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It's Gonna Be a Cold, Cold Christmas Without Bethlehem, Gaza, Armenia & Ukraine

Declan Hayes

Though Putin, Lavrov and Russia's Armed Forces will be busier than Santa this Yuletide, even this Gazan genocide that NATO brazenly rolls out before our eyes is not a cause to despair.

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Although it is ten years since I spent Christmas in Bethlehem (where Baby Jesus was born), I still have very fond memories of it, and of the huge crowds that greeted the Latin Patriarch as he made his way through Manger Square and into the Basilica of the Nativity. As Palestine's Christian marching bands put on a great display, I was swept along with his security (sic) detail and ended up by the altar's left hand side as he conducted the service.

Truth be told, the crowds outside impressed me more, little cuties attired in traditional Palestinian clothing and every little boy and girl, whether Muslim or Christian, wearing a goofy Santa hat. Oh Happy Day .

At 3am on Christmas morning, I watched the Palestinians troop in through the checkpoints to work for their Israeli overlords. If you can imagine an elderly Orthodox priest in his late 70s or early 80s, that is what most of them looked like as sleep, rest, recreation and recuperation were strangers to these modern day slaves. Beyond The Shepherds' Fields, where the angels told the shepherds that Jesus was about to be born, the Israelis were squeezing, drop by drop, the life blood out of the descendents of those very same shepherds.

That process is currently in full throttle in Gaza, whose heroic surgeons are amputating all four limbs from no less heroic infants, shredded like salami by American-supplied Israeli ordnance and all without an anaesthetic, not even an aspirin.

Though  NATO's hardline Daily Telegraph tells us there will be no Christmas tree or Christmas lights in the little town of Bethlehem this year, how could there be when their compatriots, friends and relatives are being sharded in Gaza?

The Telegraph does not see it quite that way. They believe this failure to celebrate the death of their compatriots is, what else, anti-Semitic and it notes the fallen in Gaza are referred to in Bethlehem as martyrs, a word they cynically put in quotation marks, obviously pretending not to know that that word is widely used for such victims throughout the whole of Greater Syria, which includes all of Palestine "from the river to the sea".

No less a person than  Elon Musk has got into hot water for allowing that latter phrase to be used on his Twitter platform which, is now called X, a letter that is deemed, what else, anti-Semitic, because of its link with Christianity (cross) and the kike slur.

Cynics would say that Big Tech's boycott campaign against Musk is simply a further CIA attempt to shut him up, as is the remarkable problems legendary rock star Roger Waters is having in  finding a hotel room in the  Global South metropolises of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. It seems that, like Jesus before him, there is no room at any inn for Roger Waters who is a multi millionaire and so should have no issues in squaring his hotel or Baby Jesus stable bills in whatever currency it is they use in the NATO satrapies of Argentina and Uruguay.

Although, please God, Waters will survive at least until Twelfth Night, Little Christmas, the  Orthodox Christmas, as things currently stand in Gaza, many others,  innocent, defenceless children in the main, will not. For the time of year that is in it, those of us far away from the abattoir might like to reflect on what King Herod The Great got up to when Little Baby Jesus was born in that little town of Bethlehem. Scoff all you will at the Bible but it got NATO's Gaza's genocide bang to rights.

Although Israel's proximate reason for  destroying al Shifa Hospital and all therein was that it was Hamas' headquarters, not only was that a lame excuse to slaughter scores of babies but, as the Israelis previously occupied it during Cast Lead, Hamas would have been pretty stupid to have been hanging out there.

One imagines Hamas took a leaf out of the play-book of General Giap, who had his Viet Minh HQ in a Hanoi ice cream bar and his Viet Cong HQ in a Saigon noodle shop. Though the French might have looked more askance than they did at the burly bruisers, with bulges in suspicious places, going in for their vanilla and chocolate ice cream cones, the  writings of Norman Lewis, who visited French Indo China when the Viet Minh were just getting into gear, show that the Viets were no slouches when it came to counter-surveillance. One imagines, and recent testimony shows, that Hamas were smarter than to be sticking out in public hospitals like the proverbial sore thumb.

