movement.

They literally demonstrated together, as allies, on the Maidan in Kiev, in a U.S.-Deep State orchestrated coup which could have created a nuclear Armageddon if Putin were as reckless as Obama. Likewise, Egyptian socialists that were part of the  Soros-backed Trotskyite ISO combine with Popovic's CANVAS (they use the same fist logo, easy branding), protested side by side as allies with Salafist Islamist theocrats of the Muslim Brotherhood, who would go on to head-chopping campaigns across the deserts of Syria and Iraq.

Empire abroad eventually means a police state at home.

That Bellingcat, part of the above operation (though rank amateur in every sense of the term, to be clear), is now  weighing in on the 'problem' of some prominent groupings of the U.S. militia-movement (such as 'Boogaloo bois' and Oathkeepers) now openly supporting the protests that are demanding the bringing of Citizen Floyd's murders to justice, helps us to understand what is afoot, and what is possible. Bellingcat isn't happy about it, which means that this has Trump team written all over it.

In other words, Trump is head of the curve.

Now that we are adequately red-pilled on the pertinent background of the murder of Citizen Floyd as a potential provocation to save the Biden campaign, let's move on.

Real signs of a Unified Populism

The Oath Keepers, committed to fighting police state tyranny, understand that the issue of police abuse may affect black people disproportionately, but it is a constitutional issue not just a black issue at its core. They have had a principled stand on BLM issues for over five years, despite that the BLM 'organization' is part of a George Soros and DNC ploy which they openly oppose. That's because there are two BLM's - the grass-roots over here, and the manufactured Soros initiative which employs the students and graduates of the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), over there.

The fact that there are also two 'Oath Keepers' that break down similarly, must be noted - for otherwise those who know better will accuse this author of intentionally omitting the fact. But our emphasis here is on the memetic and trope driven politics of the possible and the necessary, whose potential is understood by thematic precedent. By this we mean that while all militia groups are to some degree infiltrated (mostly FBI, ATF), and can be operationalized by the deep state a number of ways; the rank-and-file of the militia movement is, by way of memes, tropes and themes, a Trump-side manifestation.

Whether the militia present are deep state or grass-roots is easy to tell. If at the protest the police use violence and militia were present, the militia were probably grass-roots. If the protests became incredibly violent and yet police made no arrests nor used crowd control, and militia were present, then probably deep state (strategy of tension tactic being used here).

Four open-carry militia members support the Minneapolis protest, two white, two black, retweeted by anti-Lockdown, anti-Biden Oathkeepers - our prognosis being confirmed.

means there is a pro-Trump Oathkeepers and a Deep-State managed Oathkeepers. There is a Deep-State managed BLM, and now is the time for genuine grass roots elements of BLM to not stop in their tireless unmasking of Dixiecrat Joe Biden.

For Trump who needs to unite America against the police state which is how most Americans interact with the deep state, the opportunity is even clearer and brighter than whatever Biden's team may try to snag. What unites the black community's opposition to the corrupt criminal justice system and police lynchings - with Trump's constitutionalist pro-militia, QArmy parallel, republican base against the new Orwellian system of Contact Tracers - is that these are one and the same police state. Trump's growing African American base is going to be key in articulating this reality.

Biden on the other hand is a Dixiecrat politician with a horrendous record in the eyes of the black community, whose legislation created mass unemployment and broad police powers to set-up and convict black youth is not something forgotten or lost upon black people. The need to give something to Biden to talk about that brings together the black community around him, without actually advancing anything substantive or accountable in the socio-economic realm, makes the murder of Citizen Floyd a perfect chance for him to rebound. Too perfect. Perhaps criminally perfect.

The theory and practice of oligarchic rulership is to make things harder than they need to be for the people, so that any concession on any of those is no great victory for the people in absolute terms. Keep the people on the back foot.

Meanwhile for the philosopher king, the work of Xenophon, Commander of the Ten Thousand and student of Socrates, indicates that the prestige and esteem of the ruler is only reflected in the degree to which the whole of the people are thriving.

Biden's support from the 'black community' was a holographic projection which merely manipulated the fact that public sector employees in South Carolina's AFSCME union happen to be black. Unions are running scared because of the 2018 Janus ruling, ( Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (Janus v. AFSCME) that spells the end of public sector unions nation-wide. It is AFSCME (and SEIU, etc.) that's been promised legislation by Biden if they support him. Their members only happen to be black in states like South Carolina. But their blackness wasn't essential to support for Biden.

This is also why the murder of Citizen Floyd is so opportune for Biden. Too opportune. (Perhaps criminally opportune).

Trump for his part oversaw the greatest period of job growth for U.S. Then, working with, yes, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, he worked to enact a sweeping prison reform act called the  First Step Act. This legislation, supported by grass-roots black leadership and even the ACLU, helps to work against the travesty of the racist Clinton crime bill of 1994 ( Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act).

The Clinton crime bill backed by Biden, led to the highest incarceration and recidivism rates for African Americans in living memory.

The MSM wants to spin this into some kind of race war, meant to provoke the most regressive elements (in different ways) among Dems and Reps. This is why we cannot transcend this moment without a de facto merger of #BLM and the counter-trope/meme, All Lives Matter or just 'Lives Matter'.

These facts, combined with a general popular opposition to being on lockdown indefinitely, or pending a 'second wave' surrounding the coronavirus, shows how the forming populist political axis has largely already arrived. The Citizen Floyd murder is not a tragedy but rather a crime against all Americans, regardless of race or creed. It is the historical moment that Trump must step into, and show that just as Twitter doesn't control Trump's messages, George Soros and the HBCU Democrat Party complex does not control the #BLM hashtag.