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 Le président de la Chambre des représentants des États-Unis, Kevin Mccarthy, a annoncé le lancement d'une enquête de destitution contre Joe Biden

Biden is Toast...

By Patrick Foy

September 16, 2023

On the 25th ultimo, I predicted, "For health and scandal reasons…Papa Joe Biden will resign the Presidency before the Democrat convention, thereby leaving the pathetic Kamala Harris as the cherry on top, his going-away gift to the country."

Some time in 2022 I made an even-money $50 bet with an intelligent but uninformed anti-Trump friend. The bet was that, one way or another—indictment, demise, resignation, impeachment, whatever—Biden would not finish his term in office. I'm not pro-Trump, mind you.

I'm pro-Senator Rand Paul for Prez, even though he's not running, and I'm pro-my dog who is second write-in possibility. The $50 bet is looking more rational now. At the time, my friend thought he had a sure thing. I've not checked with him lately.

Back then, Biden was physically and mentally going downhill. That was obvious. It was not a question of Biden's age, as such. It was the individual in question, Biden's own medical condition. I could not imagine that he would be allowed to run for a second term. Couldn't he just let go?

I was surprised, even horrified, when the White House officially announced that Biden would run again with Cackling Kamala Harris. In office, they were a two-man, slow-motion train wreck. An embarrassment.

So where was Joe's wife, where was his doctor, and where was the DNC? The situation cried out for an intervention. The man had no business running for a second term. It is irresponsible.

In the meantime, it became apparent that the President—in partnership with his son Hunter and brother James—could look back on a long, profitable career of influence peddling in Washington prior to arriving at the Oval Office. So why not retire and relax?

In the meantime, despite the best stone-walling efforts of the Deep State and the lame-stream media, Biden's past is catching up with him. An impeachment inquiry by House Republicans has been set in motion to break through the wall. It is overdue.  The allegations and uncovered facts-to-date go beyond garden-variety corruption.

Rumors and indications of hanky-panky have been out there for years. They made a brief appearance during the 2020 election, but were summarily quashed, ridiculed or studiously ignored. Again, the Deep State and the establishment media are to blame.

The enemy was Donald Trump, that interloper and vulgarian from New York. He's crashed our party! All hands on deck and do whatever it takes! They succeeded.

Have any of  those fifty top officials in the Washington "intelligence community" come forward to apologize for suggesting that Hunter's laptop was Russian disinformation? Recall that in the televised debates Biden specifically referred to their confident pronouncements as justification for dismissing the entire matter out of hand. Nothing to see here.

Top columnists at the Financial Times, such as Ed Luce and Rana Foroohar of  FT Swamp Notes, laughed it off. The abandoned laptop, a bombshell, was too infra dig for them to investigate. After all, they didn't read the NY Post! Ha! Ha! The laptop has since languished in the offices of FBI headquarters.

The Ukraine angle is huge. Recall that Trump's first impeachment was based entirely on a phone call by Trump to Zelensky, in which call Trump asked Zelensky to look into allegations of corruption by Joe Biden and Hunter in Ukraine. The Democrats went into a towering, sanctimonious rage. The world was about to spin off its axis. Of course, it was mostly an act.

But it worked. Nancy Pelosi and her hysterical, hectoring gang impeached The Hapless Donald for his "perfect" self-serving call. It is most ironic in retrospect. Trump was on to something. Biden may be impeached for his activities in Ukraine, where Saint Obama had put him in charge.

The smoking gun, if there is one, might well be  Biden's boasting onvideo about arranging for the chief prosecutor in Ukraine to be fired, using a billion dollars in U.S. loan guarantees as leverage. Talk about arrogance.

 Why such an interest, such determination to fire this particular prosecutor? Biden has never explained. Not even to his highfalutin buddies at the Council of Foreign Relations. He doesn't need to. Others were happy to gaslight and obfuscate the whole affair for him. He was their man, after all, their front man.

Megyn Kelly, the undisputed queen of off-ramp media, has just come out with a video concerning Chris Wallace's Massive Debate Fail About Hunter Biden Even More Glaring Now, with Maureen Callahan during the 2020 election. Trump is asking Biden to explain Hunter's activities in Ukraine. Kelly deplores that the moderator Chris Wallace shut down the exchange, with Biden only repeating, "…that is totally untrue and discredited…my son did nothing wrong…"

Kelly is no wing-nut, yet she arrives at the startling conclusion, after looking at all the circumstances of the 2020 election, that it was, indeed, "rigged". She explains that she is comfortable with the word "rigged" as opposed to "stolen". Watch the video. Watch the Leslie Stahl 60 Minutes interview with Trump which Kelly plays. CBS cut out the portion dealing with the laptop.

Peter Spiegel is the FT's U.S. managing editor. He indulged in a long-winded book review in February 2023 under the print-edition headline,  Inside the Trump horror show. The book is entitled, American Resistance, The Inside Story of How the Deep State Saved the Nation by David Rothkopf.

According to the Publisher's summary, "Each federal employee takes an oath to ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic,' but none had imagined that enemy might be the Commander-in-Chief."

The book's curious premise is that certain enlightened members of the USG bureaucracy were forced to sabotage a sitting, duly-elected POTUS. Why? Because they personally disliked the man and his policies did not conform to what they, in their ultimate wisdom, thought U.S. policies should be.

Peter Spiegel praised the book to the skies. Rothkopf penned another odd book entitled, Traitor: A History of American Betrayal from Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump. In short, Rothkopf is a terminal victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome. I can't imagine what he might do to himself if Trump is reelected. Probably dash off another book.

It is this mindset which permeates a galaxy of establishment media, the Democratic Party, and Washington's foreign policy players. Anything goes. It helps explain the avalanche of indictments which have been thrown at Trump in recent months.

There appears to be no limits for the self-appointed, unaccountable "Resistance". They are desperate. Their own candidate is now toast while Trump only gets stronger. If only  Rand Paul would enter the contest, we would have an authentic choice.

After all, if elected, Trump will be sabotaged once again. And, in any event, the policies of Trump and Biden are remarkably similar, at least in the realm of foreign affairs.Viz., China and the Middle East.