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Kiev Regime Killing Its Pows Is Normal for This Nato-Backed Gangster State

For Ukraine and its NATO sponsors, life is cheap, so freedom and victory are beyond their worth. 

The Kiev regime has callously destroyed millions of Ukrainian lives with its war racketeering and prostitution for the United States and NATO's proxy war agenda against Russia. No crime or act of treachery is too low for the corrupt cabal in Kiev.

We should not be surprised that its forces shot down a Russian transport plane with 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war onboard. Such barbaric criminality is par for the course of this Nazi regime.

On Wednesday morning at 11.15 local time, an Ilyushin IL-76 transport military transport plane was shot out of the sky above Russia's Belgorod region bordering Ukraine. All 74 lives onboard were obliterated. They included 65 Ukrainian POWs and nine Russian servicemen. The prisoners were on their way to Belgorod city as part of a POW exchange to be conducted later that day. A second plane following behind with 80 POWs onboard reportedly turned around in mid-air after the calamity was announced.

Evidently, the flights were part of a well-organized arrangement between Ukraine and Russia. Dozens of such exchanges have already been carried out over the past months. The protocol would be well understood and coordinated by both sides, albeit conducted in a low-key fashion. That indicates a nefarious deviation by the Ukrainian side.

Russian radars detected the launching of two surface-to-air missiles targeting the doomed IL-76. The missiles were apparently fired from the village of Liptsy in Ukraine's Kharkov region. The distance of the strike covered 100 kilometers. That testifies that the only capable weapons were likely the U.S.-supplied Patriot or the German Iris-T missile, as Russian parliamentarians have already noted.

A French state media report also claimed that the shoot-down was by a Patriot warhead.

It is, therefore, all but certain that the Kiev regime perpetrated this crime. It seems to have carried it out premeditatedly and deliberately intending to kill its own POWs.

However, consistent with its malign character as seen on previous occasions, the NATO-backed Ukrainian regime sought to obfuscate the incident. In this, it was helped by the Western media, which quickly cast doubt on Russian reports of the attack. The BBC even implied that Russia was engaging in disinformation, claiming that Moscow has a "long history of brazen lies" and even suggesting that it was uncertain whether there were POWs on the plane.

At the United Nations Security Council, the French temporary chair of the body rejected Russia's calls for an emergency meeting, postponing a meeting for more than 24 hours.

It was obviously an attempt to give the Kiev regime and its NATO handlers some breathing space to concoct a plausible cover story for such a barbaric act.

Initially, the Ukrainian side tried to claim that the IL-76 was targeted because it was allegedly transporting munitions to Belgorod and was thus seen as a legitimate target. That version was hastily buried when it became clear that the Russian military had fully informed the Ukrainian counterparts of the cargo flight participating in an agreed POW exchange.

By Wednesday night, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was desperately trying to blame Russia for "playing with Ukrainian lives" when it was sickeningly clear that it was his regime that carried out this vile act.

It is not clear what the obscene reasoning for the atrocity is. Was it an attempt to smear Russia as the perpetrator through a false-flag provocation? That seems unlikely as surely even the imbeciles in Kiev would know that the Russians would easily be able to detect and prove from where the missiles were fired.

In any case, one thing is clear. The corrupt regime in Kiev has absolutely no regard for the lives of its people. It is not possible to comprehensively list the number of atrocities that this vicious junta has carried out to prolong the war racketeering for its NATO masters.

Only last week, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba openly prostituted his countrymen as cannon fodder for NATO. While attending the Western elite summit in Davos, Switzerland, Kuleba said it was a good deal for NATO to keep sending weapons to his country while Ukrainians do all the fighting - and dying.

Zelensky routinely tours the world begging for more billions in military aid which is siphoned off by himself, his shopaholic wife, and their cronies. His regime is trying to recruit another 500,000 Ukrainians into the army. That implicitly confirms that 500,000 have already been killed so far in the proxy war against Russia which NATO provoked in February 2022.

The Nazi-adulating regime has carried out countless atrocities against its own citizens to rally Western arms supplies and to prolong the war racket.

The massacre in Bucha in April 2022 was blamed on Russia even though Russian forces had withdrawn from that city several days before hundreds of freshly executed bodies were found on the streets. That was followed in the same month by a missile strike on a train station in Kramatorsk killing over 50 people. The missile forensics were traced to Ukrainian stocks.

Many other false flags have been committed such as relentless attacks on the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, the blowing up of the Kakhovka dam, and deadly air strikes on towns such as Konstantinovka and Hroza.

The regime is desperate to keep this war racket going on behalf of their imperial masters. The abject failure of the much-vaunted counteroffensive last year, which alone saw over 120,000 Ukrainian troops destroyed in "meat-grinder" battles against superior Russian firepower, has not given the Kiev puppets the slightest pause for peace negotiations.

Ukrainian POWs have widely expressed relief to have been captured alive and taken out of the monstrous "suicide missions" that their callous superiors have sent them on. Meanwhile, Ukrainian citizens cower in fear of being snatched off the streets by Zelensky's goons and shunted to the front lines to face near-certain death.

The U.S.-led proxy war in Ukraine is irreversibly lost. It is a disastrous defeat for NATO and its Nazi clients. But the corrupt Kiev regime wants to keep churning out the graft and pay-offs. They are war junkies.

The prisoner swaps that Russia has participated in amount to thousands of POWs being brought home to their families. The goodwill earned is inestimable but doubtless appreciable.

It also no doubt fatally undermines Zelensky and the NATO proxy war when droves of prisoners return home and tell their families and communities just how sordid and callous the gangster regime is.

It wouldn't be beyond this regime if it would rather see its POWs destroyed. Dead men don't talk after all. The regime has shown no compunction in wasting the lives of millions of Ukrainians and turning the country into a cesspit under foreign domination. What's a plane load of spent POWs and a few Russians?

This is why Ukraine and its NATO sponsors are doomed to defeat. For them, life is cheap, so freedom and victory are beyond their worth.