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Pope Francis Allies With That Zelensky Creep to Wage War on the Civilised World

Declan Hayes

Although the future of the Catholic Church lies in Asia, Latin America and Africa, European resistance to NATO's revamped Empire still has a pivotal role to play.

This article primarily looks at how Pope Francis has traded Europe's rich Catholic heritage for a mess of NATO pottage. The proximate catalyst for this critique is the Pope allowing that coke-snorting Ukrainian con-man Zelensky to deliberately defile the Vatican and the office of Christ's Vicar on Earth by strutting about in his Nazi branded gear and thereby shred every thread of protocol there is. Because Zelensky's presence in the Vatican has defiled not only the Eternal City but all of Europe, my own little cabbage patch included, the article also serves as a form of catharsis, of cleaning the stench that vulgar slug leaves in his wake.

Here is  Russian President Putin meeting Pope Francis. Here is  the late Queen Elizabeth meeting Pope Francis. Here is  Jordan's Queen Rania tempting protocol by wearing white when meeting Pope Francis. And here is  Princess Charlene of Monaco, one of only seven women in the world allowed to wear white when meeting the Pontiff. And here , to ram home the message, is the British Royal Family, Sir Winston Churchill, the British Armed Forces and half of London not only giving legendary European leader General Charles de Gaulle a right Royal welcome but doing so with all the attention to protocol detail such an august leader is due.

The point being laboured there is that there are definite protocols in dress and all else to be followed and, though the late Queen Elizabeth understood all that, even if POTUS Obama did not , Zelensky's handlers had a definite agenda in ripping Papal protocol to shreds in the vulgar manner  these Ukrainian coke heads did.

Protocol alone dictated that Zelensky and his thugs should have been denied an audience whilst wearing Nazi insignia and dressed in military fatigues. If the Pope wants peace in Ukraine, then he should have ordained that Zelensky, appropriately attired irrespective of his nose candy needs, would use the audience to send out peace feelers. But their body language showed that it was the Ukrainian ignoramus and not the Argentinean idiot who was calling the shots. Because Pope Francis used his office and the entire Catholic Church as a doormat for Zelensky and his criminal thugs, heads must roll.

The Argentinean's objective is to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, to make the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church the same social, moral and religious European force it was when the armies of Spain's Philip II saved it from extinction and when the Hapsburgs kept the pews full and the dioceses of Cologne and Munich kept it in financial clover.

But, though the world has changed, the Catholic Church has not changed to accommodate the new challenges it faces. The diocese of Chicago is now as wealthy as either Cologne or Munich and, as the United States now has one of the world's largest Catholic populations, this has offered umpteen opportunities for the CIA to infiltrate the Vatican. And much the same applies to Perfidious Albion, which now has more Catholics than has Ireland and which, like the United States, is far too over-represented amongst the Vatican's top brass.

Although the 1978 election of Polish Pope John Paul II saw the re-emergence of his native Poland, together with Western Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia as a chance to re-establish the old order of things, of the Catholic Church once more being a major force in Europe, the Anglo-Saxons also saw it as the great opportunity it was to refashion Europe in their image, rather than that of Rome's.

And though there can be no doubt about the huge role Pope John Paul, together with his Anglo-Saxon backers, played in the Soviet Union's demise, that was very much a team effort, with the main beneficiaries being the business oligarchs of France, Germany and the United States.

Although Britain and the United States both have large Catholic minorities, they are not the power-brokers and, in Britain at least, they are legally barred from its highest echelons, no matter how much they brown-nose British Royalty. For, no matter how exalted the official Catholic Church may appear to be in Britain or the United States, they are still very much the field hands, not the house slaves and they should always remember that.

To think otherwise is to fall prey to the lures the great (Jansenist and mathematician) Blaise Pascal rightly declared was the traditional Achilles heel of Pope Francis' Society of Jesus.

 Here, for example, is Pope Francis, in my old stomping ground of Sophia University, Jōchi Daigaku, supposedly Tokyo's most elite private university. And though I know not only Fr Dónal Doyle but also all the other Jesuit priests swarming about Pope Francis,  I wrote extensively about their sexual and other peccadilloes in 2005, in particular of their then boss, American asset Fr Bill Currie, who liked to get the students drunk before tucking them in at night, a point that is relevant when we consider that Currie was one of only four Americans POTUS Bill Clinton, the close friend of Jeffrey Epstein, met when he dropped in to Tokyo.

I have also written about the Legionaries of Christ, whose founder, Marcial Macial, was a bigger sexual predator than even King Charles' chum, Jimmy Savile. And then there are the Christian Brothers, whose once-mighty order is now all but defunct, thanks to child sex abuse and the demands of our changing society, the dynamics of which the Catholic Church has yet to get to grips with.

Part of the reason the Catholic Church has lost its pole position is because many of its darker arts, such as manipulating people, young children in particular, cannot survive the light of day. The reason, for example, it takes so long to become a Jesuit priest is not that one is learning advanced mathematical physics or any such thing but that one is being moulded, groomed to serve a male gerontocracy that runs, like the Catholic Church itself, on nepotism, mind manipulation and the under-handed wiles that more properly belong in an Ottoman harem.

But plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. The good Japanese folk at Sophia University presented the Holy Father with an icon of Japan's kakure kirishitan, Japan's hidden Christians, who retained the Catholic faith (or at least an exotically corrupted version of it) after the Tokugawa shogunate violently suppressed the Jesuits.

Although Pope Francis, along with all Jesuits, knows about Japan's kakure kirishitan, he seems to be ignorant of  their modern-day equivalents in Zelensky's Reich, whose plight is an outrageous scandal on a par with what Japan's Jesuits, followers of the great Francis Xavier, suffered.

But one should not confuse today's Jesuits with their golden era of Francis Xavier, Ignatius Loyola, Allesandro Valignano and Mateo Ricci, who were very practical and very accomplished men. The only two Jesuits in Japan who really impressed me were  Robert Ballon, a Walloon, who was the Japanese insider par excellence and their one-armed German bag-man who, in a previous life, had spent World War Two designing air raid shelters in war-time Berlin. Though others, who had served in the Hungarian Army during Barbarossa, were nice fellas, they were foot soldiers, not Command Staff like Xavier, Loyola and the rest.

Enough of memory lane. As Pope Francis, Christ's supposed Vicar on Earth is, by virtue of his post, Command Staff, he must take sole responsibility for the criminal folly of giving Zelensky the keys to the Vatican and the human devils whispering in his ear must be named, shamed and turfed out of office, if not into jail. Chief of these devils is suspected MI5 asset Archbishop Paul Gallagher, who is essentially the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Vatican.

This creeping Jesus snaked into Zelensky's rump Reich where he made a point of  visiting Bucha, to give credence to MI5's narrative regarding the massacres that took place there. Given that Zelensky is not a Christian, that Ukraine is not a Catholic country, that the Ukrainian regime has never shown any genuine interest in the Vatican's mediation role and that it is now persecuting harmless Christians to a degree Europe has not witnessed since Bandera's times, one must ask why Zelensky was granted an audience with the Pope, when other, more respectable and more genuine leaders are afforded no such luxury. The answer lies with MI5, working through Gallagher, who orchestrated  this circus, which had the Pope validating the war-mongering antics of that Nazi-clad clown.

Gallagher is one of those interlopers one all too often finds in Japan and, now, I suspect, also in China, where cretins are hired for their linguistic rather than their technical expertise. A quick check on Gallagher shows he has an academically worthless PhD in canon law from the Pontifical Gregorian University, which means the Vatican's top brass checked him out up close and personal over a number of years to see if they could get sufficient mileage from him.

In a wide-ranging waffle with the Jesuits' flagship American paper, Gallagher essentially said that Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk were, according to the Vatican, Ukrainian and therefore that the Vatican « wouldn't recognize any such unilateral declaration of independence ».

All fine and dandy of course, except for that old and inescapable Yugoslavian chestnut. And the breakaway regions of Slovenia and Croatia in particular. As  this New York Times article shows, the Vatican, together with its West German bagman, preemptively recognising the independence of Croatia and Slovenia, and thereby « underscoring Pope John Paul II's desire to show strong support for the predominantly Roman Catholic republics » was an act of diplomatic vandalism the Vatican can never be allowed weasel out of.

This is despite the Vatican sending a  Jesuitical message to Belgrade saying the recognition « does not have the character of a hostile act » toward Yugoslavia and promising that the Pope's representative in Belgrade would continue to be accredited to the federation of Yugoslavia« .

In response to that tripe, Yugoslavia's Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Milan Vares, told reporters, »This unilateral decision, which, in fact, is a recognition of secession, is a flagrant violation of the principles and provisions of international law.« Vares expressed his Government's »strong disapproval and regret« over the Vatican move, and quite correctly pointed out that it was »direct interference in the internal affairs of Yugoslavia« .

Note that Vares is playing by the diplomatic book, which the Vatican, together with Germany, tore into shreds in Yugoslavia as they are now doing in Ukraine. Note also the carnage, which ensued in Yugoslavia, as it now is present in Ukraine and note the Vatican's inescapable culpability in that.

Whatever else we can say about the Russians, they have long memories and they will have noted that Zelensky did not even have the decency to don a suit and tie, to be suited and booted as we say. The Russians, with their Serbian allies, will have noted Rome's silence regarding Zelensky's forces torching Russian Orthodox Churches and torturing its priests and the Vatican's stock will only further plummet in Moscow, as well as in countries like China that are the only adults in the room.

But China cannot be the only adults in the room. Here, in Ireland, we are ruled by Leo Varadkar, who took Matthew Barrett, a sex-obsessed Canadian asset, who doubles as his husband/wife/lover or whatever, to King Charles' recent Coronation where Barrett tweeted out the most vulgar of messages from Westminster Abbey, which he was not obliged to attend. It seems to me at least that the CIA parachutes morally challenged folk like Barrett and Zelensky into positions of prominence so that they can contaminate all they come in contact with. If, as is their right, the British wish to preserve the dignity of their Head of State, then they are duty-bound to exact their pound of flesh from Barrett's hide.

