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Welcome to Absurdistan Megadeath: the global conspiracy to kill every living thing until we submit.

Climate engineering was used this summer to terrify people about global warming. Virtually every fire, every loss, every death was deliberate.


"Weather was a weapon used over Vietnam," says US Air Force Major General Richard H Roellig. "Would you expect that to be deleted from the availability? No! They continue to expand the scientific aspects of it, to have it available in your portfolio of weaponry would be a natural process. Should you expect it to be available on demand to have the ability to modify weather? Absolutely. Within this country. And others."

"Climate engineering is the crown jewel of the Military-Industrial Complex. It has been used to topple nations all over the globe, facilitating the takeover of hostile countries. We know some of these countries have had their precipitation cut off, like Iran, which stated so on the floor of the U.N." - Dane Wigington

These days if I despair I think of Keats and his nostrum, "some say the world is a vale of tears, I call it a place of soul making." Then I take some pleasure in thinking of my contemporaries being held to account in the afterlife, forced to look at the results of their inaction, their vanity, their self-cherishing, their lack of heart.

At which point I realize I am equally to blame.

I live in a place, rich beyond your imaginings times mine, and then multiplied by several orders of magnitude. Everyone wants to live here. British Columbia is mind-blowingly beautiful, and the province has ten biogeoclimatic zones which means there is terrain for everyone. Beach? Yep. Rainforest? Yup. Rangeland? Oil sands? Lake country? Ski hills? Verdant farmlands? White capped mountains? Blue blue sea? Hundreds of islands? Perfect boating? Yup. Yup. Yup. The wealth comes from multiple techtonic plates colliding during the last Ice Age, creating a variety, a diversity, to be found nowhere else on earth. Our resources are immeasurable. We have everything this century and the next millennium will require and it could fuel half our galaxy. That's how rich we are.

Lyndon Johnson: "He who controls the weather, will control the world".

Yet it was all shut down. By the Rockefellers, who fund every environmental group in the world through a bewildering organizational tree to the tune of billions a year. By Bobby Kennedy Jr. and ignorant boomers on a narcissistic tear that they were saving the world from capitalism. Our forests, the largest industrial forest in the world, used to pay for health care and education before RFKJr came to town with his Hollywood glamor and law degree. Today our principal fiscal driver is public debt, international crime, money-laundering and human trafficking and instead of good resource-led jobs, people labor away in "tourism", making minimum wage. Our port is the second largest on the west coast of North and South America, and through it comes God knows what horrors. We  launder, in the city of Vancouver, most of the drug money from North America, and no doubt much of the human trafficking money. We launder it through casinos and real estate in the picaresque inner city neighborhoods built before the modernists came to town and trashed every house and building with their ghastly ideas. No one born in Vancouver can afford those beautiful houses anymore. They are lived in by members of drug cartels, mostly Asian. This is called The Vancouver Model, and it is being advanced in every major city that is vulnerable, and a desirable place to live for the criminals who run our governments and the cartels that feed off us.

That is the legacy of the environmental movement.

Every weather scientist lies under a gag order.

And yet, my contemporaries laze away their days, practicing their 'arts', travelling to exotic places, comfort-seeking, eating, drinking, decorating. Not entirely ignorant, but upon themselves, they have imposed powerlessness. Most are materialists, I suppose, get as much of the good stuff, the sweet stuff before you die. For some reason they are self-righteous as hell. Do not disturb me with your facts. Bring up something not all sweetness and light? Shut up!

Here is another abomination wrought by the environmental movement.

Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense, "Geoengineering is the most dangerous diabolical thing that has ever happened to us."

Down in the valley below me, a friend lives in his cunningly retrofitted trailer (with a thin tin roof) and evenings, when everyone else is glued to Netflix, he hears the military jets come in from the base north of us and he goes out to watch them cover the skies with trails, criss-crossing the valley like tic tac toe and he wakes the next morning to an aluminum mist that falls and falls around him. And us. Then it rains.

photo by Eliza Mitchell - fires in the next valley from her ranch - chemical burn creates these colors

geoengineering projects taking place around the world

Officially, geo-engineering isn't happening. Yet here is an  interactive  map that tracks weather modification projects recorded by the United Nations World Meteorological Organization for the past fifty years. As described, the map "includes data on the apparatus involved, agents applied and the techniques used in each event. It also includes both positive and negative results of some of the completed projects, funding sources such as government agencies and private companies." You can even read the lawsuits some of the projects triggered. Here is a document from the U.S. government, entitled, " Owning the Weather by 2025". Here is a Congressional Hearing on the  necessity of geoengineering. Here is a piece from the  Guardian, describing Harvard's geoengineering project in 2017. Here are three documentaries, done over ten years, that trace the history of, rational for, and results of world-wide geoengineering.  First,  second,  third.

