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The Wef Casting Agency

By Zork (The) Hun
 Politics is Personal

May 15, 2024

Yes, I know that Alexandria, the Occasional Cortez is not a Young Global Leader or a member of the WEF, but I have to start this post with her.

A few years back I was on a skiing trip with four twenty-something boys. AOC was in the news for some reason. The boys were bitching about how stupid she is. Yeah, yeah, - I said - I know that, but the important question is this: would you do her? After a two-seconds stunned silence, the answer was unanimously and enthusiastically in the affirmative.

And that is the point. Every one of the people above has the same inoffensive, pleasant-ish visual appeal. For the opposite sex and appropriate age-groups, they are all kind of doable. Wouldn't be my choice of word, but they are all good for some sort of penetration - of governments, of course. Canada got penetrated so well, that WEF - Klaus Schwab (founder of The World Economic Forum): "We penetrate the cabinets" - Young Global Penetrators.

The idea of the casting agency came to me when I first saw Annalena Baerbock. I did not know who she was, but my first thoughts were: My God, she is cute...and what a feisty bitch! But so damn stupid...I would love to do her! I would just have to make sure that she is not talking. (Stop it now, I didn't mean it that way!)

I must apologize for letting my deeply suppressed inner male chauvinist pig lose for a second, but I wanted to make sure that you will get the point. To make sure that it will properly penetrate your consciousness, so to speak.

My second thought was: She must be a WEF YGL; so, I looked her up, and of course she is. Just another manifestation of tacit knowledge, which is one of my pet puzzles.

How did I know? What gave her away? What is so common in them? I picked twelve to show, but I could easily pick more. Can YOU articulate what makes them alike?

I would love have an insight into the selection of these "Young Global leaders". They are selected for a role. I would love to know how the casting agency works. What are the criteria they are looking for? Appearance? Demeanor? Self presentation?
The gender appeal must be an important factor. The women of the media were swooning all over Justin Trudeau at the time of his first election victory. Just as they were over Tony Blair when he got elected in 1997. "He is so good-looking and charismatic on the top of it." This is from a page about the achievements of Tony Blair:

"Although his programme of modernisation helped market 'New Labour' to the British public, Tony Blair himself was one of the main selling points for the party.

John Major, the current Prime Minister, was seen as a competent but thoroughly dull man. Blair, on the other hand, was relatively young and had a charming, lively personality, making him far more appealing. This helped sell the image of a tired, old Conservative party in need of replacement by a vibrant, reformed Labour Party."

His major achievement was his appeal.
Just a few days ago I came across an article about the fact that someone took pictures of Singh without his turban, and what a gorgeous hair he has!
All of them are articulate, but none of them seem to have a single thought of their own. Justine can talk for hours without saying anything. Just like his daddy. (No, I don't mean Pierre.) What he cannot do is answering a straight question with a straight answer. It never happened.
They are well behaved and have the trustworthy look voters crave.

Politics is becoming a show with a strict set of rules, like that of Kabuki and Kathakali, or better yet like the puppet shows of the medieval carnivals.

The WEF Young Global Leaders are the apparatchiks for the 21st century. They are the representatives of the reining ideology. I am not stretching the idea. Just like the apparatchiks, they were picked for the role.
It has nothing to do with the will of the people, let alone their needs. All of them are committed globalist, none give a damn about the people who elected them.

Most of them never had a real job, their whole life was politics. The only two that had some business experiences are Newsom and Zelenskyy.

When I look at them, what I see is hollowness. They look like empty shells. They are just instruments of their handlers. Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, RFK Jr., Putin or Xi Jinping are people. These Young Global penetrators are just puppets.

Most don't seem to be interested in what they are doing. The three exceptions are Baerbock, Blair and Cortez.
Blair is old enough not to care about perception, while Baerbock and Cortez still seem to operate under the illusion that they have some agency over their actions. What they get is a lot of attention and they clearly both like that. Marin and Ardern are so inadequate for their jobs that they will disappear from the scene without trace or memory.

Singh is just a few months away from the life-long pension, Macron is looking for a position with less stress and responsibility, the kind where he will not have to deal with the pesky concerns of the common riff-raff. Newsom and Freeland may have higher aspirations but that will not make them any less dependent on their handlers than they are now. Zelenskyy is just trying to survive long enough to enjoy his looted wealth.

In the end, what makes them so similar to me is that they are not believable. They are not genuine. They are not ideologues, not even convincing propagandists. I don't believe them because I do not believe that they believe themselves. What they represent is the first step in the bureaucratization of globalized politics. They are apparatchiks, the ultimate organization men. Nothing more.

There is, of course, an official version:
(from Bing chat)

The selection process for Young Global Leaders (YGLs) is rigorous and involves several steps. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Nomination: YGL candidates are nominated by a diverse group of nominators, including current YGLs, heads of state, and leaders from various sectors (business, academia, arts, etc.). Self-nominations are not accepted.
  2. Application: Once nominated, candidates submit detailed applications. These applications include information about their achievements, leadership roles, impact, and commitment to societal betterment.
  3. Review and Evaluation:
    • Regional Selection Committees: Regional committees review applications and select finalists. These committees consist of YGLs and other experts.
    • Global Selection Committee: The global committee evaluates the finalists' applications and selects the YGLs. The committee comprises eminent personalities from different fields.
  4. Criteria for Selection:

  • Leadership: Candidates must demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and a track record of positive impact.
  • Impact: Their work should have made a difference at a local, regional, or global level.
  • Innovation: Candidates who have introduced innovative solutions or approaches are preferred.
  • Character: YGLs exhibit integrity, empathy, and a commitment to ethical leadership.
  • Diversity: The selection process aims for diversity in terms of gender, nationality, and sector representation.

5. Financial Aspects:

  • Membership Fee: YGLs pay an annual membership fee to participate in the World Economic Forum (WEF) events and activities. This fee covers participation costs.
  • Sponsorship and Support: Some YGLs receive sponsorship or support from their organizations, governments, or other entities. However, the responsibility for the membership fee lies with the YGLs themselves.

6. Benefits and Responsibilities:

  • YGLs gain access to WEF events, networks, and platforms.
  • They commit to actively engage in initiatives that address global challenges.
  • YGLs participate in the Annual Meeting in Davos and other WEF events.

In summary, YGLs are selected based on their leadership, impact, and commitment to positive change. While some receive financial support, they primarily cover their own membership fees. Being a YGL is both an honor and a responsibility, as it involves contributing to global progress and collaboration.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You should read it a couple of times to let it sink in. Does this look like a search for excellence or for enthusiastic, virtue-signaling compliance?

What does this remind me of? The organizational principles of the communist party. As long as you show unquestioning loyalty and devotion to the party and its principles, your future is assured. The party has the power to make you or break you. It's a devil's bargain, selling your soul, but it can be very appealing to mediocre minds.

I will leave you with two questions:
What do you consider true leadership qualities and can you see any of them in any of the people pictured above?