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Caitlin Clark, Obese Beauties, and World War Iii

By Donald Jeffries
 "I Protest"

June 11, 2024

Life is never boring in America 2.0. I never run out of things to write and talk about. In fact, there are so many topics to assess critically that I often forget something. I'll finish writing a Substack post and a pertinent point I neglected to mention will be raised in the comments. Or it will just come to me after the fact.

I've been following the saga of Caitlin Clark in the WNBA. The women's professional basketball league has been a miserable failure by any definition. It's lost significant money for twenty seven straight years. The only reason anyone is talking about it now is Caitlin Clark. It's certainly the only reason I'm writing about it. I never thought I'd write about the WNBA. It's a bogus outfit that has been kept afloat by corporate funding. Much of the miniscule audience they draw comes from the LGBQT+!* community, because a good chunk of the players are openly lesbian. If you've watched any WNBA "highlights" over the years, you'll see that the unskilled level of play is punctuated by rough, illegal contact and fighting. Picture a gay version of roller derby.

For those that don't know, Caitlin Clark is the all-time leading scorer in the history of NCAA women's college basketball. And she's White. Really, really White. As White as Donald Trump. Now the WNBA, not surprisingly, is overwhelmingly Black. It's one of the shocking aspects of Black athletic "superiority." No matter how many leagues are formed, or what genders the players identify with, somehow it winds up being almost all Black. Now unlike the NBA, where the drunk White fans can become orgasmic over the way their magical heroes run and jump, the WNBA players can't jump. They aren't fast. And most aren't even good shooters. I'm 5'9 and 67 years old, and I'm confident I could beat most of them in a game of horse. At any rate, by any standard, the WNBA's quality of play has always been laughable, even to the drunk White fans.

So enter Caitlin Clark. With her unique style of play, and heterosexual/non-tattooed image which proved so attractive to college fans, where many of the tournament games she was involved in drew bigger TV ratings than the men's NCAA tournament games. She was the top pick in the WNBA rookie draft, and from the beginning racist comments from jealous Blacks were on full display. Of particular interest are the ignorant ravings of one Angel Reese, who is known exclusively for the embarrassingly poor sportsmanship she displayed towards Caitlin Clark in college. She is a mediocre player, whose only "skill" is her height. She makes about 1/3 of her layups, because she always stays near the basket. And yet the media hypes her up as the equal to Clark. She looks so much more like an athlete- possessing some inherent something.

Clark has been not only verbally assaulted by Affirmative Action talking heads on ESPN and elsewhere, she has been physically assaulted on the court. Recently, one Chennedy (yes, that's the spelling) Carter gave Clark a blindside, hockey-style check during a game. Carter was not only unapologetic about it (remember, apologies are for Whites, silly rabbit), she then concocted a ridiculous, Jussie Smollett style fantasy about being "harassed" after her team left their bus. Video revealed the "harassment" to consist of a pesky White guy (and what else could the villain be in this kind of widely reported fantasy) who asked her, "Have you talked to Caitlin?" It's astounding that she and her team were able to survive such an ordeal. Carter is an unskilled "enforcer" who's been kicked off other teams. But she's a "good guy" here.

What Clark is going through now is not akin to what Jackie Robinson did in 1947, when he broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball. That's because Robinson didn't have the media giving bigots who hated him a national platform. And the umpires didn't openly side with those who hated him, which has been the case with the WNBA referees and Clark. Instead, it brings to mind what happened when the NCAA's dynamic scoring champion Pete Maravich entered the NBA in 1970. Even then, more than fifty years ago, Black players and White cuck journalists ran sports. The NBA didn't want a White player who could pass and shoot better than anyone else to become the star of the league. So they purposefully held him down. Black fragility and petty jealously on display. He had a decent career, but he could have been a real superstar. He remains the greatest basketball player I've ever seen.

The state controlled media is portraying the Caitlin Clark drama as if the sudden explosion in interest in the most boring sports league ever created "is about more than one person." This dishonest perspective is triggered, of course, by the fact that the "one person" in question is White. The "racist" establishment is siding with the likes of Angel Reese, an obnoxious and ill educated, monstrous no-talent. They oppose the only victim here, the much humbler and far more talented Caitlin Clark. The only way Clark could be considered a victim of anything is if she were assaulted by a White male. Preferably with a MAGA hat on. This situation epitomizes the anti-White agenda. Jason Whitlock has spoken out strongly for Clark, but no White "journalist" has. That's why the Great Replacement has been so successful.

I don't know what will happen with Caitlin Clark. Black fragility is so powerful now that these tattooed lesbians are overtly aligned against the player who has brought attention to this league for the first time, and doubled, even tripled the attendance in games she plays in. She's got them flying first class. But that doesn't matter to them. They don't want a White face front and center anywhere in this decrepit America 2.0. Especially when Clark has no tattoos, seems to come from a good family, and is openly heterosexual. It's a pretty bold move to be openly heterosexual these days. Perhaps she'll be a real profile in courage and have children. Clark will have to be extremely strong willed to survive the organized campaign against her.

At the same time, we recently saw the first obese beauty pageant winner, the lovely Miss Alabama. Look at the photos- they're out there. She is probably two hundred pounds overweight. Beauty has taken on an altogether different meaning in America 2.0. In the photo I saw, of the top five finalists, another one was very fat, one was pretty chunky, and even the two who weren't really overweight didn't look like conventional, slim beauty contestants. Simultaneously, a biological male won the "Miss" Maryland contest. So now you don't have to be in shape, or even a woman, let alone beautiful, to win a "beauty" contest. I think horses and tigers are beautiful. Can they be entered into these contests? How about my gorgeous Golden Retriever Riley?

