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The Eu Wants Reparations For Ukraine Paid By Russia

By Helena Glass
 Helena-The Nationalist Voice

February 8, 2024

The EU is desperately looking for ways to finance the rebuilding of Ukraine as Soros becomes more and more angry with the failed war, failed peace, and a lost trafficking hub. Money. Using frozen Russian assets the Powers want to use the assets valued at $200 billion as collateral for a loan. The security for their ultimate transfer would hinge on Russia failing to pay Ukraine reparations after the war. Parlez vous... Deja Vu.

In 2022, the United Nations held a vote wherein a new resolution was adopted holding Russia accountable for breaching International Law by invading Ukraine. 93 western countries out of 194 voted for the resolution. At the time, Israel had not initiated war and genocide in Palestine. Today, they have been found in violation of international law under the same protocol. Thus Israel is liable for reparations. Ukraine has also violated international law as has the US, UK, all of the EU, Canada and Australia throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Everyone is just dying to pay Reparations...

If this is upheld, all assets spread across the globe would be moved back to respective countries and trigger a financial spiral! But the EU is desperate to do the bidding of their Master who is demanding vengeance. The fact that these same feebleminded seem vacuous of consequences reveals the ineptitude of who we are fighting.

The Peace Table as imposed by the EU is basically calling for Putin to resign and Russia to be absorbed by Western proxies. This would amount to the first time in history that the loser of a war would direct the peace deal. As long as the Table remains on the jester's stage peace will not occur and thus rebuilding cannot occur and reparations will not occur. But the egocentric fail to see the basics of this philosophy of war.

Grumblings have been stipulated that Zelenskyy wants to sack his general. A delicate situation. General Zaluzhny is not going down alone. Zelenskyy then threatened to sack all Zaluzhny's deputies. WHY? What is going on?

The CIA is demanding that Zelenskyy hand over the military power vacuum to them. The CIA wants to run the show because Zelenskyy failed. The peril of this is obvious - America would be liable - and Russia could sue for Reparations! This is why the White House is in such a tizzy that the Ukraine aid of $60 billion inserted in a dead border deal was pushed aside. The CIA needs the funds to militarize Ukraine under their tutelage. Temporarily put on hold until funding can be generated...

The idea that the CIA in Ukraine could defeat Russia is sheer madness. It completely upends the ability of the EU to use Russian assets to secure a loan to rebuild a country still in the midst of bombs. Russia would be forced to level Ukraine. A strategic tactic Russia has avoided from the onset. An open government of CIA operatives would become fodder.

How do Reparations for war work?

International Law recognizes state sovereignty and thus a state cannot strip the assets of another state, ie the US and EU confiscated central bank assets illegally. Countermeasures (freezing assets) can only apply to an injured party who is a citizen of the state attacked - Ukraine. The EU is NOT an injured party. Their legal basis is flawed.

According to the Hague, reparations may be awarded by victims specifically suing the terrorist state for compensation. For example: The 9-11 victims have been in court for 22 years attempting to sue the Saudi government for remunerations. Not the International Court of Hague - but thru US courts which have zero leverage against Saudi Arabia. It is an exercise in futility that can sit in courts for decades.

The US COURTS decide who is a terrorist and who is not. This is how it becomes sticky. An attack by Hezbollah is immediately referred to as Iran. An attack by Al Qaeda is Syria. The Logic: "The........attacks could not have taken place without.....'s direct support." According to the US Government overseeing US court decisions. As in the EU and US are now directly responsible for every damage and loss of life in Russia initiated by the rogue Ukraine government under the direction of the CIA, MI6 and NATO and Russian civilians may file claims.

THEREFORE: The attacks by Ukraine under CIA leadership will be directly accountable against the US Government - as per their own legal doctrines. Yet ALL the legal minion minds in Congress, the Parliament, and in the courts are oblivious to the concept of "Setting Precedent".

What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive!

Imagine if the CIA put all that energy into actually doing good! Working FOR America instead of for their Masters. Allen Dulles was instrumental in creating this rogue element we call the CIA which is better defined as the 'death squad for the Zionist Mafia'. Corrupt since their inception. Lest we forget - JFK's assassination was orchestrated by this America Terrorist Cartel - CIA.

IF Zelenskyy obeys his orders and fires his defense ministry en masse - the risk that one or ten of these soldiers might decide to have a parlay session with Tucker Carlson is a very real predicament. Therefore they would have to provide silencing payoffs that may or may not diffuse their mouths from warbling. Or, suffer the CIA consequences.

Last week, Ursula von Der Leyen promised Ukraine $50 billion over a three year period beginning in 2024. The EU budget for foreign policy and defense is $7.9 billion. The money allocated to Ukraine will come in the form of loans $33 billion and nonrepayable interest on Russian assets of $17 billion. Yet the US upended the interest potential by repaying Iran's frozen assets WITH interest. Precedent. Leaving the EU shy $17 billion.

We are not dealing with the brightest stars on the Hollywood sidewalk in Langley or the EU. Their inherent ability to stage a pretend play of narratives that have been wholly proven illegal by themselves implicates ignorance on a mass scale.

Reprinted with permission from  Helena-The Nationalist Voice.



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