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Reality on the Ground in Ukraine

By Stephen LENDMAN

Russia is accomplishing its military objectives in Ukraine.

Its long-range, high-precision, hypersonic munitions cannot be intercepted by US/Western air defense systems used by Kiev.

"The goal of (Russia's) strikes (is being) accomplished, its Defense Ministry explained.

"All designated targets have been hit."

Military ones exclusively, no civilian ones.

Damage or destruction of nonmilitary sites in Kiev and elsewhere were caused by regime munitions falling in residential areas.

Deployment of regime troops, weapons, munitions and equipment to areas of combat by rail has been significantly disrupted.

The scourge of made-in-the USA/Nazi-infested Ukraine is already defeated.

Only its obituary remains to be written.

Propaganda by US/Western regimes, Kiev Nazis and their MSM press agents can't change reality on the ground.

Continuing a lost cause as ordered by US-dominated NATO assures greater destruction and mass casualties.

Russia won. Kiev lost with zero chance to turn things around.

Sensible leadership would capitulate to cut its losses.

Ukraine is virtually owned and controlled by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

Having long ago abandoned the rule of law in pursuit of its diabolical aims, its ruling regimes - especially undemocratic Dems - are indifferent toward the lives, rights, and well-being of ordinary people at home and worldwide.

At this time, most of Ukraine lacks electricity, heat, tap water, santitation and ability to communicate electronically.

The cost of restoring what's lost will require billions of dollars, what the regime lacks, what US/Western regimes won't likely keep supplying for a lost cause.

And Russia's super-weapons are technologically superior to the best in the US/West - developed, produced and deployed at a tiny fraction of what hegemon USA pours down a black hole of waste, fraud and abuse to enrich its merchants of death and human misery.

On the issue of most Ukrainians without electricity, heat and tap water, without sanitation, without the ability to flush toilets, normally in their lives lost, Russia's UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, stressed the following:

Months after the Obama/Biden regime's Kiev coup, no one in the West expressed concern after Ukrainian Nazis cut off electricity and tap water in Crimea.

Their regimes supported years of Kiev's aggression against Donbass residential communities.

They and their MSM press agents consistently blame Russia for Ukrainian war crimes.

Instead of denouncing the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine, US/Western regimes actively support it, while suppressing information about its widespread use of torture and mass-murder of Russian POWs, Russian nationals in Ukraine and others suspected of being sympathetic toward the Russian Federation.

Separately ahead of Russia's winter offensive getting underway in earnest, Eurasian expert, Gordon M. Hahn, said the following about what's upcoming:

Russia's "hammer is about to" come down much harder on Ukraine than already.

"The gloves are coming off."

"Electric energy stations, bridges, and 'decision centers...are being targeted," significantly damaged and destroyed.

"After (the regime's) infrastructure (is) completely destroyed or incapacitated, Russia's reinforcements of 380,000 regular and newly mobilized troops will have been fully (deployed) across (frontline positions in) southeastern Ukraine."

"A winter offensive (with) half a million troops will make substantial gains..."

They'll "multiply Ukrainian losses in personnel (arms) and materiel."

"(C)ollapse of" regime troops along front line positions will likely follow.

And at this time, "the West is suffering from Ukraine fatigue."

Arms supplies of NATO regimes are fast depleting.

It's at a time of greatly eroded "social cohesion...in the face of double-digit inflation and (deepening) economic recession."

Largely self-sufficient Russia is strategically defeating hegemon USA-dominated NATO's agenda.

At some point ahead, the empire of lies and its European vassals will be forced "to seek at least a breathing spell by way of a ceasefire."

Yet as ordered by his US master, puppet Zelensky, an out-of-touch with reality buffoon, keeps "pushing Ukraine's (military) commander, Viktor Zalyuzhy, to" continue pursuing a lost cause.

Things are approaching "a watershed moment" at a time when most of Ukrainians are suffering, when its military and society are unravelling.

Russia's winter offensive may prove to an endgame in what began last February.

Dominant Ukrainian Nazis must choose between capitulation or annihilation.

It's their choice.