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Zelensky is out of money, men and options

Declan Hayes

It is as unthinkable that the Zelenskys, Johnsons, Camerons, Obamas and Clintons should walk away unscathed from Kiev than Hitler, Bormann, Goebbels and the others could have walked away unscathed from Berlin.

 Russia Today reports that Mad Dog Zelensky is barking his coke-filled head off again. This time, he is demanding ex POTUS Trump come clean on how Trump intends to finish the war between Zelensky's backers and the Russians NATO failed to exterminate to Kiev's east. Neither Trump nor anyone else in authority has to explain anything to Zelensky, whose acting and begging bowl skills are now totally irrelevant to Ukraine's end game.

To see that, all we must do is recall what were NATO's war's objectives and what were their means to obtaining those objectives. The objective was for BlackRock and similar predatory firms to own Ukraine and lands to its east, and for Ukraine's armed forces to be the tip of the spear NATO would use to rend Russia's asunder.

To that end, Zelensky and his cronies were given almost unlimited lines of credit in exchange for the deeds to Ukraine, which Ukrainian battlefield successes would underwrite. Sadly, this was not to be and Russia's Armed Forces continue to send their Ukrainian counterparts to early graves at what are unsustainable rates.

This is not to write Ukraine's Armed Forces off, but it is to say that, like the Wehrmacht after Kursk, they have no chance of prevailing. In that regard, it is worth recalling that Hitler's former Chief of Staff Hans Guderian,  remarked that, following Kursk, "There were to be no more periods of quiet on the Eastern Front. From now on, the (Russian} enemy was in undisputed possession of the initiative".

And so it is in Ukraine, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces are broken and there is no great general or group of generals, who can turn the tide. Ukraine's army is akin to Robert Lee's Army of Northern Virginia after Sherman's March to the Sea, or Hannibal's after Scipio sacked Carthage. The game is up, and Zelensky's backers know it, even if that fool is as stupid as Hitler was in his bunker.

This is not me sounding off, or putting on a cocked hat, pretending I am another Napoleon who, lest we forget, had a rough time of it against the very same enemy Zelensky's press-ganged unfortunates now face, Even The Economist, the World Bank, the IMF and all of Zelensky's other main collaborators are calling time on this sordid, little huckster.

The Economist, which has long played chief soap box for NATO's Russophobic shot callers, is telling us  Zelensky has less than a month to avoid default. Though Zelensky may still be able to squirrel long term loans out of  gullible international financiers, the lights will be soon going out all across the rump Reich and we are unlikely to see them being switched on again, until Zelensky and his shopaholic wife stand in the dock of a Moscow court.

Zelensky's former friends at the  World Bank are just as bearish. They tell us that Russia's "unprovoked" war has set Ukraine back 15 years and that the world economy has also taken a battering "in the face of steep interest rates, record-high debt levels, and a climate of escalating fragility and conflict".Although the World Bank estimates that "the cost of reconstruction and recovery stands at $486 billion", there is no explanation why more good money should be thrown into the money burning furnace that is the Ukrainian war machine. Quite simply, Ukraine has no prospect of any recovery until they sit down and negotiate with Russia on Russia's terms. The longer Ukraine feels emboldened to murder Russian children, the longer will Russia's Armed Forces feel obligated to target Ukraine's infrastructure and the longer will there be no return to be had on investing in Ukraine.

Russia, meanwhile has inked a lucrative deal to supply India with coke, not the sort that goes up Zelensky's nose by the bucket full, but the sort that powers India's power stations. Deals like that indicate Russia can continue the process of putting manners on Zelensky's rump reich for as long as it takes.

Indeed, if one were to hazard a guess at Russia's strategic war aims, it seems to be that they intend to pummel Ukraine until its leaders are forced to come to their senses.

Although the IMF have not yet come to their senses, that seems to be fine with Russia, which is prepared to continue to hit targets within Ukraine for as long as the  IMF continues to fund them.

Nor is Russia alone in this. Iran, China and North Korea are duty bound to pay very close attention to Russia's tactics because they are in much the same boat themselves, with Hezbollah, in particular, playing a similar cat and mouse game with Israel, and tiny Yemen keeping NATO's armada on the back foot in the Red Sea.

Although the US Center for Strategic & International Studies  expressed its satisfaction with the last tranche of US taxpayers' money Zelensky extorted, there is no evidence that subventions like that can stem the tide. In June 2024 alone, the World Bank's International Financial Corporation (IFC) gave Zelensky a further $1.4 bn " for a green and resilient reconstruction in Ukraine".

But, as things currently stand, this green-tinged Marshall Plan for Ukraine makes no sense. The original Marshall Plan had two overriding objectives: firstly, to keep American factories busy, so there would be no post-War slump and, secondly, to make the Soviet option unattractive to Western Europe by giving it significant investment injections (to buy American goods).

The two reasons Black Rock, Pimco, Amundi and NATO's other predatory companies rallied behind the NATO flag were to buy Kiev's assets on the cheap, and to use it to strip Russia of its resources. But, as with Hitler and Napoleon before them, things have not worked out as planned, and, despite being given a two-year freeze on paying interest on its debt, the best Kiev can do is to tell its investors to take further massive write offs for supporting it.

Ukraine wants to write off 60% of its current debt value, while creditors argue a 22% hair cut would be "more reasonable." When faced with a loss of 60% or 22%, neither option makes sense if  one has the opportunity to bolt.

Ukraine has been a debacle NATO will only recover from, if the Zelensky, Biden and allied organised crime families, as well as their European collaborators get their day in a military court, before which these rogues should beg for their lives, just as they begged for billions to end the lives of so many others.

Although that will not end matters, it would send out a signal that there is hope that some form of justice might prevail. It is as unthinkable that the Zelenskys, Johnsons, Camerons, Obamas and Clintons should walk away unscathed from Kiev than Hitler, Bormann, Goebbels and the others could have walked away unscathed from Berlin. Ukraine is finished, and those like Zelensky, Khan,  Clooney,  Penn and the Bidens, who are responsible for destroying it, should answer in the same way Hitler's lackeys answered in Nuremberg.