I was an obese kid, as I've mentioned before. I know what it's like to have people look at you, whisper and giggle. I remember a few girls laughing in my face when I approached them at a seventh grade dance. And I wrote the definitive book on bullying; Bullyocracy. So I'm sensitive to fat people- especially children and teenagers- being singled out for ridicule. No one should be made fun of because of their looks. But we've come full circle now, with the "Fat Acceptance" movement, which glorifies and celebrates obesity. You don't have to pretend that an obese person is "hot" and sexy, just because you're decent and would never make fun of them. Obesity is not only physically unappealing, it's dangerously unhealthy. Many of the "Fat Acceptance" influencers on social media, all relatively young, have already passed away.

I joked about the smallest minority groups in the world in my novel The Unreals. I mentioned Jewish janitors, and overweight Victoria's Secret models. Now, there still aren't any known Jewish janitors, but there are plenty of overweight Victoria's Secret models. I never thought I would see that. In conjunction with promoting "trans" women- men pretending to be women- it's amazing that anyone has a sex drive left. If you're fooled by one of these "transwomen," and object when you discover the truth, can you be sued for transphobia? Can you be prosecuted for not wanting to have sex with them? They've already suggested that not being "open" to transwomen is transphobic on those ridiculous online dating sites. We're in uncharted territory. Why can't the incels sue all the women who refuse to have sex with them?

A video has been circulated online that shows Joe Biden announcing that he's reinstating the military draft. Apparently, this is one of the countless "deep fakes" we've become accustomed to in the age of AI. There was another one of Donald Trump confessing to his "crimes," aired by the odious Jimmy Kimmel. But the elite appear to love the idea of a draft. The "Woke" leftists, who of course favor anything that makes war more likely, think that it will ensure that "everyone" will participate equally. By participate, they mean potentially die. Except for their kids, undoubtedly. War is for the poor and middle class, like prison. But, pampered and delusional as they are, it makes them feel like egalitarians to support it.

We've been on the precipice of World War III now for at least the past few years. How many times has Alex Jones, as he faces the demise of Infowars once again, predicted that World War III was imminent? Many others, all across the political spectrum, have done the same thing. Insane "liberals" have endorsed the nuclear option. These are the same liberals that, back in the dwindling days of America 1.0, attended the No Nukes concerts. I wonder if Jackson Browne now supports nuclear war, as long as we do it to defend our "democratic" comrades in Ukraine. We know Springsteen does now, what with his scintillating tour alongside rock legend Barack Obama, who is renowned for being good at killing people.

I don't mean to make light of any potential World War III. History demonstrates that this country, long before it deteriorated into America 2.0, was always infatuated with war. And the people could be persuaded to wave those flags and plant those victory gardens with a minimal amount of stunningly transparent propaganda. Buy Bonds! Uncle Sam want YOU! It's just that, in this age of questionable mass shootings and false flags, they seem to prefer keeping the specter of war hanging perpetually over our heads. Fear porn sells like nothing else, as the COVID psyop demonstrated. And sending our boys, girls, and gender fluids to Ukraine, or Iran, or Gaza, wouldn't be any more ridiculous than sending them to the trenches in World War I, the jungles of Vietnam, or the sands of Iraq.

What does it mean to be a patriot in America 2.0? Patriotism used to conjure up images of the Founding Fathers. But now the Founding Fathers have been relegated to the status of Dead White Racists. All worthless, except for the exciting Alexander Hamilton, whose "story" was told on Broadway using the "new normal" of race swapping. Untold numbers of gullible Whites plunked down a lot of money to cheer on the Black Hamilton, as he fought for debt and the lovable bankers. A patriot today would defend to the death your right to change your pronouns. Or take your little boy, whom you are actively trying to "transition" to a little girl, to watch men pretending to be women strip. Who wouldn't risk their lives, their fortunes (well, no soldier would have any fortune to risk) and their sacred honor for that?

If "patriots" are running our present government, then we'd be fighting for open borders. For free healthcare for illegal immigrants and no one else. For streets stained with the excrement of homeless citizens, and five star hotels housing illegal immigrants. For a "booming" job market that has seen almost all the new jobs going to nonwhites. Well, I guess nonwhites might be willing to fight for that. Certainly, illegal immigrants would, although none will be doing the fighting. Someone has to stay behind and mow the lawns. But White soldiers? Are you fighting for the Affirmative Action that has displaced you in the workforce? For the reparations that everyone who has the power to send you off to war supports? You won't be inspired by a Betty Grable pinup. You'll have to dream about the angry resting bitch faces.

Americans love war. Sure, there are some dissidents out there, like my wonderful friend Cindy Sheehan, but the public generally supports any and every conflict we become nonsensically involved in. Once we had baseball and apple pie. Now when we refer to "Americanism," we mean war, Black idolatry, obesity, and transgenderism. Our soldiers, in 2024, will be fighting for the "Woke" tyranny, and the monstrous corruption that keeps January 6 protesters behind bars, denied all due process, over three years later. They won't be fighting for human liberty, because our government opposes free speech, and regularly violates the Bill of Rights when it suits their twisted purposes. They'll be risking their lives to defend obese beauty pageant winners, militarized police, and entitled ghetto "culture." So click your heels together three times, and chant, "USA! USA! USA!"