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The Role of Hatred in the Upcoming Election

By  Paul Craig Roberts


July 8, 2024

 James Howard Kunstler explains how Democrats and media avoid truth by creating a false reality and end up believing their own lies. The entire purpose of Democrats and media is to deceive and to intimidate Americans into living in unreality and aiding and abetting their own demise.
Now that some of the presstitutes are admitting that they covered up for Biden in order to avoid helping Trump by telling the truth, what are the Democrats going to do? So far Biden is resisting his party's effort to move him aside. But they will rather than lose power.

The Democrats in swing states have institutionalized the electoral theft mechanisms that they used in the 2020 and 2022 elections. For example, in Wisconsin the Liberal-dominated supreme court over-turned the ban on absentee ballot drop boxes. These boxes serve the purpose of permitting anonymous drop offs of invalid ballots that become part of the vote count. Everything is set up for the steal of the coming election. The problem is that Biden cannot run a close enough race for the Democrats to get away with it this time.

While some Democrats and presstitutes work to move Biden aside, others are reporting polls that have been rigged to show that Biden's support has gone up and that Biden and Trump are now in a dead heat.Somehow Biden's disastrous "debate" performance has raised his standing in polls. See  this.

I suppose this is the backup plan. If a more likely candidate cannot be put in Biden's place, the presstitutes will create a false reality of a close race, which is necessary for the election theft procedures to be used. The theft would again be covered up by the one-voice presstitute chant "there was no election theft."

The Democrats have been clear that they stand for open borders and sexual perversion. The question is why do any Americans support such an agenda? What's in it for them? Is the United States already such a Sodom and Gomorrah that about half the voting population are sexual perverts? What explains the emphasis Democrat school boards place on sexualizing young children? Are Democrat voters and blue cities so well off that they can finance the intake of 3,600,000 immigrant-invaders annually?

I think not. It seems the presstitutes have made Trump a hate object on which feminists and others can pin the frustrations with which they have been inculcated. Has feminism helped women or has it taken them out of their natural role and placed them in men's role? Men today experience women differently than in my generation. Women today are in a competitive role with men, not in a supportive role. Little girls ceased to be socialized as females. Feminists insisted that little girls shouldn't play with dolls as it would encourage them to want children and be mothers. Instead, girls needed to be Boy Scouts, on Little League baseball teams, and eventually in the military, not as nurses but as frontline troops. Sex became a recreational activity. These changes had major impacts on the relations between men and women and on the family which is disintegrating.

The teaching of hatred and the romanticizing of unnatural and abnormal behavior-indeed the normalizing of abnormal behavior-have become the primary functions of education. It is what the university education departments that supply teachers specialize in. Critical race theory and the 1619 Project are used to teach black Americans to hate white Americans and to teach white Americans self-hate and hatred of their own kind. The demonization of the white heterosexual male as a misogynist and a racist has so long been institutionalized that it has undercut the confidence of white males. Their traditional role has been discredited. Some who have paid attention to this development attribute the rising suicides of young white males to the loss of meaning in their lives.

When hatred is taught it destroys a sense of oneness, of being one people. Without unity there is no society. When Antifa and Black Lives Matter can rampage and burn down business districts in many American cities and go unpunished, but President Trump can be indicted by an ignorant and unqualified quota-hire because the quota-hire thinks Trump's accountants reported a campaign contribution as a legal expense, thus mysteriously making of this an election interference, we are witnessing an end to unity as a people. Indeed, the indictments of Trump have radicalized Trump's supporters. If Democrats again steal the election from Trump, American unity will no longer exist. It is astonishing to me that the Democrats are willing to sacrifice national unity to their power.

The consequence will be that law becomes a weapon used to suppress dissent from official explanations. Truth will be whatever serves the interest of the rulers.

The society that results will be more unbearable than George Orwell's 1984. Everyone will be alone. Tammy Wynette can sing Stand By Your Man, but feminists won't. A black American can't have a white friend without being regarded as a race traitor. White heterosexual males have a hard time having friends other than their own kind as they are no longer regarded as of any significance.

We see their insignificance in their declining representation on corporate boards, in CEO ranks, and among university presidents, judges, and military officers. Being a white heterosexual male is not a career builder.

The liberal-left-woke white males try to hold on to significance by serving as advocates for "diversity" and sexual perversion, and by being ever so open-minded about normalizing the abnormal, and denouncing Western civilization as exploitative and racist. They turn against their own kind who come to the defense of traditional moral society. Evil prevails because its voice dominates media, politics, entertainment.

As I have pointed out for decades in more sophisticated analysis that I will yet again provide at this time, the liberal approach to reform was denunciation. The road to reform was not one of pointing out how successful society has been in bringing about reforms that improved social welfare. Instead, the practice that needed reform was denounced, demonized. The liberals based their reforms on the denunciation of existing society for tolerating whatever practice was the target for reform.

The institutionalization of this approach to reform meant that society was forever being denounced. The consequence was that existing society became a perennial target.

As time passed the constant denunciations eroded the belief system that upheld the society. The result of the liberals' approach to reform has been to discredit Western civilization. Western civilization has been undergoing a silent revolution that has eroded its foundations.

The educational system today is incapable of producing people, future leaders, capable of understanding this dynamic. To restore requires awareness that restoration is needed.

Where is this awareness?

It cannot be found in either party, in the universities, or in the media.

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