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Russian Hard Power & Chinese Soft Power Can't Trump the Super Powered Fairy Tales of Nato & Israel

Declan Hayes

Ukraine, South Korea, Britain and Germany which form half of the list of the world's strongest armies, do not operate without Uncle Sam's expressed permission.

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 This recent Infographics post listed the world's top ten military powers. In pole position was Russia, followed by the United States and China. Making up the rest of the field in this order, from fourth to tenth, were Israel, South Korea, Ukraine, Iran, Britain, Germany and Turkey.

First off, the United States is no more an autonomous actor than was the Roman Empire or, indeed, the British Empire at its height and Israel, Ukraine, South Korea, Britain and Germany which, between them, form half of that list, do not operate without Uncle Sam's expressed permission. Thus, although Ukraine has put up a good show against the Russian women and children it has been slaughtering for over a decade now, that genocide would have to stop this very day, if the United States and its British, German and sundry other satrapies willed it. Though Ukraine is a very successful criminal enterprise, it is not a military power of any consequence.

Having Russia and Iran on that list is reminiscent of how NATO's media hyped up the Iraqi military  here,  here,  here,  here,  here,  here and  here before its criminal genocide in Iraq. Although Iran necessarily has had to develop a range of defensive weapons' systems, the next twelve months will show how effective they are in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iran itself. Much more dangerous to Uncle Sam and its Israeli monster child is how Iran has used soft power, diplomacy and the like, to forge an anti-imperialist alliance across The Fertile Crescent and beyond. China's can can dancers should be, at the very least, taking copious notes.

For what it is worth, I expect the United States and its Israeli bastard child to bomb Gaza, Southern Lebanon, Syria and Iran itself the same way the Yanks bombed the C Chi tunnels, Cambodia and Laos. It is, as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman explained, the reason God loves the US Marine Corps: like Israel, to which we shall return, they kill everything they see. And, like Israel, they get away with it time and again.

South Korea is an odd addition to this list. The role of the Korean peninsula is to act as a buffer between Russia and China to the north and Japan to the South. Should things really kick off against China's can can dancers, South Korea would once again have its hands full containing their cousins to the north. In the bigger scheme of things, they ain't, to coin Humphrey Bogart, a hill o' beans in this crazy world .

Japan, which didn't make the cut, is a different prospect. Not only have they one of the world's very best navies but the Yanks are training them to do a Pearl Harbor on the Chinese . As that would provoke a robust reaction from the lethargic Chinese, all bets would be off as regards who is North East Asia's top dog. Certainly, Chinese reaction would be a good reason to avoid Japan's cherry blossom season, which would be a shame.

One problem in assessing Japan's military might is that the United States deliberately ensured that Japan, South Korea and Taiwan would all be but vassals, mere Asian spokes to its own imperial plans and that the United States would remain the hub from where key Asian decisions would be made. Though that has worked admirably since 1945, let's see how that works out when the Chinese get really rattled and, say, lob barrages of missiles into down-town Tokyo.

The Chinese, for their part, want to be the reincarnation of  Churchill's Russia, a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma. If China wishes to be a great power, it should start acting like one and not just parrot cliches at the United Nations about Gaza , or whatever else happens to be the topic of the day. Nobody, least of all the Palestinians, needs recycled speeches from the Chinese. Until they are prepared to send Chinese troops to Lebanon and Syria to help Russia defend the territorial sovereignty of those two countries, they should do us all a favour and just shut the fuck up.

If China is in some sort of loose alliance with Iran and Russia, then it should act accordingly with regard to whatever common goals they have. Alliances work best when all parties agree upon what they should do and how their various roles are demarcated. It is not the job of Iranian and Russian soldiers to die in Syria, Ukraine or anywhere else whilst the Chinese just line up contracts to keep their businesses ticking over and, if the Chinese continue to think and act that way, they are planting the seeds of their own destruction.

Every Russian child, I imagine, is well aware that the people and land of Russia soundly defeated the two greatest armies Western Europe ever assembled against their forefathers. Although the Wehrmacht was a first-class army, it should be remembered that they quickly knocked over the French which, prior to September 1939, had the world's largest and greatest army.

But they did that by blitzkrieg, by their novel lightning war methods which suited them, not by the horrendous slog fest they and their allies stupidly immersed themselves into on the Eastern Front, which was best described by German  Colonel Bernd von Kleist as an elephant killing massed colonies of Red Army ants, before being eaten to the bone by ever more colonies of those same Red Army ants.

But, in fairness to the Wehrmacht, constant and unremitting war is what their leaders' ideology demanded. We see that same rabid ideology rampant amongst America's Republican and Democratic Parties who think that their  greatest (GI) generation's trick of giving the least and getting the most can be replicated again, just as it was in the First and Second World Wars.

Had the Russian Army folded in Ukraine, it is possible those unearned good times could have returned to Yankee land but that was not to be and so it is again the turn of Palestinian children for NATO's abattoir. And certainly, Palestinian babies in Gaza's intensive care units make much easier and, one could say, more traditional American targets than do Chechen troops in Ukraine.

As regards the British, who gave the most and got the least to defeat the Wehrmacht, it should be remembered that the British had been, since the time of the Spanish Armada, a great naval and not a land power. Although the Germans rightly feared the Royal Navy in both world wars, they were less concerned with their land army.

The point here is that such rankings as Infographics present are very misleading. Thus, though the Imperial Japanese Navy accounted very well for itself, its failure to properly co-operate with Japan's land forces was not their finest hour.

