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Uefa, Fifa at Core of Double Standards for the War on Gaza Solidarity

Israeli clubs and national teams have not been suspended from UEFA and FIFA competitions as was done to Russian teams following the launch of the war in Ukraine.

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Neither the European nor the world football's governing bodies, UEFA and FIFA, issued a statement condemning or sanctioning "Israel" as they have for Russia when the war in Ukraine was launched last year, as they channel double standards on solidarity with human rights, a report by Anadolu Agency explained.

UEFA and FIFA did not suspend Israeli clubs and national teams from their competitions despite  "Israel's" ongoing genocide on Gaza, while Russian clubs and national teams were banned from international competitions, and remained barred from partaking in the FIFA World Cup or UEFA EURO competitions.

"Stop the killing of children in #Gaza."
A pro-Palestine protester made his way onto the football pitch and waved a Palestinian flag during a #UEFA Champions League match between Copenhagen and Manchester United.#GazaUnderAttack

UEFA previously said in a statement regarding Russia that it "shares the international community's significant concern for the security situation developing in Europe", adding, "We remain resolute in our  solidarity with the football community in Ukraine and stand ready to extend our hand to the Ukrainian people", it continued, followed by a declaration that it is "dealing with this situation with the utmost seriousness and urgency."

FIFA stated back then that it "condemns the use of force by Russia in Ukraine and any type of violence to resolve conflicts. Violence is never a solution and FIFA calls on all parties to restore peace through constructive dialogue", adding, "FIFA also continues to express its solidarity to the people affected by this conflict".

In another incident last month, two Swedish nationals were killed on October 16, almost 10 days after the start of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, and another was injured in a shooting near the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels - both UEFA and FIFA condemned the shooting but did not speak on Gaza.

Tribute was  paid to the victims of Brussels but none to the martyrs of Gaza.

When the Baptist Al-Ahli hospital was hit by an Israeli airstrike on October 17, London's streets were filled with protesters against the massacre, but neither FIFA nor UEFA condemned it.

This comes after "Israel's" ambassador to Moscow, Alexander Ben Zvi, relayed to journalists on Monday that pro-Palestine protests amid the war on Gaza are  nothing but "manifestations of anti-Semitism".

The most recent protests were witnessed on Sunday, after pro-Palestinian protesters marched to the home of US President Joe Biden, accusing him of being an accomplice to Palestinian "genocide" and on the same day, as much as 300,000 people marched in London in support of Palestine.

According to Russia's RBK news outlet, Ben Zvi commented on those protests saying they were "not pro-Muslim... but are specifically anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish."

"They are not just against Israel... it's a new type of anti-Semitism," he added.