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Eu: The Closer to Kiev, the Further Away From Its People!

Hugo Dionísio

The divorce between European bureaucracy interests and the needs of European peoples no longer can be hide! When they get closer to Kiev, they get farther from us!

The inability of the collective West, and especially the U.S. and the EU, to escape the self-destructive effect of their hegemonic enterprise is becoming increasingly clear. An unresolved contradiction will become increasingly evident and will itself end up being the main cause of the destruction of its creator.

In the EU, submission to contradictions takes on a psychotic component: it is pretended that European societies are not on the boil and that the war taking place on Ukrainian territory has nothing to do with it.

That's why, with most European states and EU members destabilized by the just farmers demonstrations', stoppages and struggles; by the return of the far right, neo-fascism and racism; with the peoples from Europe facing a crisis in housing, public health, rising prices and worsening living conditions... What worries the Brussels bureaucracy and its regional "governors", disguised as ministers and prime ministers, is Ukraine, the Ukrainian war and, even more than Ukraine, Russia and the Russophobia that really occupies their minds.

On the very day that European leaders were holding a summit and carrying out all kinds of underground negotiations to secure the detour of another 50 billion euros into Kiev's bottomless pit, the farmers' struggle was sowing chaos in Brussels. There can be no clearer picture of the ever-widening gap between the needs of the people of Europe and the needs perceived by their supposedly "democratically" elected "rulers".

The more Europe's reality demands concentration and decisiveness in the face of worsening internal problems, the more the parties that are beholden to Brussels' interests throw themselves headlong into the abyss called Ukraine. The trend is so clear that we can confirm the existence of a "Kiev curse". From the UK to Finland, from Italy to Slovakia and many others in between, there are many examples of cases in which, the greater the public support for the Kiev regime, the greater the degradation of its public image and, the greater the chances of its government falling or being defeated in the elections. For Scholz, not even Baerbock's greens will save him; for Macron, this time Le Pen's fear will be overcome by the certainty that he, his neoliberalism and submission to U.S./NATO power are no good either.

What is certain is that, today, in the European Union, we can establish a fundamental empirical principle: the greater a government's support for Kiev, the greater its neglect of its own people. Ukraine is not only the cancer that threatens to corrode the entire Union, it will also be the slow fire in which it consumes itself.

Against this backdrop, in a Brussels city invaded by European farmers, the council approved the 50 billion Euro for a period of 4 years, of which 33 are borrowed and 17 are non-repayable. However, the approval process itself, and the destination of these funds, threatens to continue to tear holes in the so-called "European project". And it is from the bottom that it is crumbling. In this way, the EU will necessarily succumb, just like the leaders of the empire, the USA, to its own contradictions, which are ever deeper, more antagonistic and irreconcilable.

The 50 billion allocated to Ukraine is taken from the " European Multiannual Framework", i.e. the EU budget for the European Structural Funds, which are intended for the social, economic and cultural development of the member states themselves. Although Ursula Von Der "Liar" wanted to reprogram 100 billion euros, she had to settle for 64.6 billion. However, the only item that hasn't changed since the beginning of the process is the Ukrainian one. Which means a lot: Ukraine was, and is, the priority of priorities. In the U.S., the UK and the EU, we find the same common denominator: prioritization of external conflicts increases as attention to internal problems decreases. Pockets are not unlimited and the leaders of the collective West have shown where their main concerns lie. And how is this possible?

The fact is that the issue was the reallocation of funds for the "management of migration", in other words, to support the entire European apparatus that keeps millions of migrants and refugees locked up in concentration camps, which exist solely and only because of the responsibility of Western countries. Bearing in mind the demagoguery that the neo-fascist and European far-right uses to talk about the problem of "migration" and a supposed "population replacement"; for those who claim to be so concerned about the advent of these political forces; the EU not only agrees to  reduce this amount from 15 to 9.6 billion, but then puts 50 billion in the hands of a xenophobic government, which persecutes ethnic minorities, religious freedom and abolishes political parties, while idolizing Nazi leaders like Bandera, or promoting neo-Nazi groups like the Azov.

