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La 54e édition du World Economic Forum s'est ouverte à Davos

The World Economic Forum's Marie Antoinettes

By J.B. Shurk
 American Thinker

January 24, 2024

During a grief counseling session for professional censors and propagandists, The Wall Street Journal's editor-in-chief  complained to the World Economic Forum's aspiring tyrants: "If you go back really not that long ago... we owned the news. We were the gatekeepers, and we very much owned the facts, as well. If it was said in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, then that was a fact." To the great consternation of those who believe it is their noble prerogative to manipulate the public by controlling the narrative, ordinary people are now "much more questioning" about what is reported as truth. The public's rising discernment troubles the "ruling class." Perhaps that is why government schools refrain from sharpening students' critical thinking skills these days. Authoritarianism thrives amid hive-mind ignorance.

So sorry, Davos dictators, we commoners are rapidly waking up to the bitter reality that corporate news spin-doctors are just as culpable for today's civilizational chaos as the malicious central bank money-printers, out-of-control spy agencies, and multinational corporate behemoths that have long worked together to manipulate global events. We have opened our eyes and see you for the monsters that you really are.

That's probably why  two thirds of American "elites" (and surely an even larger share of their international comrades) believe that ordinary Americans enjoy too many individual freedoms (remember when Meghan's future ex-husband Harry  called the First Amendment, "bonkers"?). The public's "awakening" surely also explains why a string of  international despots took to the dais in Davos to tell the World Economic Forum's power-hungry master race that the greatest threat to its continued global control is...free speech. Forget WWIII, lethal pandemics, cyberattacks, a debt bomb that promises to crash the financial system, or even infrastructure-killing electromagnetic pulses from outer space. For the WEF-lords who rule and expect the planet's powerless to obey, there is  nothing more frightening than intellectual dissent and public debate.

Interestingly, that same survey documenting "elites'" disdain for personal freedom (beyond the sustained privileges of their own clique, of course)  also reveals that roughly two-thirds of non-"elites" believe that centralized government control has become a serious threat to human liberty. So, the feudal aristocracy insists that the peasants have too much freedom, while the peasants are already busy beating their plowshares into swords and their pruning hooks into spears. What could possibly go wrong?

For a long time, it has been obvious that the critical conflict for humanity's future will be fought not between mere nation states but rather between human beings who desire freedom and international institutions that seek totalitarian control. When Klaus Schwab  argues that democratic elections will soon be replaced with artificial intelligence, prudent defenders of freedom  prepare. When WEF members are so desperate to advance "climate change" communism that they demand  fishing and farming be treated as "serious crimes" equal to "genocide," rational people know that a new era of tyranny is here.

In the United States, where "freedom" is a cherished battle cry for warriors willing to sacrifice their lives for America's founding principles, the signs of something nefarious and contrary to those principles have grown more visible. The imposing Pentagon Complex, a standing army on American soil, and a defense budget that dwarfs the rest of the world's have all loomed in the shadow of a U.S. Constitution providing for a limited and self-balancing civilian-led government.

The formation of the FBI, CIA, and NSA (and dozens of other agencies, organizations, outside contractors, and invisible sub-groups whose expertise includes spying on American citizens) created out of whole cloth an entirely new branch of government free from legislative accountability, judicial constraint, or public scrutiny. The Federal Reserve - a private bank handed the awesome power to print and lend dollars - has transformed Americans' common currency into a depreciating instrument for manipulating and monitoring private transactions and transferring middle class savings into the accounts of the globe's wealthiest. The Department of Justice (in name only) protects the  permanent Deep State's friends while targeting its enemies (which is why Jeffrey Epstein's child-sex-seeking clients remain as free as the Antifa domestic terrorists who burn down small businesses and attack civilians, while  Mary McCord and other Obama-Biden bureaucratic mercenaries persecute conservatives, imprison J6 political hostages, and torment President Trump). While both federal law and huge majorities of American citizens  have demanded for decades that authorities put an end to mass illegal immigration, those same authorities conspire with corporations and upper class "elites" dependent on cheap labor to ignore the law and facilitate the worst kinds of border-related evil - organized crime, transnational terrorism, narcotics-related mass murder, and sex slave trafficking. And while all of these threats to Americans' natural liberties and constitutional rights have metastasized like a virulent cancer eating away at society, politicians have exacerbated Americans' pain and suffering by entering into "free trade" deals that have enriched international conglomerates and investment houses while destroying America's once enviable industrial and manufacturing self-sufficiency and impoverishing the country's middle class. Any honest observer taking a hard look at this "long train of abuses" against the American people would have no trouble concluding that a confrontation is quickly coming to a head.

Puppet President Biden (whose irritability, erratic behavior, and inability to form complete sentences continue to suggest that he suffers from some form of debilitating dementia that makes him unfit for office) recently  threatened American gun owners yet again by stressing that their AR-15s are no match for the military's F-16 fighter aircraft. Putting aside the U.S. president's oath-betraying hostility toward the Second Amendment and his psychotic zeal to use military force against the American people, his argument that civilian gun ownership is insufficient to thwart government tyranny puts a rather damning hole in his simultaneous proclamations that unarmed J6 protesters at the Capitol were part of an "insurrection" that almost "overthrew" the U.S. government. How could mostly peaceful patriots without weapons pose such a threat to a government so certain of its military dominance that it routinely mocks civilian self-defense? The answer is simple: the J6 protests were no "insurrection," but the "ruling class" is desperate to disarm Americans before the Second Amendment's bulwark against tyranny provides a "teachable moment" for those unschooled in basic civics.

When he's not attempting to deprive Americans of their right to self-defense, Biden's Bill-of-Rights-allergic regime remains committed to diminishing Americans' First and Fourth Amendment rights, too. The FBI and DOJ  unconstitutionally target Americans for their political beliefs, conduct  warrantless searches of their communications and financial transactions, and throw them on "domestic enemy" lists for being patriotic, supporting MAGA policies, voting for Trump, or merely reading a  Christian Bible. The federal government has even redirected funds meant to fight terrorism toward a  propaganda effort for targeting President Trump and his voters. Having created a  secret Internet surveillance court with Eric Holder as a member and having created multiple iterations of a domestic censorship board for controlling what Americans can say and hear, Biden and his WEF-allegiant gangsters are the Nazis that they nonsensically accuse Bill of Rights supporters of being.

Question: Faced with rising public backlash in the United States and throughout the West, is it not in the "ruling class's" best interests to temper its obsession with forcibly constructing a "new world order" in the same old, destructive molds of Hitler, Lenin, and Mao? We may never know for sure because the World Economic Forum's collection of Marie Antoinettes seem committed to silencing their opponents while mandating their latest version of technocratic tyranny. What we do know for sure — because history is violently clear — is that a great many tyrants rise to power only to later lose their heads.