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The State vs. the People

By Donald Jeffries
 "I Protest"

June 6, 2024

There are lots of people that follow me who are anarchists. I used to be against anarchy. After all, you must have some order to a society, right? Otherwise, the law of the jungle will prevail. The biggest and strongest, the most aggressive, will take charge. But at this point, exactly what authority is there that deserves our respect?

The great mass of people, all over the world, have always been essentially at war with their overlords. Think of the English peasants tasked to stay awake all night and knock the frogs off the lily pads, so that the Royals in their nearby castles could sleep. In more recent times, think of all those poor souls in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, toiling all day in the coal mines. Dying way before their time of black lung disease. The whole capital vs. labor battle was born because those who employ others will naturally want to pay them as little as possible. I'm certainly no fan of Karl Marx, but his basic premise was correct; most workers are being exploited. Huey Long won my undying admiration because he understood this crucial point.

You could justifiably say that when Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown, it represented perhaps the only victory the People have ever won in this perpetual war against their masters. It was certainly a great victory on paper. The timeless words of the Declaration of Independence, written so eloquently by the now thoroughly defamed "racist" Thomas Jefferson, represented a watershed motion in human history. It was a revolutionary concept to say that we have an inherent right to consent to those who govern us. That we have inalienable rights that come from our Creator, not from any government. If only the Jeffersonians had prevailed in the ideological battle with the Hamiltonians, we'd all have more freedom today. But then, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the overpriced, Broadway hip hop spectacle Hamilton.

Our Founding Fathers recognized that an overreaching central authority held the potential to become a collective despotic king. Their original Articles of Confederation reflected this. The Constitution was only made palatable by the inclusion of the Bill of Rights, and the strict separation of powers. The separation of powers was usurped first by the Judiciary, under John Marshall, and then shattered forever by the first imperial president, Abraham Lincoln. Once our second "greatest" president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, began constructing the unconstitutional leviathan we came to know and love as the Bureaucracy, it was inevitable that we'd reach the point where we are today; at the mercy of a heartless, cold-blooded Orwellian monstrosity. Unable to do anything of significance without governmental permission.

Those who run our disastrous Bureaucracy are the descendants of the kings who ordered peasants to beat those lily pads at night. The FBI, CIA, and NSA are the logical heirs to the tyrant Lincoln, and to FDR, who established the modern FBI in 1935, and used them in his quest to "cancel" all those who disagreed with him. I explore that in depth in the upcoming American Memory Hole. Along with the Military Industrial Complex, these intelligence agencies (all still with top-secret budgets) give today's despots and tyrants a most impressive arsenal to wage their war against the People. We are the figurative Little Sisters of the Poor, and they are an impenetrable super villain. They don't have a weakness for kryptonite, or an Achilles' heel.

In America 2.0, this eternal struggle has become crystal clear, at least to the millions who are "awake" to varying degrees. But to millions more, the war remains hidden. How do you win a war when most of those being relentlessly assaulted aren't even aware there is a war? It is mostly a war for your mind, as Alex Jones aptly put it- an information war. But each massive dose of lies and disinformation strikes like a cannonball, and has the power of napalm behind it. It's hard to reason with people who somehow don't realize they're being intellectually raped by mad figurative bombers. Every "Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone" and "19 crazed Arab hijackers" is a drone strike of indoctrination. A forced feeding of Huxley's Soma.

So the average American citizen is caught between a nightmarish coalition of insane "Woke" corporatism and the entrenched power of the unstoppable federal government. Both private and public industry are allies. Think of FDR and "Uncle Joe" Stalin. Comrades. Utilizing their standing army of militarized police officers, all across the land, they are at war. And the enemy is you. The police aren't targeting real, violent criminals, any more than ICE is targeting illegal invaders. The IRS isn't interested in all the One Percenters who paid no income tax at all. They're after the small business owner who incorrectly followed some nonsensical and largely incomprehensible regulation. This is a war of the powerful vs. the powerless.