Another issue that didn't stand up to Ukrainian "priority" was the Strategic Technologies Platform for Europe (STEP), which aims to create a community of interests to promote frontier technologies made in the EU. While Ursula Von Der Leyen's famous "Chips Act", which was supposed to guarantee "European independence in semiconductors", is  being transformed into the "Intel Act" - since it seems that this is the American company that is going to guarantee the bulk of the 88 billion euros in subsidies to achieve this "independence" - the European Commission, in order not to lower the "investment" in Kiev, has chosen to reduce the amount of "STEP" from 10 billion to just 1.5. It seems that the concept of "independence" in the EU is increasingly defined by being "independent from everyone else, but never from the USA"! especially the USA!

The titanic effort not to cut a single penny from the funds allocated to keeping an increasingly unstable Ukrainian ship afloat will be inversely proportional to the difference it will make on the ground. We're talking about a regime that has already received more than seven times that amount in just two years, and yet is in a state of imminent shipwreck. After that, it's hard to understand how 12.5 billion a year is going to make a difference. All the more so when it is assumed, in the statement itself, that there are problems with the delivery of ammunition and that it was Borrel himself who said that the EU would only deliver half of what was promised within the set timeframe.

In other words, the European Commission, supported by the European Council, has led the people of Europe to invest another 50 billion, which their countries need so much, in order to hand it over to another country that is not a member of the Union, is not part of NATO and does not meet the most basic requirements for member states to receive subsidies. And that, to make matters worse, won't make any difference to the deplorable state in which the oligarchy that governs it has left it. The aim, clearly, is just to keep the war going for a while longer, making it look as if, at least until this "damn" election year passes, the promised "inexhaustible support" for the Ukrainian project will not end.

But the make-believe doesn't end there. This supposed agreement was nothing more than a deal, built up over months, during which the plenipotentiary President of the European Commission was forced to swallow some of her usual preposterousness. Hungary's Viktor Orban was the most vocal and perhaps the most inflexible of the contenders. However, he is also the most harried.

The European Commission, which had withheld more than 21 billion euros in EU funds, which should already have been paid to the Magyar country, was forced to unfreeze around 10.2 billion euros in November. A sort of "sign of good faith", then.

The irony of all this is that the money withheld from Hungary is the result of an assessment by Brussels, in which the government was found to have several problems with the application of the "rule of law". The same people who are demanding Hungary's compliance are the ones who are giving 50 billion to a country in which the "rule of law" is admittedly non-existent.

In other words, the same countries that insist on financing Kiev, in amounts that have never been available to any member of the Union, are the same ones that, while demanding that Hungary be penalized for non-compliance with the "rule of law", withdraw, omit and deceive the European peoples, when it comes to making the same demand, and punishing for non-compliance, a country that is not even a member of the European Union. If this doesn't pass all the hallmarks of antagonism and hypocrisy...

Proving that the vest is increasingly short when it comes to tactically dealing with these fires created by the empire itself, we are also seeing, within the framework of this "agreement", the granting of concessions to farmers in countries like Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, in relation to the flooding of their markets with products from Ukraine. This exception, which has been made while tariffs and restrictions on the movement of agricultural products are being lifted between Kiev and the EU, will not fail to mobilize farmers in other countries to obtain other types of concessions. For now, there is already talk of a one-year moratorium on meeting certain environmental targets. But this is only the beginning. What is at stake, as with everything in recent years, is the EU's irrational, illogical and utterly incongruous green transition agenda.

Now, let's take a closer look: the environmental requirements and the goals of the green transition agenda that the EU demands of its farmers and which condition their activity so much, are once again not matched when it comes to the Ukrainian project. Once again, the Ukrainian project deserves every priority and exception. What is demanded from their own, is dispensed when is from the ones that are outside EU. And this is the case with everything from corruption to human rights, democracy and even the demonization of the extreme right. Diabolized here by the political center, which creates the conditions for it to exist, it is once again effusively supported in Kiev.

Finally, it is also expected that the economic results obtained from the frozen Russian funds (the 300 billion generate high returns) will be forwarded to Kiev, supposedly to rebuild the country. While the sanctions on Russia, Iran and other countries have already put many people on notice that they are in danger of keeping their reserves in Western banks, this act is a real ultimatum. After all, they are appropriating sums that don't belong to them, in a veiled logic of confiscation, in order to hand them over to a third-party state, against the will of the holder of the capital. To do this when the main engines of the EU - France, Germany, Italy - are facing an unprecedented crisis...

All in the name of a farce that must continue. How long will the EU last under the weight of such overwhelming contradictions?

The divorce between European bureaucracy interests and the needs of European peoples no longer can be hide! When they get closer to Kiev, they get farther from us!