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I Want A Free Palestine And A Free Mind, A Free Heart And A Free World

by Caitlin Johnstone

I want a free Palestine and a free mind, a free heart and a free world.

I want the oceans teeming with life and the air full of plant sex and dragonflies.

I want a society where nobody needs to work but most people want to, except for the occasional eccentric dude (and there will always be the occasional eccentric dude), but he will have a flute and a story to tell.

I want to write essays that open eyes and poems that open hearts and fan the flames of a revolution that will open the iron fist of the empire.

I want to make something so beautiful that people will want to destroy it, until they recognize it's just a mirror of the beauty that hides choked back within themselves.

I want a fiftieth birthday party with a somber accordion player and his weeping wife who plays the saw, and I want everyone to drink ambrosia cocktails out of teapots and tell each other things they've never told anyone else before.

I want to hand out unconditional flowers at Flinders Street station and be happy with however they're received.

I want to smack that smirk right off Matthew Miller's face and release a swarm of shrieking male cicadas into the press gallery.

I want to wink at the moon and have her wink back, and then never tell a living soul about it and just keep it a secret between me and her.

I want to dance with sincerity, all my psychic armor on the floor like clothing on a night of torrid lovemaking.

I want to sing through the soles of my feet and let the earth roar through me like a primordial bagpipe.

I want to snort up the beauty of the world like a Hollywood producer off a hooker's tits at 3 AM.

I want to greet everything that comes into my senses with a wet, gooshy love, and I want to be wide open to letting it all love me right back.

I want to meet everything that arises with brand new eyes, and with more awe and reverence than if I was meeting Actual Biblical Yaweh.

I want plastic to be a controlled substance and for magic mushrooms to be in supermarkets.

I want everyone to realize how pervasively we've been lied to, and how badly we're being screwed over, and what a beautiful world we could all have if enough of us saw it as possible.

I want my species to stop living in its head and to finally come back home to Mother Earth.

I want a free Palestine and a free mind, a free heart and a free world.

Thank you in advance,

Love Caitlin.