We have no weapon with which to fight this war, other than our commanding advantage in numbers. We outnumber the corrupt tyrants by hundreds of millions here, and by billions around the world. And yet we are impotent, forced to follow their pointless rules and laws. The COVID psyop certainly demonstrated that. How many millions of guns are owned by citizens in this country? Where were the proud gun owners, who are so vocal about the second amendment, during the unconstitutional lockdown? Did you see any armed small business owners, gathered together to resist the destruction of their businesses? The second amendment wasn't created to protect hunting and skeet shooting. I am not advocating that they do this. But it just seems like if your business is being shut down by force, and you own weapons....

But even if all those millions of private arms were brandished openly, in some kind of armed march on Washington, D.C., how could they hope to defeat the most powerful defense establishment in the history of the world? It's clear that we can't mimic the successful strategy of eighteenth century Minutemen (and, of course, today they'd have to be referred to as Minute-cisgenders or something). Guerilla warfare doesn't work against the kind of weapons the Pentagon has. An armed revolution is impossible. We can't continue to be bullied and abused, but we can't punch this bully in the face. It bears repeating; we have one great weapon. There are far more of us than them. But we haven't shown that we can come together in any common cause. Not to resist the COVID "mandates." Not to defend free speech and civil liberties.

As Orwell wrote in 1984, "If there was hope, it must lie in the proles, because only there in those swarming disregarded masses, 85 per cent of the population of Oceania, could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated. The Party could not be overthrown from within. Its enemies, if it had any enemies, had no way of coming together..." Now, in America 2.0, the proles comprise close to those numbers. But we are distracted, and unable to form effective coalitions. "Football, beer, and gambling filled up the horizon of their minds," as Orwell described it. Sound familiar? Only we're even less likely to rebel, given that the women have been liberated, and enjoy social media, shopping, reality shows, and the approval of fellow females to fill "the horizon of their minds." We can't even organize a boycott on buying gas for a day.

An effective revolution would center around things like national work strikes. They can't fire everyone. Or millions refusing to file tax returns. Again, they can't audit everyone. Millions refusing to pay property taxes. If enough people refused to pay their utilities, what would happen? Would they really cut the power, or water, off from everyone? We've made some headway in walking away from the odious public school system. But we need more to reach a tipping point. Teachers needs kids in the classroom to indoctrinate. How else will they learn the glories of transgenderism and critical race theory? We could emulate the hippies and start communes. Grow our own food. Use solar powered generators. Literally unplug from the grid.

The problem is, of course, that no one wants to strike, or boycott taxes and utilities, unless they know they'll have plenty of company. In the workplace, I stuck my neck out far too many times, without anyone backing me up. It's lonely when you're out there on a limb. We've seen this at many school board meetings, where one courageous soul speaks up, lashing out at the petty tyrants on the board and their odious curriculum, and the other parents sit there silently, burying their heads in their cell phones. If all those parents jumped up and stood behind the one willing to risk speaking out, cheered him, and shouted, "that's right," then the obedient armed guard wouldn't be able to overpower them all. He might even join in with them. I would assume many of those guards have children.

That is the key to everything in this war. If a cop starts beating up a drunk girl, or a skateboarder kid, or an elderly person, and there is a crowd watching, that crowd needs to physically stop the cop from doing it. They can't arrest them all. We've actually seen citizens doing this in other, less cucked countries. But not here. Even in the legendary "hood," the Blacks who despise the police and show them no respect, never physically intervene to help during those many instances of police using excessive force. If a deranged "Woke" leftist can declare, "You should punch Nazis (in other words, those you disagree with) in the face," then why can't average citizens say that punching a cop, or an elected official, or some other authority figure blatantly abusing their power, is justified? However we do it, coming together is our only hope.

There have been so many battles in this long, grueling war. The real Civil War that started in 1861 was one of a baby goliath government against its own people. Against the promise of the founders, about people consenting to those who govern them. Only that goliath won. There was no David with a magical slingshot. In the 1920s, veterans from the senseless World War I encamped in tents in Washington, D.C., to protest not being paid their promised bonuses. The Bonus Army was quickly routed, by a military force led by young Douglas MacArthur and George S. Patton. Huey Long spoke up for the Bonus Army, but few others did. For much of the twentieth century, our government sprayed populated areas with deadly substances, and conducted cruel experiments on criminals, mental patients, and orphans. No one protested.

