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Goodbye, Wolfie


September 16, 2023

Mozart family on tour: Leopold, Wolfgang, Nannerl; watercolour by Carmontelle, c. 1763

Source: Public Domain

GSTAAD—This is the best news since the Bush-Blair duo saved us from the nuclear holocaust Saddam was about to unleash upon us. Half a million—perhaps even one million—dead Iraqis later, we were, nevertheless, saved with minutes to spare, so we should always believe official sources. Especially when Uncle Sam is involved.

This time the good news is not nuclear but musical. The Mostly Mozart Festival has been canceled by New York's Lincoln Center after fifty-odd years because of rising disdain for "elitism and exclusivity." Instead, "the Criminal Queerness Festival," as it's called, is geared toward "neurodiverse audiences and the world's first LGBTQIA mariachi group," Welcome, Cardi B, Pusha T, and Snoop Dog; so long and goodbye, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

"Art had, once upon a time, a responsibility to make the planet more beautiful. Mozart and thousands of others did just that."

I read that the final two Mostly Mozart concerts were packed, but in today's low-life, celebrity-driven woke culture, disdain for great music and the miracle that is Mozart needs no excuses. Lincoln Center will probably soon be renamed George Floyd Memorial, or better yet, Black Lives Matter Hall. Art had, once upon a time, a responsibility to make the planet more beautiful. Mozart and thousands of others did just that. Now Damien Hirst and fellow "artists" like Snoop Dog make the planet as ugly as those who own their art or listen to their rap music. Wolfie, as I like to call the greatest of musical miracles, wrote six immortal operas including the Requiem, 41 symphonies, almost fifty concertos, 24 chamber works, and eighteen miscellaneous pieces, but is now replaced by "artists" who include the F-word, the N-word, and the S-word in every single woman-hating, violence-praising sentence of their singularly untalented noise. Bravo, and long live the decision-makers at Lincoln Center, who, incidentally, I have heard from an impeachable source, were all conceived by a chimp with a dose of the clap.

Never mind, as an eternal optimist said in Hiroshima after the blast, "It could get worse." I know it could, but canceling Mozart for the cesspool that is rap and hip-hop is equivalent to choosing Lizzo over Lily James, or one with moles, boils, and warts over the divine Keira Knightley. And the irony is that no one from the packed house of the last concert dared say a word. That's because the woke left defines what Americans can think and say nowadays, and no Christians, whites, or conservatives need apply, let alone Mozart fans.

What rankles is that aggressive minorities are imposing their ideology on the rest of us, and no one is doing anything about it. Rule Britannia and flag-waving at the proms should be ruled sacrosanct, as Mozart should have been at Lincoln Center. Unfortunately, as Douglas Murray wrote, "the growing divide…between what the people want and what a small elite at the top of politics, finance and the media want" are two different things. And yet remodeling society to a tiny minority's image should be science fiction, not a syndrome of our weakness.

Take climate change, for example. The media won't report negatively about it, and our politicians would not be caught dead denying it, but except for the brain-dead publicity-seeking dickheads who glue themselves on highways, climate change is Alice in Wonderland stuff. What I've noticed is the expression on the faces of those gluing themselves. It can only be compared to that caused by severe constipation, whereas the expression on the faces of the fuzz standing around is that of the vacant stare of undertakers. Net zero, in the meantime, is a fantasy, a Baron Munchausen joke. While unwanted electric cars are piling up everywhere, the government seems to have gone as deaf as Beethoven, sadly without a scintilla of his genius. And while China, India, and the USA are spewing out good old-fashioned billowing fumes like gangbusters, tiny Britain is determined to stop its tiny portion of polluting in 27 years. If this was written as a comedy script it might be taken seriously, as official government policy nurses are needed—and quickly.

Thirty-three million years ago, even before I began this column, the earth transitioned to become cooler, and as a result ice sheets formed. The oceans dropped by 131 feet, exposing old plant matter that rotted and caused carbon dioxide to rise. Then the earth began to warm again and the ice melted, and this pattern from warm to cold and back again has been going on since before my column began, which means since time immemorial.

Back in 1939, the dust-bowl days in America, drafts and high temperatures were worse. When Romans ruled the roost, most of their food supplies came from Africa. The African farms are now dust bowls. Long before that, half of what is now called the Land of the Free was underwater. I read somewhere that the carbon dioxide level a million years before the Greeks and the Egyptians was so bad it made the earth unlivable. So take it from the great isotopic scientist Taki: Just because the earth's axis tilts slightly at times, there's nothing to worry about except for those wind turbines that kill birds and murder nature's beauty.

It all has to do with the new American trend of manifesting, the practice of thinking "aspirational" thoughts in order to cosmically attract success, i.e., bulls—. Aspire all you want, suckers, there is not enough electricity generating infrastructure, and internal combustion is here to stay for the immediate future. So buy electric and stay put.