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Declan Hayes

Mossad can be very proud of how their recent  March for Israel rally in Washington went, Declan Hayes writes.

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Mossad can be very proud of how their recent  March for Israel rally in Washington went. It was a  gloriously choreographed affair, with an impressive lineup of speakers, from rabbis, Holywood D listers, Christian Zionist sociopaths, Republican and Democratic senators, House speakers, hostages' relatives, Holocaust survivors and many more, each impressively speaking and all religiously sticking to Mossad's over arching script that Israel, like the United States, is a beacon of love, truth and compassion in this cruel and freedom-hating world of ours.

Israeli President Herzog, from  the "Irish"-Israeli Herzog gangster family, also spoke and also stuck firmly to the Mossad line. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, its army is the world's most moral army, they are all Holocaust survivors and they ain't gonna go through that shit no more. No siree.

Although there were no  Rachel Corrie pancake parties, American Founding Father Abraham Lincoln (?) and the Civil War he initiated to stamp out Dixieland's rampant anti-Semitism (?) were honourably mentioned.

Those more or less pedantic points aside, hats off to the organisers, who really got their ducks in order, pulled out all the stops and thereby contributed in a very meaningful way to Israel's extermination campaign against the Gaza salient.

This is all the more evident when we link this masterful circus with TV coverage of the ongoing conflict. Here, for example, is Fox News' Seán Hannity giving Israeli PM and serial war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu a platform to sound off. And, though our Mossad friends could reasonably argue that Netanyahu's position affords him such clean runs, Hannity is a team player and, whilst he salams at Netanyahu's feet, the rest of that team are playing a much dirtier game.

Consider this obnoxious clip from the equally obnoxious Sky News Australia where we have some equally obnoxious Mossad apologist blaming the whole Gaza debacle on, of all people, Syria's President Assad and the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army, declaring that anti-Semitism is rife Down Under and that Ossie Jews, all of whom are Holocaust survivors, feel like Sydney 2023 is akin to Munich 1933.

If we do a brief check of the history of the Jews in Australia and in New Zealand, we see that, like Canada, the United States and South Africa, they first put down roots shortly after gold was discovered and that the Irish, Jewish, Chinese or Armenian Holocausts had nothing to do with it. And nor did they have anything to do with Potters Bar in London, Windgate Park in South Africa, Glendale in Canada, Cranbourne in Australia, or any of the Jews-Only golf courses they instituted in those countries around the same time President Herzog's "Irish" relatives were first teeing off at the height of the Hungarian Holocaust from Dublin's Jews-Only Edmonstown Golf Club.

These Zionist Jews, like so many other people, live within the delusions of their own myths. And though, like the English thinking they have the world's best football team because they controversially won the tournament in 1966, those myths can be harmless and good for long yarns, as long as they don't impinge on the lives of others. The Koreans, Chinese and Japanese, for example, can believe in all the separate, self-serving myths they like as long as they don't start slaughtering each other.

But that is not Israel's game. And nor is it America's. Both of these pariahs think they are the reincarnation of Europe's nineteenth century colonialists, that they have a God-given right to pancake all and sundry including, in the case of Rachel Corrie, their own.

They don't. And in Gaza and in southern Lebanon, there are many Muslims, perhaps not as well-versed in the intricacies of the Jewish Holocaust or the histories of NATO's Zionist golf clubs as they should be, who do not accept the Mossad line and who are prepared to oppose it by force of arms.

Much has been said against Syria's President Assad and the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army because of their remarkable resistance, unparalleled since Vietnam's April 1975 victory over The Forces of Darkness, against the United States, Israel and the human filth of the Muslim Brotherhood. And though everything said against them has been part of the bigger Mossad/MI6/Mossad lie that was as well choreographed as this Washington display, the terror attacks by the United States and their Israeli rottweiler on Gaza's hospitals kill that lie, and  all those related ones that justified all kinds of unjust boycotts and no-fly zones against Russian and allied forces in their current campaign to deNazify Ukraine.

And though some may disagree with the above prognosis, those things should be discussed and debated civilly with people like Jeremy Corbyn, whose behaviour is always impeccable and, one might say, gentlemanly. Perhaps, as his paid critics sequentially argue here , here and here , Corbyn is a Hamas enabler and that he moonlights as a Hamas commander in his free time. But, if so, those points should, as Corbyn politely argues, be hammered out in a civil and gentlemanly way in the appropriate fora.

Whatever about Corbyn, the bigger problem with the massive pro-Palestinian rallies, in NATO's backyard at least, is that because all the various Trotskyist and other opportunist groups are trying to piggyback on them, they lack the same focus that made Washington's March for Israel so impressive. Although these rallies will wither on the vine, South East Asia is an important exception. Although Palestinian support in Malaysia and Indonesia has been as impressive as it has been not entirely unexpected, Manila shows a different and much more explosive side.

The good people of the Philippines have  laid siege to the American Embassy and, it seems, would like nothing better to do than to drag its inhabitants outside and mete out People's Power to them. And though I am sure the sympathy Palestinians enjoy amongst the ordinary Pinoys is no less deep than it is amongst any others, the  Yanks' prior form in raping Pinoy children and NATO's current machinations against China must be other contributory factors.

And, whilst the great people of the Philippines rally once more for Gaza and for democracy in its finest sense, the Sleeping Beauty that is China snoozes on, oblivious to it all. Perhaps it is that the Chinese are all survivors of the Rape of Nanking Holocaust or perhaps, like President Xi, they are too traumatised by their past experiences to act as honourably as do Manila's most honourable and esteemed peace activists.

Either way, the ball remains in China's court. On the diplomatic front, only China has the necessary resources to put all these Israeli-American canards to bed by methodically and comprehensively filleting each and every one of them. And, though the Chinese military choosing one side or the other would certainly shift the scales, if China decisively involves herself alongside Russia in Middle Eastern peace-keeping, there will be no need for such further histrionics.

Although Chinese caution impels them to wait until the world's orchards are ripe for pilfering, the good people of Gaza, like the equally good people of Manila, cannot forever dilly dally and, lest we dare forget, those not yet flattened pancakes deserve something much better in life than the barest scraps the arrogant Israelis and their Yankee bully boys dole out to them. So, yes, kudos to Mossad for their fine display in Washington which will play very well in Peoria, but which will not help in one little bit the gallant mothers of Gaza, who flee with babies in hand or the equally heroic medics of  Al Shifa and allied hospitals who hope against all hope that they can save even some of the premature babies in their care who now die, as the more vulgar pancake-chomping Israelis might say, like flies in their heroic hands.