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« Libérez la vérité » : Julian Assange et la défense de la liberté de la presse

Assange's half-brother and producer of « Ithaka », Gabriel Shipton : « There are few legal recourses left to save Julian »



Gabriel Shipton, Julian Assange's half-brother.

Gabriel Shipton

While Australian journalist Julian Assange, a figure in the defense of press freedom, remains in jail in Great Britain, where he has been imprisoned since 2019, his family is working tirelessly for his release. France-Soir gives the floor to his half-brother, Gabriel Shipton, producer of "Ithaka," a film that shocked Australia, focusing on the living conditions of his brother and the efforts of WikiLeaks activists to save him. Gabriel Shipton shares memories of his childhood with Julian, whom he recalls as a boy passionate about technology, with a strong sense of justice. On Wednesday, February 7th, Julian Assange's support committee is organizing a screening of "Ithaka" at the National Assembly in Paris, to which elected officials and the media are invited.

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