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Thoughts on Russia

By Jane Ten Brink

May 13, 2024

The main reason that "the West" (USA/Europe/NATO) does not want a defeat or an end to the "Ukraine crisis" is that once it stops, Russia will most surely stop its "Special Operation" in Ukraine and pull out its forces (at least its "offence" forces, leaving perhaps some "defence" in strategic positions).

But the point here is that the lies and bullshit of "the West" would then be plainly exposed.

Because what in truth was the reason for all this money, etc. that "the West" has being pouring into this "fight against Russia"??

The idea is that Russia/Putin want and intend to capture the former Soviet satellite countries (Eastern Europe) and then march into central and Western Europe (hence the ridiculous Putin/Hitler analogy).

But once the truth is revealed that Russia has no interest in and no intention of doing any of this, then there is nothing left to support the demonisation and punishment (sanctions, etc.) of Russia, no?

Demonise and punish a country that is simply going about the business of peacefully supporting its own interests absent any actual aggression on others?

Most of the dumbed-down public (and that, for sure, is much of the public) really does confuse present-day Russia with the former Soviet Union, not realising that the whole "Communist" thing was strictly speaking a Bolshevik (Khazarian?) enterprise and that present-day Russia has happily left its Communist past behind, returning to Christian Orthodoxy, traditional values, love of country, etc. (Klaus Schwab, Transgenderism, and AI | Russian Philosopher Aleksandr Dugin ).

The dumbed-down constituents of the public are also 100% clueless about recent Russian history, meaning what took place in Russia in the early 1990s and the way in which drunken-Yeltsin was a Western pawn, that is until his final awakening when he admitted that he had made mistakes.

Enter Putin, with currently an 80%+ public approval rating; an old-fashioned "statesman" in today's world of puppet politicians.

That the dumbed-down public erroneously believes that the big global "enemy" is Russia under the leadership of Putin is nothing less than "suicidal."

Because in today's world, Russia is perhaps the major saving grace.