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From arming Nazis to supporting genocide, the West's mask of morality burns to dust

Kayla Carman

Despite the public waking up to the moral bankruptcy of Western leaders, they're still woefully unaware of the depth of the depravity of the agendas of the powerful.

"Knowledgeable people know that Frankenstein is not the monster, but only wise people see that Frankenstein is the monster." This quote has been resonating recently when considering the monstrous atrocities occurring on the world stage. Knowledgeable people know now, thanks to eyewitness accounts and global communications, that what is happening in Gaza to civilians is monstrous, in spite of the media spin, but only critical thinkers are willing to go deeper and see that the governments purporting to fight "the monster," that is, Hamas, are at least partially culpable for creating it and, at worst, the monster themselves.

It's still absolutely wild how quickly the West went from arming Nazis in Ukraine to supporting actual genocide, all the while domestically making issues about the dangers of the far right, inclusion, kindness, and right think. Words are violence after all, according to AOC, just perhaps a tad less violent than air strikes, but who's measuring? Western support should be of no surprise considering the death toll in the Middle East over the past several decades in the name of freeing the people from evil tyrants. Of course, it's easy to overlook that 90% of US drone strikes killed civilians, but we've been indoctrinated to have a short memory and rewrite history. Luckily, we get a "masterclass" in painting from old favourite George W. Bush as a gift for our collective amnesia and ability to allow a relentless PR machine to dictate and reformulate our opinions. Of course history would remind us of Agent Orange, the Tuskegee experiments, and other immoral atrocities waged against humans, but there's something even more flamboyant and bombastic about the West's current posturing, like they're no longer hiding the psychopathy from their citizens, with the mainstream media becoming more desperate and less impactful in maintaining these nonsense narratives.

Has the West always been narcissistically playing the good guy, or has it become more depraved over time? While we can look back over history to the banking cartels and war profiteers to see that evil has always lurked within, it must be acknowledged that during the earlier stages of empire, there was a stronger commitment from institutions, some members of government, and active citizens to uphold the values of the ideology. As Glubb asserts, empires pass through seven stages, and right now the West is in the stage of decline and collapse in which "the heroes are always the same-the athlete, the singer, or the actor." Sound familiar? It's therefore fair to assume, based on empirical evidence even amassed within our lifetimes, that the Western leadership and its institutions themselves have become even more overtly and intensely morally corrupt over time. It could be argued that there was moral justification for fighting the Nazis in World War II as well as economic and geopolitical aims. It could also be argued to a lesser extent that the proxy wars fought against the backdrop of the Cold War had legitimacy considering the Western paranoia of the USSR and communist ideals of permanent revolution. It begins to get much harder to justify the more recent wars in the Middle East, but a US public shellshocked by 911 was willingly compliant, with antiwar voices ignored and drowned out by its European allies. However, the military industrial complex is increasingly clutching at straws despite the most intense propaganda scheme deployed since COVID, evoking ignorant but well-meaning support to arm Ukraine and prolong the death toll. The struggling public of the collapsing West has grown weary of taxes used to fund the war machine, and now, with Gaza, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the stories fed to us about freedom and democracy are nothing more than comforting fairytales to justify state sanctioned mass murder.

The weak rationalisations for the current genocide occurring are becoming more and more pitiful as the death toll of innocents surpasses the 10,000s and World War III looms on the horizon, promising many millions more. Yet the tired legacy media still attempts to twist the narrative, making traumatised Palestinians pulled from the rubble condemn Hamas before they are allowed a voice. Are Israeli citizens expected to condemn their government, which, to date, has been far more murderous before being platformed? The whitewashing of history, just as occurred with Ukraine, to downplay the neo-Nazi threat and murder of 14,000 civilians in the Donbass since the US-backed coup in 2014 is in full swing again. Hamas are the personification of evil and attacked Israel completely unprovoked, purely because they are evil. This smear is from the Putin playbook, Hussein before him, and frankly any leader that's impending the savagery and theft of Western colonialism. It's so infantile that it's embarrassing.

