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Democrat Deviances - A Psychological Behavioral Disintegration of Intellect

By Helena Glass

July 5, 2024

The Democrats attempting to pretend Biden is mentally cognizant even after the Debate is an interesting psychological behavior. Democrats highlighting Trump's indiscretions is a Pandora Box. The flippant accusations made without any evidence whatsoever is a tremendous disintegration of intellect. But perhaps the most egregious is Democrats who have law degrees up the ying-yang and don't have the most basic understanding of the US Constitution.

If anything, it provokes the need to abolish the Department of Education given it has grossly failed to teach. But more importantly, will these people ever have a life? When lying is the basis of a person's character, the only means of having any relationship would be for 'appearance' only. Like the Clintons. Billy diddled young women and girls while Hillary diddled younger women. Their marriage meant nothing. It was a convenience because it gave the 'impression' of stability while in reality it was deviant.

There are some within the evangelical script who declare that anyone who is not an evangelical, not wholesome, not divorced, and wholly committed to their wife is not morally scriptured enough to lead as President. Wholly ignoring King David. John Piper is such a man. And he uses his influence in the church to make political determinations for himself and every one of his congregates.

In fact, what he is doing is passing judgement. Which is very unbiblical.

The Clintons were hardly the first to make the choice that infidelity is a political illusion. FDR, Bush, LBJ, Harding and Biden are only the few of the many. However, it used to be that the media left the personal lives out of the political fever. Today, personal lives are not only on the table, they are 'created', manufactured, and immortalized as truth.

If character were the means for determining a President, we would have had none. Whatever was reality would morph to slander and libel in a bid to WIN. But winning doesn't mean the candidate actually rules - it means the candidate is easily malleable - clay for the Zionist handlers that now seem to have glorified themselves as Zionists dating from the Spanish Inquisition - and Christopher Columbus.

Khazarian Zionists claim Israel and the Middle East belong to them. Historically. An idiotic assertion given the demarcation lines of ancient historical powers are not remotely close to any current borders. In any country - across the globe - including Russia, Europe and America.

What it does reveal is a pathetic lack of actual intellectual acumen in discernment and ideology constructs of the evolution of land grabs.

Because in essence - ALL the land belongs to God and every person and country are simply leaseholds exchanging hands. Some within the stipulations of God and the Bible - others thru a constant struggle for Domination via WAR.

I attended a seminar years ago wherein we were told to draw what we envision as most important. By and large, the vast majority of individuals drew homes and households. Which angered the men who were peddling their view across America. They asked, "Don't you measure your worth by how many you proselytize and convert - hopefully thousands if not hundreds of thousands?" Evangelicals peddling Mormonism.

Fair warning - the Church has not been kind to me. So I will not pare my view. While simultaneously honoring God. The real God. The God who has been demonized - subverted - recreated - and spit out by The Vatican.

At what point do our brains evolve beyond the barbarism of war?

King David played dirty. Not only was he a war monger, but he murdered the husband of his 'requited love'. 4000 years later we haven't evolved - an inch. Our technology is an illusion of progress - that enslaves. And as I illustrated above, our brains, instead of expanding within growth, compassion, and love, seem to have shriveled in their capacity. The "Self described Chosen Ones - Jews" haven't led earth into a utopian enclave of Eden Paradise, but have instead led nearly every conflict and every death.

I doubt that was the message of Jesus. But then - those who have read the Kabbalah or the Torah would understand better - the purpose of the Khazarian imposters.

Tomorrow is America's Independence Day. We celebrate our independence from the insurrectionist assassins we call European Kings and Queens. The Monarchial dynasties that subjected the peasantry status. The guillotine. The debtors of prison. Russia didn't enslave us. China and Iran didn't enslave us. Persia, Syria, Iraq, and Iran didn't enslave us -

I think the MAGA Movement is about cutting the chains of illusion. Perpetrated upon us by a society, a human-nonhuman race, a Nephilim' as defined by God which we have been led to ignore. Zionism. Because, if GOD intervened, their illusion would degrade like a domino board.

Instead of listening to the whores of words, read their books. There is NO PERFECT leader. If nothing else, that is Biblical. But a leader who assassinates/murders his own people - Zelenskyy/Netanyahu, for profit, will surely be reprimanded in Hell. An eternity of screaming souls that deafens all sound. It is much much more than anyone presumes. And it is - REAL.

FYI: TO The Two Hackers Who Took Down My Computer Yesterday - know that you conform to the intellectual deviant capacity of those who existed 4000 years ago - whose IQ is on par with Barbarians and cavemen.

Reprinted with permission from  HelenaGlass.net.