But what of the Pope? First off, he should spend the summer reading Pascal's Pensées, every syllable of which is gold-dust. He might also like to emulate Pascal by sewing  Psalm 119:16: »I will not forget thy word. Amen« into his tunic. And then, he might like to get himself a copy of Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov and ponder on the withering attacks it makes on the Society of Jesus.

Then he should hire consultants to advise on how to get the Catholic Church to divest itself of Western intelligence assets like Gallagher and anyone and everyone else complicit in bringing Zelensky's coke cartel to Rome. Pope Francis and those around him should forsake their dreams of recreating the golden days of King Philip II and the ballrooms of Vienna, Budapest and Salzburg. Those days are gone, never to return, not even now in Hollywood, which gave us Deanna Durbin's beautiful rendition of Ave Maria sang, as it should be, in a Church with appropriate acoustics .

There is, as the works of Schubert, Mozart, Michaelangelo, Pascal and many others all attest, all that is glorious, majestic and heavenly in the traditions of High Church Catholicism. And, though all of that must be glorified and retained, it must also make way for the new order of fit and burly Africans, who really do believe and whose raw power will, please God, cleanse the Vatican of all its Zelenskys and its Gallaghers.

Though my own hope is that Nigeria's Ignatius Kaigama will be the next Pope, what is infinitely more important is that the Vatican rids itself of the dross, which has enmeshed it in the wiles of MI5 and the CIA, neither of which has any role, near or far, to play in the Catholic Church.

The Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine and the Greek Orthodox Church in Occupied Palestine in particular, deserve the world's support and respect in their respective Golgothas. They do not need agents like Gallagher or glorified Nazi doormats like Pope Francis adding to their considerable woes. What they do need and what we ourselves need is the courage, energy, platforms and logistics to fight back and, like the much travelled St George, slay all of the dragons and coke-addled Nazis devouring us.

Whatever one may think of Europe's General Charles de Gaulle, he was a leader, a man amongst men. And not a bad singer either. Here he is singing La Marseillaise , shortly after the Banderites were kicked out of Paris. And here he is, a quarter of a century later and only months before he died, belting out the same great national anthem of the indomitable French. Not up there with Mireille Mathieu's classic version but De Gaulle was a leader, not a professional entertainer like Matthieu nor an overpaid clown like Zelensky.

The French, always the ordinary French, the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church, who are this very day paying a heavy toll on Parisian streets for defying their two faced dictator. The one and only hope for Europe's Catholic Church lies not in the ballrooms of Budapest, Salzburg or Vienna, nor in the sleazy shooting galleries of Kiev, Helsinki or Lviv. It lies with the protesters of France, the Netherlands and Germany, who have had a gut full of weasel words and weasel people.

Although the future of the Catholic Church lies in Asia, Latin America and Africa, European resistance to NATO's revamped Empire still has a pivotal role to play. And so too does the Catholic Church if it forsakes the detour Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis and other dubious NATO assets crafted for it. The path to worldly salvation, as well as to whatever riches might await us in the next world, is to do what our penny catechisms told us to do, to avoid bad company, coke heads like Zelensky and his enablers like Gallagher and MI5 and to find Jesus and our own souls in the plainer fare of those Parisians who, in their defiance, are the true inheritors and flag bearers of all that is good, wholesome and holy in the long and varied history not only of France but all of Europe, the ball-rooms of Austro-Hungary included.

And, if we are to learn anything from the great Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg Empire, it is that we need peace with Russia and that that peace cannot be threatened by the coke heads of Kiev, by the whore masters of Warsaw and Bucharest or by Anglo-Saxon agents like Archbishop Gallagher and his ilk, who prod them on. Though the majesty of Europe can be preserved and fortified, that can only be done by ridding it of the Zelenskys, von der Leyens, Gallaghers, Barretts and Borrells whose mere presence in it defiles it. As for me, I am as happy listening to African Catholic music , as I am to the classics of European and Aramaic Mariology . Perhaps it is the kakure kirishitan that dwells in us all, African and Asian,  Jew and Gentile,  Gael and Gall, those of us who reject the forked tongues of creeps like Gallagher and Zelensky and follow Jesus' prayer that our yes should yes and that our no should be no for, as  Matthew 5:37 tells us, »whatever is more than this is from the evil one« , from creeps like Gallagher,  Merkel and Hollande, in other words

And, of course Zelensky, who has lately arrived with his begging bowl and GI Joe outfit at  Saudi Arabia's Arab League summit, which is also being attended by an appropriately  suited and booted Bashir al-Assad, who will be lobbying for help in ending the illegal occupation of the Syrian Arab Republic by Israel, the United States and fork-tongued MI5 assets like Zelensky and Gallagher, who unequivocally support them in their crimes.