Climate engineering in the U.S.

.The evidence is overwhelming. There have been thousands of pieces in mainstream press, in the  NY Times,  Wall Street Journal, Times of London, The  Guardian, the  Washington Post that argue for geoengineering. Here is another  site that tracks the weather modifiers.

"Costs (of geoengineering) are so cheap, the richest people in the world could afford to buy an ice age".

Dr. David Keith, leading American geoengineer, who works for Bill Gates

Of course the reason that geoengineering is formally not happening, despite the ten thousand reports in the mainstream news, is that what is being put into the atmosphere above our heads is toxic. As in very toxic, as in abiotic, so toxic that it's killing insects, bees, trees, ranges, forests, organic farmlands, grasslands, alkalizing the soil, diminishing crops, causing extreme weather swings, and finally, causing global warming. The aerosolized metals, principally aluminium, entering the atmosphere are damaging every lung on the planet, causing spikes in brain diseases and cancer. It is why the skies are so often a particulate chemical blue-grey, why the blue is just...less blue. It is why bees and insects are so sparse, it is why arthropods, those necessary little critters in the soil are present in a fraction of 30 years ago. We are losing the fabric of life, drowning in aerosolized aluminum, strontium, barium. There is no such thing as "organic" food. All food is filled with aerosolized nano particulates of metal absorbed into the food chain.

geoengineering project in China in 1990's

That's why they deny it, as in this  linked piece, relevant excerpts here:

Knowledge gap 1: human exposures

Human exposures to materials used for SRM (solar radiation management) could occur during the manufacture, transportation, deployment and post-deployment of these materials [CR13]. In this paper, unless otherwise stated, inhalation is the primary route of exposure considered.


Occupational exposures to SRM materials are likely to occur over brief periods (e.g., days to weeks), with the potential for repeated or cyclic exposures. The health effects of such exposures will therefore likely be acute in nature, though repeated exposures create an opportunity for chronic health effects.

The history of geoengineering is soberly and carefully described in a series of three documentaries, the last of which has just been released. You can find them above. Here is a recent  interview with RFK jr and Dane Wigington, the thoroughly alarmed man who has devoted his life to waking us up. By the end of this interview Kennedy, who was dubious going in, was entirely convinced. Wigington's film, The Dimming, again, found The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch )The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch ) , is another explication de texte as my French literature teacher used to call it, chapter, verse, ten thousand documents and a thousand interviews with dissident scientists and military.

Moral Hazard

We don't know about what is happening formally, because people are dying from exposure to aerosolized chemicals. One million tons of aluminium, strontium and sodium chloride will kill tens of thousands a year, said the leading geoengineer in the US, David Keith, who works for Bill Gates. You can watch him say this on Wigington's documentary. He was captured in an early seminar: "A million tons of aluminum in the sky would kill tens of thousands of people a year." They have added ten to twenty million tons of aluminum into the atmosphere. Annually.

They tried to use sulphur, but "ten megatons of sulphur a year in the air means you would only get one watt of temperature change, according to Dr Ken Caldeira, another of the U. S.'s leading geoengineers. But aluminum is a different story. Aluminum works. It reflects back the sun.

The stated goal of the two top geoengineers in the US, Dr. David Keith and Dr. Ken Caldeira is to put ten to 20 million tons of nano particulates into the global sky every single year on top of industrialized pollution. Wigington's research shows they are already doing it and more.

At another conference, when asked about the dangers of filling the skies with nano-aluminium, Keith waffled and then banned Wigington from any other geoengineering conference. You can watch this too in The Dimming.

Wigington has collected the testimonies of many doctors saying that brain diseases like Parkinson's are up four fold. He has tested the water around his farm, tested the bees, tested the earth. PH levels are going up, bee tissue is filled with metallic nanoparticles and the water, where there should be none, has 3500 parts per billion of aluminum. Whales are under enormous stress.

Whenever you see trails now, you are looking at metals. When you see a haze, aluminum. Every breath you take is filled with highly toxic particles, 2.5 microns per breath at best. On heavy spray days, people complain of headaches, sinus problems, irritability. It is destroying the lungs of babies.

