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David Miller v. Bristol University: Anti-Zionism Wins

The Bristol Employment Tribunal has ruled in favor of Professor David Miller after Bristol University fired him for his anti-Zionism beliefs.

Today,  Rahman Lowe, the legal representative for Professor David Miller, declared triumph in one of the most closely monitored Employment Tribunal cases of 2023-2024.

Prof. Miller successfully won his Bristol University discrimination case as the University has discriminated against him for his belief that Zionism is inherently racist, imperialist, and colonial, a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, alongside a finding of unfair dismissal.

This 108-page judgment by Regional Employment Judge, Rohan Pirani is the first one ever stating that anti-Zionist beliefs are protected in the workplace.

 The Bristol Employment Tribunal ruled in favor of Prof. Miller, ruling that he had experienced discrimination based on his anti-Zionism beliefs and had been unfairly dismissed by Bristol University.

The case has drawn attention to the challenges faced by academics and individuals advocating for justice, fairness, and equality in Palestine. It also underscores the issue of weaponizing antisemitism to stifle discussions on Zionism.

Rahman Lowe's partner Zillur Rahman, who has represented Prof Miller, stated "This is a landmark case and marks a pivotal moment in the history of our country for those who believe in upholding the rights of Palestinians. The timing of this Judgment will be welcomed by many who at present are facing persecution in their workplaces for speaking out against the crimes of the Israeli state."

He expressed delight for Prof. Miller congratulating him on his courage in fighting the vicious campaign against him by Zionists in and outside the university stating "What is interesting about this case is that when David expressed his beliefs about Zionism which led to him being dismissed, they weren't that widely known. However, the genocide Israel is committing at present has woken the world up to the very belief David holds and was manifesting, which is that Zionism is inherently racist and must be opposed," adding that they will ask for compensation as the effects of this case will still haunt Prof. Miller in the upcoming future.

Who is Professor David Miller?

 Professor Miller is an academic sociologist, specializing in state and corporate propaganda, public relations, and lobbying. He was employed by the University of Bristol as a Professor of Political Sociology until they dismissed him on 1 October 2021.

Commenting on the verdict, Prof. Miller stated "I am extremely pleased that the Tribunal has concluded that I was unfairly and wrongfully dismissed by the University of Bristol. I am also very proud that we have managed to establish that anti-Zionist views qualify as a protected belief under the UK Equality Act," emphasizing "This was the most important reason for taking the case and I hope it will become a touchstone precedent in all the future battles that we face with the racist and genocidal ideology of Zionism and the movement to which it is attached."

"I also want to note that this verdict is a massive vindication of the approach I have taken throughout this period which is to say that a genocidal and maximalist ideology like Zionism can only be effectively confronted by a maximalist anti-Zionism. Apologies, debate, and defensiveness of the sort illustrated by many on the left, and even in the Palestine Solidarity movement will not work. The Zionist movement cannot be negotiated with. It must be defeated," he stated then thanked the court and his legal team deeply.

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