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Technology, Propaganda, and Mind Control

By Joseph Sansone
 Mind Matters and Everything Else

November 18, 2023

Government has been in the business of mind control since government was invented. We call that propaganda. The ancient Egyptians, for instance, would depict their pharaohs winning battles and would omit the lost battles in their records. Naturally, the pharaohs being divine beings, incarnations of Horus, would not want this image tarnished. Julius Caesar pointed out his family lineage to the goddess Venus as a descendant of the Trojan Aeneas. This use of divine authority has been used by all religions as well, especially the priest class.

Julius Caesar's writings  The Conquest of Gaul and  Civil War are also brilliant pieces of propaganda, let alone sterling examples of clear concise writing. Octavious Caesar's reframing a Civil War as a war against Cleopatra the foreign harlot is another example of effective propaganda. There were of course the Greek sophists trained in rhetoric and persuasive speech. There are countless other examples of propaganda from classical history.

Flash forward to the early and mid twentieth century, and propaganda became an art form with the Communists and the Fascists in Europe and elsewhere. The invention of radio and television, both inherently hypnotic mediums, elevated propaganda to the status of mind control. Technology enabled the transition from propaganda to mind control. Coupled with sophisticated strategies utilizing imagery and verbal suggestion, along with emotional anchors to condition responses and Group Think, a comprehensive system designed to maneuver people to discard the intellect and program the masses were put in place.

Operation  Mocking Bird was the CIA program to use journalism and media to manipulate the American public. The so called entertainment industry propagandizes people from cradle to grave. The first mind control program in the U.S. was recording to have been conducted by the Navy in 1947. Project Blue Bird and Operation Artichoke were the first mind control programs initiated by the CIA.  Operation Paper Clip was a secret CIA program from 1951-52 that extricated 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians. Many of these former NAZI scientists, had prominent roles in government, including NASA.

Unfortunately, this may have influenced other secret government programs. In 1953 the CIA launched the infamous  MK Ultra program. The program sought to use biological and chemical materials to alter human behavior. Activities included the promotion of the intoxicating effects of alcohol, exploring methods to make hypnotic inductions easier, induce amnesia, explore methods to endure torture, and other human rights violations. Drug addicts, cancer patients, prostitutes, and other marginalized people were unwittingly experimented on. MK Ultra entailed 162 secret projects outsourced to over 80 institutions, including universities and research foundations. MK Ultra also included  assassin making programs and is largely believed to have carried out assassinations. Using both classical conditioning (automating conditioned response with a specific stimulus) as well as Operant Conditioning (systems of rewards and punishment) and mind altering drugs, the  Manchurian Candidate was born. The assassinations of JFK, RFK, and others are largely thought to be the result of Manchurian candidates.

With the late 20th century and early 21st century technological advancement of nanotechnology, the truly technological age of mind control was born. C19 and C19 injections utilized nanotechnology to cause harm. Naturally, nanobots are also used in mind control programs.

DARPA's organized crime is developing a secret, forced and illicit neuroscientific human experimentation with invasive neurotechnology as brain nanobots, microchips and implants to execute mind control.

In the early 1970s Dr. Peter Breggin had organized professionals around the world to stop the resurgence of the barbaric practice of lobotomies. Dr. Breggin testified in a 1973 court case that applied the Nuremberg code, putting an end to lobotomies and newer forms of psychiatric surgeries. Dr. Peter Breggin, and his wife Ginger Breggin, also authors of the recent best seller,  COVID-19 and the Global Predators, recently  wrote:

Nanotechnology being ushered into human beings via the COVID injections has many objectives, and one of them is advancement in official attempts to control human beings. Authorities have long attempted to gain control of human behavior, and the latest attempts are tied to developing nanotechnology in humans. 

In a recent interview with  Karen Kingston a former biotech analyst and medical-legal advisor, Kingston, an early whistle blower on the C19 nanoparticle biological weapon injections, discusses with the Breggins the threat nanotechnology poses to damaging the neurological system, brain, and mind. Kingston discusses the merger of technologies with biology.

 Dr. Ana Mihalcea has  documented these apparent self assembling nanotechnologies in the blood of the C19 bioweapon injected, and the uninjected via shedding. According to Dr. Mihalcea, AI is hijacking the energy of cells to replicate biosynthetic cells, which eventually form into biosynthetic rubbery blood clots, as well as creating a myriad of other adverse health issues, including death. She has also warned about mind control using these advanced technologies, EMF frequencies, light wave technologies, as well as against transhumanist attempts to create cyborgs.

Prominent human rights attorney, Todd Callender, has asserted that governments are  hacking humans. Callender cites a patent dated in 2007 that demonstrates that the Coronavirus was patented and therefore man made. Also, citing a peer reviewed study dating back to 2021, Callender reports that the C19 injections also have tracking devices in them.  Per the article:

Telematics is a type of sensor light made with sensor technology, which works in combination with atmospheric waves. Cyber hackers are scanning the retina of the human eye to know the current location and monitor every moment. As a result, your location will be known immediately wherever individuals open their eyes at the country or international border and their activities will go to the sensor server with the picture. Because the sensor network is adjusted to your vision in the atmosphere. In addition, individuals are sitting / lying in the office or at home, working, eating, sleeping, etc. on a daily basis. At this time, even if you have a mobile phone or sensor device around you, your location is easily known.... When a person realizes that he has or is likely to be infected with corona, he should immediately go to a place without a network.... Corona is a sensory technical virus to spread as a non-communicable disease in animals and human beings. This virus is not biological, it is spread by technological programming and remote sensing. But somebody and institutions demonstrated that coronaviruses were found in bats. Actually, these viruses were produced by cyber hackers through processed wireless sensor networks and receptors from individual's retina.

According to a document by the U.S. military, entitled Cyborg Soldiers 2050:

Machines respond to commands, and if command and control are hacked, the human/machine will be compromised. Hackability by external forces could generate the fear of control by others. Even if this risk can be mitigated through enhanced encryption methods, variable authentication requirements, or other methods, the perception that control could be subverted may lead to issues of trust among peers. For example, if a hostile actor could override an optogenetic body suit or neural implant that controls muscle movement, this could not only create a true threat to the individual, organization, and mission, but could promulgate fears among the ranks of non-enhanced and enhanced individuals.

 Optogenetics is a relatively new technology that uses light waves for neuronal stimulation, i.e. mind control. Optogenetics may help with brain disorders by stimulating or silencing areas of the brain. Proponents of the technology suggest that anxiety and depression may be primarily treated with optogenetics in the relatively near future. There are some serious  ethical concerns:

Because optogenetics allows instant and selective stimulation of any brain area, optogenetic neurons in the NTS and NAcc could be stimulated to decrease or increase desired behaviors.......... It appears that operant conditioning is already possible with optogenetics, but how could this technology be used similarly in humans? While we are far from totalitarian governments implanting optogenetics for societal mind control there are a number of ethical concerns for the future use of CRISPR and optogenetic technologies.

Some of us would argue that we are dealing with emerging totalitarian systems of government that has been implementing societal mind control for quite some time. As can be seen, humans are under attack physically, emotionally, and mentally. Technology has enhanced this attack and is enabling totalitarianism.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab's fourth industrial revolution is about changing what it means to be human by merging our digital, biological, and financial identity. WEF member, professor, Yuval Noah Harari, states that humans are hackable animals.

A Brave New World indeed......

Dr. Joseph Sansone is a psychotherapist opposed to psychopathic authoritarianism.