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Biden's Eulogy Will Be 'Journalism Rip'. How He Destroyed the Fourth Estate

Martin Jay

The fourth estate has literally died and has been replaced by phalanx of corrupt young men and women who have redefined the profession entirely as an extension of the state and its craven objectives. 

Many will be no doubt asking themselves, especially in the U.S., how did the West get itself tied up in a regional war with Iran's proxies? But who can keep a straight face when the narrative from Washington insists that the attacks against Houthis - and now Iran's proxies in Iraq and Syria - are not linked to the genocide being carried out in Gaza by Israel, with weapons given by the U.S. Western elites must think their voters are especially stupid if they swallow, not helped by the UK's defence chief in parliament explaining to MPs that "Gaza is a long way from the Red Sea".

In the past few days, when a U.S. senator asked a Singaporean national in a congressional hearing if he was a member of the Chinese Communist party, many will argue that our politicians in the west are simply getting dumber. The level of education of our politicians simply doesn't compare to what we would expect 30 years ago. But the real issue is how corrupt they have become and perhaps even more importantly the demise of journalism.

Biden uses the full reach of his friends on the Washington Post to promote him and his messages. This is one level of corruption we know and understand - partisanism. But there is a whole new level to corruption when those same journalists actually replicate so-called facts which they know are lies. Journalism as we knew it is practically dead. Journalism used to be about the truth because the truth defined policies and how people voted. But the truth has no value any more and journalism is really a decaying corpse.

Take the example of how U.S. and UK media reported on the three dead American soldiers, which, arguably provoked Biden into launching the airstrikes against Iran's proxies. It was reported that they were killed in Jordan, which, in fact is not at all true. The truth is that they were killed on the other side of the Syrian border near a so-called secret U.S. base in Al Tanf. If media reported the facts thus, Biden would face a baptism of fire from many in the U.S. who would ask "what the hell are U.S. soldiers doing there?". The problem with that question is that it opens a Pandora's box of other awkward questions. The U.S. cannot claim to be a victim of attacks when their forces are illegally occupying a territory.

But this story shows just how poor media is now and just how dead old school journalism is to boot. Journalists were complicit in this lie to help the Biden administration with its greater disinformation campaign, which surrounds a narrative of a Russian invasion of Europe is imminent. Of course, it isn't but this is the line which needs to be pushed so as to justify bigger military spending to get our present politicians through a difficult election - in both the U.S. and UK and other European states.

The Biden administration is inventing a phoney war and journalists are supporting the narrative without even missing a heartbeat. The fourth estate has literally died and has been replaced by phalanx of corrupt young men and women who have redefined the profession entirely as an extension of the state and its craven objectives. In the UK, the odious Douglas Murray who has shown Britain from day one of the recent conflict in Gaza that he is more than happy to replicate every item of fake news that Israel's IDF is happy to hand him - without even acknowledging the bigger picture of a brutal occupation. He is, essentially, a pro-Zionist fanatic and it beggars belief that he is even allowed to go on air and report, when he has shown his almost cult-like following of the Netanyahu government and its objectives to wipe out the civilian population of Gaza. He is a genocide denier and yet he is allowed to continue his work as a journalist. Should we be shocked though to learn that just recently his diatribe of on air lies about the Gaza genocide, which always paints the Israelis as the victims and the Palestinians as savages, has been taken to the next level?

Murray now is in London trying to help Israel with its fundraising. Thirty years ago, this would have been unthinkable. A wall of resistance from professionals which would have blocked him in the media industry would have prevailed. "Unethical" would be the key word which would have put this vile Israeli apologist back in his box. But in modern Britain, media has become so corrupt, that few, if any are shocked that a journalist can work openly as an activist as well. One could argue that one role is merely an extension of the other, both of them dripping with the blood of Palestinian children. Real journalism is being shut down at an alarming rate. Partisan journalism, which even allows hacks to be activists at the same time, is the new norm. To give you an idea just how far this has advanced, any kind of criticism of how the state handles or reports on the Gaza genocide is met with a steel hand in a steel glove in both the UK and U.S. Pity the young students at Northwestern University who have obscure anti Klu Klux Klan federal laws levelled against them by the FBI for producing a parody newspaper which mocked U.S. policy of Israel and Gaza. You couldn't make it up.