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Us. Senator Graham is a Buffoon, But His Despicable War-Reveling is Symptomatic of Sinister Western Disease

Lindsey Graham is of course a shame on the United States. The fact that Graham's pernicious and disgraceful remarks barely caused any criticism from Western governments or media illustrates just how endemic and « normalized » is their Russophobia.

It would be easy to dismiss American Senator Lindsey Graham for the buffoon that he undoubtedly is. His whining high-pitched voice is compensated by his affected macho talk and habitual hawkish support for U.S. militarism. There's never been a war that the South Carolina Republican doesn't enthusiastically support, like a giddy schoolgirl in a cheerleader go-go troupe. He's a puffball figure with sociopathic tendencies.

On a visit to Kiev last Friday, Graham appeared to say in a video that military support for Ukraine and « dying Russians » was the best money the United States has ever spent.

After a furious reaction from Moscow, it  transpired that the video statement had been edited by the Kiev regime to make Graham's words sound more belligerent and offensive. A longer video of his meeting with President Vladimir Zelensky showed Graham lauding military aid to Ukraine as « the best money the U.S. has ever spent ». A secondary comment about « Russians dying » was indeed spoken by the senator, but it appears to have been said in a different, less gloating context.

In any case, the controversy over what Graham actually meant to say is beside the point.

The unerring upshot of the senator's remarks is that he is giving moral and material support to an odious regime that glorifies Nazism and the mass killing of Russian people. That's the real point.

Senator Graham, like his deceased friend and Republican senator John McCain before him, is a frequent visitor to Kiev and a key Washington enabler of the Russophobic regime that seized power in 2014, through a CIA-backed violent coup.

Within days of his latest reprehensible remarks encouraging the war with Russia, the Kiev regime launched drone attacks on civilian centers in Moscow and in the border regions of Belgorod and Bryansk. A ground invasion by NATO-armed militants was also repelled by Russian defense forces but not before the raiders fired on residential homes, injuring several civilians. Houses in the town of Shebekino were set ablaze by rocket attacks.

Not a word of condemnation about these attacks was uttered by Graham or any other Western politician or media outlet.

What is deplorable - and disturbing - is the intensifying rhetorical green light that the United States and its NATO partners are giving to the Ukrainian forces to wage an increasingly terroristic campaign against Russia.

The Kiev regime - consistent with its Nazi ideology - has been targeting Russian civilians since it seized power in 2014. The Donbass territories, which are now officially joined with the Russian Federation, were subjected to eight years of constant fire by the NATO-trained and equipped Azov Battalion and numerous other NeoNazi paramilitary outfits that make up the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That aggression was never much reported by Western media, but it was a crucial factor in why Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a military intervention on February 24 last year.

Moscow claims with credibility that it is not targeting Ukrainian civilians and that its aim is to eradicate the Nazi formations in that country so that they no longer can inflict aggression on Russian people.

By contrast, the Kiev regime is seen to willfully fire on civilian centers in Donbass and more recently in pre-war Russian territory. The regime openly declares a policy of assassinating Russian public figures, as well as mass killing of civilians. The continual shelling by Kiev's forces of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant - the largest civilian facility in Europe - is another indicator of the reckless terroristic practices.

The Biden administration has pumped nearly $40 billion of military aid into Ukraine since February 2022. If we add the aid from NATO's 30 other members, the figure is nearly $65 billion. Commensurate with the increasing lethality and long-range caliber of the weapons is the rhetoric countenancing strikes on Russian territory. Western apologists talk about « Ukraine's right to self-defense » but this is a gross distortion of the historic aggression by the NATO-backed Kiev regime, and who is the real offender.

President Joe Biden and his senior Democrat aides have moved from categorically - and ostensibly - forbidding Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory to implicit approval of such strikes. The White House's national security spokesman John Kirby this week used weasel words to say that the United States does not tell the Kiev regime « where not to strike and how to conduct its operations ».

British foreign minister James Cleverly went further and  asserted Ukraine has the right to launch military attacks on the Russian Federation. Recall that one of his Conservative colleagues, armed forces minister James Heappey, caused controversy last year when he  called for strikes « deep inside » Russia even with British-supplied weapons. Such views are now becoming openly spoken without restraint, and take on a graver connotation given the supply last month of British Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

There is an absolutely nefarious and cynical use of words by the Americans, British and other NATO powers. The Kiev regime is a vile reincarnation of Nazi ideology that has shown willingness and desire to deploy terrorism without bounds. Its Western sponsors are formulating deceptive rationales that are in effect an authorization to escalate a war of aggression on Russia. The conflict in Ukraine has ineluctably become an undeclared NATO war on Russia.

Returning to the buffoonish Lindsey Graham who oozes arrogance and hubris like whipped cream from an outsized doughnut. He is of course a shame on the United States. But he is merely a symptom of a more prevalent diseased Western mindset. The fact that Graham's pernicious and disgraceful remarks barely caused any criticism from Western governments or media illustrates just how endemic and « normalized » is their Russophobia. The lack of restraint bodes ill for any diplomatic way out of an ever-increasing confrontation between NATO and Russia.

A sinister disease is thriving in the West's political classes. Such a disease would have been only a few decades ago denounced as « fascism » and « Nazism ». Today, shockingly, it is publicly articulated and blindly accepted.