The reality of Gaza is that Israel is determined to turn it into a wasteland by first dividing the north from the south, levelling the north and implanting sound sensors to pick up the trails of Hamas' underground fighters and then killing them all by one means or another.

We can take the destruction of Gaza and all therein as a given . Although Hamas has spent years perfecting its defences with what it can beg, borrow or steal, Israel and its American pay pig have been no less assiduous in determining how best to destroy it and all therein.

The question is what comes next in NATO's efforts to build this  Synagogue of Satan on the bones of Gaza's martyrs. Though that is a question that might be better addressed to Russian President Putin, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and the Russian Armed Forces, let's take a stab at answering  Revelations 2:9 as those in The Third Rome watch the Armenian churches of Nagorno Karabakh being destroyed and those in Ukraine looted and their congregations terrorised by Zelensky's Nazis if they dare bless themselves in the traditional manner this Feast of the Epiphany.

And, though Putin, Lavrov and Russia's Armed Forces will be busier than Santa this Yuletide, even this Gazan genocide that NATO brazenly rolls out before our eyes is not a cause to despair. The Christmas Festival in the Churches of the West and of the East and even in Roger Waters' Global South is a festival not only for families everywhere but, equally so, for those who live in the eternal hope that springs when a Child, any child, is born . And with Russia, there is hope even in this most sombre of Yuletides. That hope springs not only from the Russian Armed Forces but from the collective, corporate memory Russians like Lavrov, Putin and their key advisors possess.

The Russians see these protests from  these little New York grasshoppers on behalf of Gaza's grasshoppers. They are aware of  the massive pro-Israeli protest I recently wrote about and of  these comments of Jaime Schaefer to Medea Benjamin that "I think we should torture you and your family. Let's cut open your stomach, take out your fetus, and throw it in the oven and smell it while they torture you and cut your body parts... And rape you! Make you naked and drag you through the streets."

They listen to  these unhinged threats against both Gaza and the world from Israeli TV presenter Shai Golden and they file them away with the equally insane utterances of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Palestinians are wild beasts), Israeli Defence Minister Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan (Palestinians are not human, they are beasts), Israeli Minister for Justice Ayelet Shaked (Palestinians are snakes) and thousands more like them and they know they were down this road before against similar supremacists from 1941 to 1945. And their cold, collective memory gives them a fair idea how to deal with it.

That is why the Russians are all ears, picking the brains of Hamas, Hezbollah and a variety of other middleweight actors to make their collective memory and plans of action even more effective when they do move.

Though this is not a uniquely Russian trait, it is one NATO long ago dispensed with. Here is former POTUS Nixon doing precisely that, when he talks about his country's war crimes in Cambodia , and Vietnam, and how his regime held the Soviets at bay during the 1973 Yom Kippur airlift . And here he is, just two days short of his 79th birthday, owning the Oxford Union and clearly explaining the world's issues as he, then an elder statesman, saw them.

Fast forward to today and America has a child-sniffing President whom  Mossad freely admits is firmly in their pocket and who is therefore, along with the rest of the Beltway's supposed shot callers, a contemptible monkey rather than an organ grinder.

Russia's Armed Forces, in contrast, knew exactly what to do in Syria before the Yanks and the Israelis were forced to step into the front lines themselves to save their ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood proxies. Lavrov is far and away the most pre-eminent diplomat of our age and Putin is captain of that steadiest of ships.

Although the European Union has now slapped a ban on Russian diamonds meaning that though Ursula von der Leyen and the other frauds at the helm of that sinking ship won't get any of those diamonds as Christmas stocking fillers, they are sure to get some Israeli ones for services rendered instead.

And yet, as von der Leyen and the Beltway's hypocrites trade "holiday greetings" and democratic diamonds with each other I, and all others who walk on two rather than four legs as they do, would gladly trade all their ill-gotten gains for just one more chance to silently salute those little cuties attired in their traditional Palestinian clothing and in their goofy Santa hats, who more than deserve every joy and blessing this year's Western and Eastern Christmases and all after them will bring because, if there is any meaning in all that little town in Bethlehem represents, it is encapsulated in the pain and suffering of those little martyrs of Gaza and beyond our own era's King Herods so wantonly and cruelly inflicted on them and theirs.