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Nato and the Cia Are Waging a Secret War in Russia

Sonja van den Ende

The Special Military Operation is still going on, but in addition there is another real war being waged by the West, a "war in the dark."

In a recent article reprinted by  Strategic Culture Foundation, Jack Murphy writes that there is a campaign by the CIA and NATO states to sabotage Russia from within.

Jack Murphy is a former U.S. Green Beret and army ranger turned journalist. Furthermore, the  CIA itself claims to have a dozen "mission centers," issue-specific groups that bring together officials from the agency's various directorates.

Murphy claims that two days before February 24, 2022, the start of Russia's Special Military Operation (SMO) in the Donbass, the allied spy service through which the CIA is running the sabotage campaign used a covert communications system to activate its sleeper cells across Russia, according to a former military official and a person who has been briefed on the campaign.

Allegedly, a sort of "spy" program has been functioning since 2014, starting from the Maidan coup d'état in Kiev, which is very plausible.

In this author's assessment, the Dutch Bellingcat so-called investigative media bureau and the UK-founded Statecraft Institute were also involved.

The  Statecraft Institute has been involved in making and breaking "wars and sabotage" plans for Syria, Ukraine, and Russia since 2009. Now its website is closed due to the so-called theft of documents (hack). This happened after research and publication by various journalists,  including myself. But for sure it is still operating under another name or secret cover in the UK or the Netherlands.

A visit by five Ukrainian officials to the UK, dated July 11, 2016, is an example of the "work" of the Statecraft Institute.  In interviews conducted in the summer of 2016, the Ukrainian personnel of special units described their operations behind hostile lines in the separatist-controlled Donbass region, including targeted killings and destruction of infrastructure.

Jack Murphy is no doubt right that European countries are coordinating the attacks via orders from the CIA, consistent with their subordinate role in serving U.S. imperialist power. One of the smaller countries of the EU and NATO is the Netherlands, small in area but large, the largest after the UK, in terms of spying for the U.S. The Netherlands hosts the most so-called international organizations on its territory after Austria.

In addition, the Netherlands hosts a European spy center (calling itself a journalistic agency),  Bellingcat, established directly after the  downing of the MH17, and of course the International Criminal Court (ICC) which recently issued an arrest warrant against President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Considering "agents" of NATO states, one must first investigate the media of these NATO states. Bellingcat has many so-called journalists operating around Russia, for example in Kyrgyzstan. The  whole team can be labeled as agents of NATO.

The journalists residing in Russia and working for the so-called mainstream Western media and, in particular, for the Dutch state broadcaster NOS, the English BBC, and the German ZDF, can be considered to be NATO agents. Recently, they organized  a so-called uprising of the wives and mothers of Russian soldiers at the front, following the example of The " Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo" in Argentina. These journalists tried to spark a revolution on behalf of the NATO states, which fortunately failed. In my opinion, these journalists should leave Russia immediately: they can activate "sleeper cells" in Russia.

The CIA is now trying to recruit agents through an (online)  video to spy for the U.S. and NATO states. Perhaps there are people in Russia itself, who have signed up (seduced by money) and have carried out various sabotages. Russia's state security service, the FSB, has arrested people caught spying for the U.S./NATO or preparing sabotage such as recently in Crimea,  the plot to eliminate a high-ranking government employee.

The Special Military Operation in Ukraine is proceeding apace, but the U.S. and its NATO allies are pursuing a "covert war" inside Russia, especially in the field of espionage and sabotage. This is because the NATO army cannot yet defeat Russia on the military battlefield.

That is why gloomy "war rhetoric" is now being spouted in all kinds of Western mainstream media, and Western politicians are warning of war with Russia, in a desperate attempt to get more recruits for the newly formed European army. There are calls to recruit asylum seekers to fight against Russia and receive a passport if they survive. The American army cannot of course openly send battalions to Ukraine itself, then the U.S. is directly at war with Russia, which is why they use the Ukrainian army as proxies, and the population is recruited as saboteurs.

This "dark" war is no longer a secret. After all, in the Western media, we can read every day how "bad" the Russian government is. Everything is taken out of context and almost everything we read or see is a lie. The mainstream media themselves boast about  drones that will be used against Russia, with the Netherlands explaining that Dutch Reaper drones are being used for the first time in a mission abroad "on NATO's eastern border."

But that's not all. The Netherlands will have a new drone control center, following in the example of Ramstein in Germany, the largest U.S. base in Europe. From Ramstein, the U.S. and NATO carried out attacks on Afghanistan. Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan, with these MQ-9 Reaper drones, so there is a possibility that these recent drone attacks on oil depots, etc. in Russia are coordinated from Ramstein. The new drone base in the Netherlands is located at Leeuwarden.

The murder of Darya Dugina and other Russian journalists was carried out internally by Ukrainians or, as with Vladven Tartasky, by an indoctrinated Russian youth. Still, the order always came from the SBU in Ukraine, which is again coordinated by the CIA and Western security agencies such as MI6, or perhaps its European equivalent Bellingcat.

The drone attacks on the Kremlin were also carried out internally in Russia. In the future, even near future, we can expect drones from Leeuwarden or Ramstein into Russia. Perhaps this is what the NATO countries are betting on, a drone war, for which you need relatively few army personnel.

Other indirect sabotage comes from the so-called NGOs, most of which have already left Russia as this  video shows.

Washington's agenda is now being actively pushed by American foundations inside Russia. The aim is that Russia should be divided into several weakened, nominally independent states. Like what happened with former Yugoslavia, a process of dismemberment called Balkanization. Russia is already alert to the plot, hence Moscow's order to many U.S. and NATO NGOs to leave the country.

Another threat is posed by the embassies of various Western countries, especially NATO countries, which try to recruit young people by organizing all kinds of programs under benign-sounding projects such as "pro-democracy" and "civic responsibility". Universities are a common target for these NATO programs, where participating groups receive training, and generous funding for travel, computers and other communication devices.

The latest example was NATO's attempt at a coup d'etat in Belarus, where the Netherlands played a major role by offering certain programs to young people and students through their embassy and also financing them.

NATO's secret war in Russia is becoming more overt, it seems, through its various networks. However, the Russian people are well aware of the manipulation effort from abroad despite the Western media's "reporting" (propaganda) about unrest within Russian society.