Alan Buckman, former USAF Meterologist: "We are finding aluminum, barium, strontium is being poured into lower stratosphere. Fly ash, the detritus from refining coal is now used in the lower atmosphere - fine particles are enriched by the toxic elements of mercury, chromium, creating a toxic nightmare. It is harmful for everyone.

Wiginton decided to test for chemicals named in geoengineering patents, (US Patent 29,142) : "combustible compositions for generation aerosols, particularly for cloud modification and weather control and aersolization processes: barium, strontium, aluminum." He raised enough money to take up a NOAA flying lab and test at altitude to measure the particulate trails three separate times. They sampled point to point above and below the cloud layer as well as through and found exactly the same elements listed in climate engineering patents and found in surface tests from all over the globe. They tested the glacier up on top of Mount Shasta, found 61,000 micrograms of aluminum per liter in the snow water. There should be none. Aluminium does not occur in nature on its own. They tested ponds in northern California, soil, farm animals, bees, insects, and sampled the dirt to show that the  arthropods, microorganisms in the soil, were dying off. In air and water, they found 375 parts of aluminum per million, an escalation of 50,000% in five years.

Aluminum plaque in arteries shuts down life. Once in your blood stream, aluminium grabs a site and never lets go. As you accumulate, you suffer major neurological and arterial damage. It can't be flushed out.

Maui is particularly affected by geoengineering. One-third of its rainforest is dead, and organic farmers find their yields are plummeting. The chemicals accelerate fires and did all over the world this summers. Aluminum is an accelerant, which explains the chemicals found in the smoke, and the savagery of the fires that burn way beyond any former intensity. "In Maui, our skies are silver blue and at night, we see very few stars," says an organic farmer. "If people really understood what was going on in Hawaii there would be a revolution. Most of us use water catchment as a water source and we tested it. It is filled with aluminum, strontium and barium. Our banana trees are disintegrating, the engineers are hammering microdoses into us every day. It is weakening the plants. We can't grow natural seeds, we need GMO seeds which are being bioengineered to resist aluminum in the soil. Monsanto has developed abiotic stress seeds, but of course, they are GMO and you have to buy them every year."

Pilots and flight crews fly through these chemical storms, and many have developed neurological conditions. It is why you feel sick after flying, you are flying at the same level as dispersement.

Scientists from Fish and Wildlife talk about the impacts on the forests. "We have reduced our canopy by half, every third or fourth tree in Chicago is dead. Same in Maui."

When you see a white haze, you are looking at aluminium particulates

HAARP breaking up a storm with directional antennae

The Purpose of HAARP; the High-Frequency, Active Auroral, Research Project

HAARP was created to work in tandem with geoengineering warfare. HAARP emits excitation waves that affect the particles. They can heat the air, cool the air, and with HAARP's directional antennas, they can focus their antennas where they want to move the jet stream. They can create an artificial high, and then accentuate the high. They can create more intense droughts, create rainfalls of 2 inches an hour, an inch a minute, unheard of, weather that is extreme. They can move hurricanes and tornadoes.

You can kill a storm in place with HAARP.

In northern and central California, weather warfare is being used on farmers and ranchers to move water rights from private farmers and citizens into big agricultural enterprises. Some ranchers believe now that the drought in the Central Valley is deliberate. If the Governor can declare a state of emergency, he can take any land, corporatize the water, and prioritize corporate ag over local farmers, privilege corporate ag over the people. In California, private water use takes 12-15% of total, corporate agriculture uses 85%, but citizens pay the freight. California farm and ranchland is the most productive in the world and heavily coveted by mega corporations.

Once land dries out, it is sold for pennies on the dollar to corporate agriculture and they get the water. Citizens lose the right to locally grown fruit and vegetables, and lose their right to water. The land is moved into the landbanks of plutocrats.

This is how they are effecting Agenda 2030. Via genocide, via the deaths of billions of organisms, by the calculations that once they have what they want, they can bring it back. Humans have been subject to clearances since history began. Most of the U.S. and Canada was founded and first settled by desperate Scots cleared from the Highlands, and starved Irish cleared by the potato famines. Elites, those vicious predators at the top of the food chain have done this many times before.

Why is it impossible that it would happen again?

'We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying." Alexandr Solzhenitsyn The Gulag Archipelago

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