The same old playbook is rolled out to churn out the same old nonsense. In World War I, the Germans murdered babies; in the 2000s, Islamic extremists murdered babies (they probably stopped around 2014, when the US joined forces with them against Syria). In Ukraine, Russians murder babies. In Israel, Hamas murder babies. The tactics to dehumanise "the other" to garner support for revenge atrocities should be more obvious to people than the fact that Epstein did not kill himself. The problem for the Western elites is that a critical mass of their citizens are no longer buying it. The ramp-up of censorship is testament to the fears of western institutions that they can no longer convince their public that the wars they fight are for humanitarian reasons. The closing down of dissenting voices like Jackson Hinkel's on YouTube demonstrates their fear of losing the narrative. The unanimous passing of the emergency resolution condemning pro-Palestine student protestors as anti-Semitic Hamas supporters and calling for complete solidarity with Israel, from Bernie Sanders to Rand Paul, shows who really governs the US and the world. For all its nonsense about freedoms and democracy, the rest of the West has followed suit, with even France trying to ban pro-Palestinian marches. However, a special shout-out must go to the UK, which, on top of discussing the absurd notion of banning the Palestinian flag, is the only other country in the world to side with the Israel-US alliance and vote no to an immediate ceasefire. How utterly civilised and humane this new, or perhaps old, axis of evil is.

As the empire collapses, the justifications for desperate zero-sum foreign policies have become even more absurd and less believable. The huge outpouring of public support for the Palestinian people proves that the propaganda, though more intense, is far less effective at hypnotising the masses than in previous decades. Citizens are waking up to just how morally corrupt their leaders are. If we had a free and fair media that held power to account, they'd realise the Western establishment wasn't just corrupt but culpable for so many atrocities carried out on its citizens by the generational bloodlust they themselves created through their own barbarity in the name of greed and power. Horrified, though they might be, in front of their armchairs by scenes in Gaza, the majority aren't aware that the Israeli government helped to create and has funded Hamas for decades. Articles from the Wall Street Journal in 2009 and the Washington Post in 2014 discuss this in great detail; surprisingly enough, they never mention such things in the current climate, deliberately forgotten like the rise of Nazism in Ukraine. The idea was to diminish the secular, less violent PLO, believing dividing Palestine freedom fighters/terrorists (they're the same thing) into two groups would weaken the cause and ability to create a free Palestinian state. It was their strategy-hence reaping what you sow, almost literally, unfortunately. As late as March 2019, Netanyahu addressed the Knesset members of his Likud party, stating, "Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support the bolstering of Hamas and transferring money to Hamas. This is part of our strategy."

Furthermore, where is the discussion surrounding the bizarre events leading up to October 7th? The failings of the most complex state intelligence apparatus in the modern world, including the fact that Egypt and the US warned the Israeli government of an imminent attack, yet security was decreased, not increased and permit's permitted at surprisingly late notice for the October 7th rave against the pleadings of the local IDF commander on the ground. Surely the Israeli government wouldn't have allowed this to happen to justify a brutal genocidal response, unleashing a plan that's been decades in the making? Only a conspiracy theorist who thinks that the Gulf of Tonkin, 911, WMDs, and Assad's chemical weapons attacks were false flags would entertain such a barbaric, yet logical, thought to psychopaths.

Despite the public waking up to the moral bankruptcy of Western leaders, they're still woefully unaware of the depth of the depravity of the agendas of the powerful and how, like COVID, World War III and its impending oil crisis, refugee crisis, and (pre-manufactured) food shortage crisis are intended to usher in the 4th industrial revolution under the pantomime of the multipolar world. Let's hope a critical mass awakens to who the real monsters are instead of scapegoating the menacing creations of the West without ever holding the Dr. Frankensteins of geopolitics to account. Only then can we have serious and genuine talks about humanity, democracy, and freedom.