Similarly, with the Yanks in their Vietnamese genocide campaign. The Yanks had been trained to fight one war only, a no holes barred war with the Soviet Union in Central Europe which was why, when Giap launched his Tet offensive, militarily he played right into the Yankees' hands. That the Yanks lost the media and diplomatic war over that offensive is another matter.

Military capabilities cannot be graded in Infographic's simplistic, linear fashion. As things currently stand, the Yanks have the world's largest armada prowling off the coasts of Israel and Lebanon and, should they fail to prevail, it will be the biggest naval upset since the destruction of the Spanish Armada.

Because we can safely ignore Ukraine's rump Reich as a European, never mind a world power, that still leaves us with the Yanks and their Israeli sidekicks and whether their hi tech means of mass killing can continue to prevail. Who is to know?

The Yanks and their lapdogs command a lot of soft power Russia and others in their cross hairs can only dream about. One need only compare and contrast the soft ride Israel traditionally gets over its never-ending war crimes with NATO's weaponised Russophobia to see that. Here, for example, in between pondering to nuke Vietnam , is former POTUS Nixon castigating modern Iran and explaining why the United States owes Israel big over the Axis powers' treatment of European Jews in the Second World War.

 The hard line BBC informs us that 22 year old dual Israeli American citizen and IDF tank commander Omer Neutra was captured in the "Hamas" raid and that he is the "grandson of Holocaust survivors". But Neutra was captured primarily because he commanded a tank trained on Gaza, not because his grandparents emigrated from Europe to the United States and Palestine.

And, as I previously explained, Belarus and Poland both suffered horribly during that war, as did Putin's own family, along with tens of millions of other Russians. No prizes for them or, of course, for the Palestinians, whom Netanyahu and Rupert Murdoch's mad dogs at Sky News are trying to blame for the European crimes of Hitler's European-based henchmen.

If we leave aside the fact that Putin is the son of Siege of Leningrad survivors and the sibling of non-survivors, let's just note that some of those who fled Northern Gaza on foot were actually Nakba 1.0 survivors and should be living out their last years in peace, not shuffling away for their lives from Israeli tank commanders like American citizen and probable war criminal Omer Neutra.

This chutzpah, this ability to tell the most outrageous lies and try to take the moral high ground with a straight face, is a huge military asset. Although Israel's President Herzog's claims that the IDF found  pristine copies of Hitler's writings amidst Gaza's rubble should, along with himself and his whole rotten family, be laughed out of court, the constant repetition of lies like that by powerful Israelis and Americans is highly effective in allowing those entities achieve their war objectives.

As, of course, is the proposal of war criminal Netanyahu to appoint Friends of Israel leading light and serial war criminal  Tony Blair as some kind of Gazan mediator and that he can order all Arab leaders to  shut their mouths if they do not want to go the way of the dodo. That Netanyahu or  the dancing clown that represents Israel at the United Nations can be kept in situ and that Blair is not serving a natural life tariff in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison points to a formidable soft power that has to be central to any meaningful calculus.

Although the knee jerk reaction would be to say that all Israeli and American leaders are nuts, that would be wrong. Because it is worth Uncle Sam's while paying a hefty premium to have corporate control, allowing a million of so Ukrainians or Palestinians, together with some hundreds of UN personnel, to be murdered is worth it for the Yankee-Israeli alliance, just as it was worth slaughtering a million children in Iraq .

When faced with the photos of thousands of dead Palestinian children and when seeing photos of young Irish children standing out in the rain and in their innocence protesting for those dead children, I tire of listening to these endless tales of one-sided woe from these gangsters.  Here,  here,  here,  here and  here are tall tales of Chinese Jews returning to their ancient Israeli homeland. Although, to my untrained eye, these Chinese Jews look indistinguishable from any other Chinese citizen, this talk of a Chinese Jewish community is at least as sinister as  Japan's 1930s' tall tales of Jesus Christ retiring in and raising a family in Japan after He fell foul of the Romans. Although I would imagine those Chinese Jews are the sprogs of some Babylonian Jewish trader who washed up in China centuries ago, all it amounts to is further insurance for the sectarian, supremacist Israeli state, which discriminates against  Christians and Muslims, whose families have lived there since even before Moses, never mind this latest batch of Chinese chancers, fist clapped their greedy eyes on it.

Speaking of chancers, here is Ukrainian  President Zelensky asking for loans, something that was part of  his comedy routine when  he was a lowly male stripper. In contrast to that contemptible cur, here is legendary Singaporean leader  Lee Kuan Yew accurately predicting China's rise and Yankeeland's subversive reaction to it.

It is that subversion we must factor in when we consider the role of India, which didn't make the Infographic's cut, and of Turkey, which came in last in the above shortlist.  Indian plans to send 100,000 workers to Israel to replace the Palestinians is a long, long way from India's former shows of Palestinian solidarity and is also something China must take note of.

As it should with Erdogan's plans to build, with Gulf State financing, a pan-Turkic Caliphate stretching from Occupied Cyprus in the west to China's Xinjiang province in the east. And, though Turkey may not be yet again the sick man of Europe, there is, as Zelensky's corrupt rump Reich shows, far too much sickness, death and destruction to go around. As Turkey and India shuffle about like well-fed vultures looking for more carcasses to feast off, all eyes must fixate on China, which clocked in at number three on that list. Whereas Russia has steeled herself in the furnaces of Syria and Ukraine, China imagines she can always prosper on another man's wound and, as long as she thinks like that, the United States and its many satrapies can sleep soundly knowing that, though China is in bronze place on Infographic's list, they can soon remove it as a serious contender from their own hit list because, if China does not make a stand on Palestine, it will be much too late to make a stand when its own turn to have its throat cut comes, as it surely will, around.