During my lifetime, among countless other examples, there was Waco, the murder of innocent American citizens by their own government. Bill Clinton was not impeached for perhaps the most impeachable offense in our history, and in fact most people supported the murder of women and children. The fourth amendment was further shattered when they started conducting unconstitutional roadblocks to check for drunk drivers. Again, who protested other than young Don Jeffries' types? As people told me at the time, "If you got nothin' to hide, why do you care?" And they wonder why SWAT teams are still regularly entering the wrong house and killing people. Why are they allowed to enter any residence without a warrant? Illegal search and seizure is another variant on the "hate speech" abridgement of our liberties. And who cares?

Going back to the dawn of the Republic, few citizens supported those involved in the Shays and Whiskey Rebellions. If enough northerners had marched to Washington and protested Lincoln's tyrannical suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, and arrest of untold thousands who disagreed with his actions, could the Army have locked them all up? Why did almost no one protest the World War I era Supreme Court's ruling that opposing war was tantamount to crying fire in a crowded theater? The opposition to putting dangerous fluoride in the public water supply was so minimal that the writers of Dr. Strangelove felt comfortable in portraying them as "wackos" in that highly respected film. How many Americans opposed, let alone protested against, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act?

Don't tell me about "the Jews," or Freemasons, or whatever, secretly waging this continuous war against the People. Whoever is really in charge, presumably without supernatural powers, is managing to subdue a population that dwarfs them. Yes, the corrupt elite and their despicable policies are certainly the enemy. But the submissive, unthinking masses, who have remained docile in the face of the most ferocious tyranny ever seen, are the ones who anger me. Their steadfast refusal to critically think, about everything from foreign hobgoblins to face diapers and the diminishment of our freedom, is the primary problem. No bully, no dictator, no conspirator, can conquer a people without the majority consenting to it. Whoever is really misruling us, there are far more of us than them. But you certainly wouldn't know it.

The same sleeping majority that turned in their neighbors for violating COVID "mandates" was already fond of calling the police because their neighbor's car had an expired registration sticker. Or because they had an old refrigerator on their back porch, a tire or some auto parts in their back yard, where the grass was too high anyway. There's a reason why the FBI never lacks for informants. The anonymous tip to the corrupt authorities is a quaint American tradition. Obviously, most of us don't love our neighbors, let alone follow the Golden Rule. But these same meddling Karens don't like or support true whistleblowers, who are exposing official wrongdoing, and not some insignificant breach of homeowners association protocol.

If you can't or won't wake up, can you at least stop enabling the demonization of the "conspiracy theorists" who've been trying to be your alarm clock for a long time? Every abuser requires an enabler. The sleeping masses- the ones who think the Biden economy is actually "strong" and who continue to #Stand with Ukraine, are enabling our corrupt rulers the same way a battered wife enables her drunken dreamboat. The asleep "normies" have a form of collective Stockholm Syndrome that is a marvel to behold. They will believe any lie, accept any excuse, blame any scapegoat, in order to avoid holding the guilty accountable. They have tried to shame us, for seeing through the not very impressive narrative of deceit. They are the ones who should be shamed. For believing nonsense that shouldn't fool a well-rounded preschooler.

The least each of us can do is not support the troops. Not back the blue. Not agree that diversity is our strength. Not agree that there are jobs Americans won't do. Don't buy your supervisor a present on national bosses day. Don't virtue signal; nothing about this satanic "Woke" agenda is virtuous. Nothing about their power is legitimate. But do good deeds; help those who need help. Be a good parent, a good spouse, and a good child. The brave souls who are speaking out can't call for "backup" like our militarized police officers do. But we need to back each other up. If you're part of a group witnessing someone being wronged, encourage all the others to demonstrate an awareness of that wrong. We must hang together, lest we hand separately, to quote Benjamin Franklin. Remember what Bobby Kennedy said about sending forth all those tiny ripples of hope.