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Quand le Great Reset met la Hollande en situation pré-révolutionnaire

Dutch Farmer Protest Update: 16-Year-Old Jouke Freed; Document Reveals Government Plans to Confiscate Farms for Asylum Seekers

By Richard Abelson
 Gateway Pundit

July 9, 2022

Farmers' protests in the Netherlands have reached the royal palace at Dam Square in Amsterdam. 16-year old Jouke, who was shot at by a police officer on Tuesday, was released without charges.

Opposition leader Geert Wilders released a bombshell letter showing the globalist Dutch government wants to use expropriated agricultural land for asylum centers.

Around 40,000 Dutch farmer paralyzed traffic in the Netherlands and blocked around 20 food distribution centers over the weekend with trucks and tractors. Yesterday the protests reached  Dam Square in Amsterdam and the seat of government in The Hague. The  airport in Groningen was blockaded by demonstrators on Wednesday, German farmers joined the  protests in Heerenberg near the Dutch-German border.

In an incident near the blockaded food distribution center at Heerenveen in Friesland, police officers shot at 16-year-old Jouke's tractor, which was already turning away from the roadblock, missing the boy's head by an inch ( Gateway Pundit reported). Jouke and two other protestors were arrested on suspicion of "attempted manslaughter" after which an angry crowd  gathered in front of the police station in Leeuwarden. All three have now been released without charges.

A farmer in Leeuwarden told Canadian journalist  Keean Bexte that the Rutte government had "created a climate where the police think they can shoot." Dutch farmers are being dispossessed and committing suicide, the protester said, while China, for example, fails to meet any environmental regulations.

Protestors charged that undercover police officers from so-called ROMEO units are  infiltrating demonstrations and fueling violence, as videos on Twitter document, similar to the Jan. 6 Ray Epps operation:

Opposition leader Geert Wilders published a letter from the provincial government of Flevoland, stating that the government will set up "a registration center for asylum seekers" on agricultural land expropriated by nitrogen laws.

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