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Uranium Particles From Ukraine Detected in Europe Raising Health Issues

Sonja van den Ende

The western elites in all their stupidity preach the danger of climate change and ignore the danger of depleted uranium.

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In March 2023 the UK and in September 2023, the US, delivered shells filled with depleted uranium to Ukraine, or maybe they delivered it before already, we don't know, usually when they announce something it already happened!

Depleted uranium can be used to reinforce armour-plating on tanks but is favoured for weapons because of its extreme density and ability to pierce conventional tank armour. These types of shells sharpen on impact, which further increases their ability to bore through armour, and they ignite after contact.

In September 2023 after the delivery of these shells filled with depleted uranium, the Russian Ministry of Defence stated that it carried out strikes on warehouses where Ukrainian troops stored these depleted uranium shells and UK-made long-range Storm-shadow missiles.

"Last night, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a group strike with high-precision long-range air-based weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles at the storage sites of Storm-shadow cruise missiles and depleted uranium ammunition," the ministry said in a statement back in  September 2023.

Although the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi, said that there is no danger to public health in using depleted uranium, the  Washington Post and other so-called quality newspapers however, said that there is a real danger to public health. The UK was the first to start deliveries of depleted uranium shells and long-range Storm-shadow missiles to Ukraine in March 2023, also ammunition with depleted uranium for the British tank Challenger 2. The US announced on 6 September 2023, that it would send depleted uranium ammunition and cluster bombs to Ukraine.

In May 2023, information emerged about a powerful explosion in one of the warehouses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the city of Khmelnitsky in western Ukraine. Most likely due to a rocket attack by the Russian forces, a warehouse for British uranium-filled grenades was hit. According to some reports, another warehouse containing depleted uranium ammunition was also hit by Russia in the Ternopil region.

This caused panic among the residents of Western Ukraine, but also in the borderlands of Ukraine like Poland. In the Ukrainian media information emerged about an increase in the level of gamma radiation after the destruction of both storage sites. Scientists said a fairly small dose of gamma radiation came from the depleted uranium in the ammunition; a large increase indicates the destruction of a very large number of munitions with depleted uranium, thereby increasing the level of radioactive material in the air.

In recent days, British scientist Dr. Christopher Busby, scientific secretary of the European Radiation Risk Committee, came up with more revelations, studies and reported an increase in the concentration of uranium particles in the air in the south-east of the UK. But he previously published an abstract/paper called: "Uraniumweapons being employed in Ukraine have significantly increased Uranium levels in the air in the UK".

He begins his research paper with the following text:

"Data covering the period November 2017 to November 2022 was obtained from the Atomic Weapons Establishment, to find if there was an increase in Uranium associated with the Ukraine war. Results from 9 High Volume Air Samplers deployed onsite and offsite by AWE showed that there were significantly increased levels of Uranium in all 9 HVAS samples beginning in February 2022 when the war began. The result has significant public health implications for the UK and Europe".

Several Research Papers are included in the International Atomic Energy Database and interestingly there was already a conference in 2001, in Prague, the Czech Republic, where several abstracts from various scientists can be read online, about depleted Uranium and the result of its use in former Yugoslavia and (south) Iraq.

NATO's war on Yugoslavia was waged with all available means. The most advanced military technology was employed without any slightest concern for the consequences for the environment and for human existence. Faceless Western politicians were pushing the buttons. Scientists warned that such political willingness to use tools of mass destruction such as depleted Uranium could bring tragic consequences. The Mainstream media the West but also in Serbia and Yugoslavia were particularly interested in the Depleted Uranium problem in the period from November to March 2001. The then government of Serbia, declared that the total ecological damage caused by the NATO bombing in 1999 exceeded 40 million US dollars. The money from the international community needed to clean up the damage amounted to 20 million dollars and only in five years it would know the devastating effects of depleted uranium on humans. In the decade after the bombing, some 30,000 people in Serbia suffered from cancer, and more than 10,000 of them died.

In Iraq the consequences of bombing or the use of ammunition with depleted uranium are even worse, the long war that officially started in 2003 by the US and its Western allies, but before that there was already the Gulf War and the Iran-Iraq war, has left a trace of destruction for people and the environment, the effects can still be seen todayand are so terrible! As  Al-Jazeera writes, "the Contamination from depleted uranium munitions and other military-related pollution is suspected of causing a sharp rise in congenital birth defects, cancer cases, and other illnesses throughout much of Iraq". During 2004, the US military carried out two massive military sieges of the city of Fallujah, using large quantities of depleted uranium ammunition, as well as white phosphorus.

There are no real statistics, no numbers, no figures to monitor the inhuman suffering in Iraq. A country destroyed by the West with all its weapons and depleted Uranium and white phosphor, which have devastated humanity and the West continues with these terrible weapons now in Ukraine, with the difference that probably not Russia or Ukraine are the victims but Europe itself will perish under her war madness.

Christopher Busby says that this means that Poland, Germany and other countries in Europe are contaminated with radioactive particles, the so-called fact checkers in the West immediately refuted this claim of the scientist, without really fact checking and discrediting the scientist and others scientists who have been conducting research in this area for years. So says Christopher Busby;

"Our research in Iraq clearly shows that the health effects of uranium particles are very significant. They may also have been the leading cause of cancer in Hiroshima residents exposed to uranium during the so-called black rain."

The most disturbing thing is that there is no data and no one, except the US, UK and Ukraine itself of course, know how many munitions were fired before Russia destroyed the warehouses, but also after the destruction, it is not known if there are any other warehouses, or whether these tanks with ammunition are still active.

We do not know, just like in former Yugoslavia or Iraq, how many human victims this depleted uranium will cause, not only the civilian population, but also soldiers. We all know the case of the " Gulf War Syndrome" which, according to the US and all other Western states who took part in this war, had an unknown cause, but of course could be a matter of depleted. Most Europeans also remember the  Chernobyl disaster, again in Ukraine (still part of the Soviet Union at the time). The wind was in the wrong direction and the radioactive particles spread to Europe, European authorities warned its population at the time to stay indoors and, for example, not to eat fresh spinach from the land, something that no longer happens today and so on, according to scientist Christopher Busby. Europe may be on the verge of a pandemic of various cancers.

In conclusion, we can say that the elites of Europe and the West currently in power in all their stupidity preach the danger of climate change and ignore the danger of depleted uranium, dismissing it as not dangerous to public health, while scientists prove that it can be. Major, what I now consider Western-oriented institutions such as the United Nations, want to implement their 2030 agenda, but ignore depleted uranium that Western countries sent and continue to send to war zones around the world, in other words, the climate madness and all the other agenda items are mainly based on a Western ideology, which the rest two-thirds of the world cannot relate to, as long as the same West continues to send weapons with depleted uranium!