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'Ten Commendments' for Christian Realism in an Oppressive Oligarchical Technocracy

By  Wayne Lusvardi

July 9, 2024

"When I was a child, I spoke as a child. I understood as a child. I thought as a child. But when I became an adult, I put away childish things"

-Apostle Paul, Corinthians 13

The state of Louisiana has become the first to require the Judaic Ten Commandments be displayed in public schools and institutions. Why is there no attempt to post Christian directives in public buildings instead of always looking to legalistic Judean law that not only were applied in an agrarian society and reflects neither Christianity nor realism about the modern political circumstances in America. The Judean Ten Commandments has only to do with personal morality not institutional morality and has more to do with public obedience and servility and is written at a children's level. Below is an attempt to draft a Christian Realist Version called the 'Ten Commendments' not for posting in schools but for adult understandings in our oppressive oligarchical technocracy.

(1). Obeying the Law is Illusory in a World Run by Secret Societies (Shall No Other Gods Before Me) We can observe the Hebrew Ten Commandments to the letter of the law in our lives, only to sometimes realize at the end of our life it was based on illusions manufactured by the monopoly mainstream media controlled by power elites to serve their evil interests at the expense of the people (Judeo-Christianism, Democracy, Liberalism, Capitalism, Communism, Islamism, Confucianism, Transsexualism). As is obvious from the senile incompetency of the current US president and a congress controlled by outside forces, Federal government and central banks are covertly run by cliques of elitist families and secret societies such as Freemasonry, the Medici's, etc., and the prosecution of law is malevolently designed to serve their interests not the common good. We shall have no illusions before God. "Man's mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to illusions than to truth" (Desiderius Erasmus,  In Praise of Folly). Religion requires submission to God's laws but only if God and the State are not the authors, nor the passive overseer, of the death of soldiers who merely serve the interests of banking cartels or cause the death of innocent children or useless elderly often done covertly by modern medical means. "Most (common) people are not wicked...they are sleepwalkers, not evil doers" who go along with these illusions - Franz Kafka.

(2). Awareness of Folly is Paramount over Sin or Law (Shall Have No False Illusions Engrave in the Mind). The condition of the world is Folly, not sin as held by Judaism, and Christians must learn how to be a "fool for Christ" as measured by worldly standards (Apostle Paul in  Corinthians, Erasmus, In Praise of Folly). We shall have no images or pretense of superior wisdom, morality, "chosenness", or affluence as a sign of divine favor, to carry out the Will of God we can never fully understand. God, or invoking God's name or "science" as on my side is not always synonymous with wisdom but vain worldly knowledge and pseudoscience. Folly or Foolishness is not something exclusively characteristic of those who lack intelligence or is avoided by those with wisdom, or best understood by those who are rich or who live an ascetic life in voluntary poverty. Therefore, consciousness of folly is more valuable than wisdom. Folly and foolery are concealed whereas what is portrayed as wisdom is openly displayed (Erasmus). Rather, folly refers to those who are have a sense of awe and fear of coming before the presence of the incomprehensible and mysterious God or God's emissary (Rudolph Otto,  The Idea of the Holy).

a. Lack of consciousness of Folly provides the illusions necessary to render life in this world tolerable or, at least momentarily pleasant (Erasmus).

b. Lack of consciousness of Folly makes the professionals of the church or state blind and content enough to be happy in their vicious irresponsibility (Erasmus).

c. But Consciousness of Folly enables the Christian fool to renounce the world in favor of Christian joy, order, hope, humor, play and a clear perception of the necessity of damnation of evil in this life and a beatific vision in the next (Apostle Paul, Erasmus). This is why being a Christian is not necessarily being happy or depressed and fatalistic. "To pretend to be foolish when the case requires it is the highest wisdom" (Erasmus).

(3-4). Intermediate Institutions Should be Considered Sacred (Shall Not Take Name of God in Vain/Shall Keep Sabbath Holy). We should reserve mediating institutions and between the state and the individual as sacred, such as the inviolability of the family, the importance of local religious institutions, the innocence of children, the holiness of marital fidelity, and the necessity of small proprietary businesses to maintain freedom in an economy run by fascist corporate oligopolists etc. Mediating institutions between the individual and a totalitarian technocratic government, need to remain sacrosanct and not substituted or internally infiltrated and co-opted by false grass roots organizations or astroturfing. Some things in life must remain holy and we remind ourselves of this by not uttering the name of God out of frustration, and holding some mediating institutions, however flawed in real life, as sacred.

(5). Better to Fear than Love God and Parents (Shall Honor Parents). Thus, it is better to fear or respect God than love god because love is preserved by obligation, which owing to the fickleness and seeking of material comfort of humans at the expense of even robbing their parents for an inheritance, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves by dread of punishment without fail. Fear and Love are symbiotic; one cannot have love without respect first. A supposed democracy requires hierarchical institutions to exist such as the family and religion. Medicine does not require the hierarchical coercion of the state to serve In Loco Parentis as folk medicine is more effective than covertly murderous modern technological medicine (Ivan Illich,  Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health). By recognizing that we fear God and parents, not automatically and unconditionally love them, we also have a greater awareness of those in power over our lives. Ergo, we should not love or idolize our parents, overseers, doctors or police who exert power over us (Stockholm Syndrome).

(6). Institutional Murder Nonetheless Requires Christian Penance (Shall Not Kill). It is often written "thou shall not murder" but government in a technocratic society has a monopoly on legitimate murder and violence. Committing institional murder for medical, military, police or intelligence work authorized by the state directly or indirectly is still evil and subject to Christian judgment, contrition, and penance. We live in a state of socially engineered justifications for our actions authorized by the state. We often need forgiveness for not knowing the real reason we are ordered to do something ("forgive them for they know not what they do" - Luke 23). We are never officially told the purpose of wars between banking cartels, that pandemics are man-made and planned depopulation, drugs are prescribed at the lethal dosage, antibiotics will damage the gut- which is the source of all disease (Hippocrates), etc. The strategy of government is to blame socially constructed catastrophic events on God, Nature, or Coincidence to hide the workings of the institutional and political order (Peter Berger,  The Sacred Canopy, 1990). All of history is the unrecorded struggle for dominance and elimination of competing ethnic groups that pose a threat to the power elite (Hilaire Belloc,  The Servile State).

(7). Christ Has No Union with Deceivers and War Stagers (Shall Not Commit Adultery). In the Judean book of 2nd Samuel, the fictional King David's adulterous affair with Bathsheba is misinterpreted as Christ's union with Judeans under the old covenant (Glossa Ordinaria). But the adultery was brought about by staging a war that killed general Uriah, Bathsheba's husband. Adultery or rape was not an isolated act but also involved in committing institutional murder under a false flag operation. And it took the court jester Nathan the Prophet, playing the role of the fool, to tell King David the truth that "he was the man" who killed Uriah, not the enemy the Ammonites (see Peter Berger,  You Are The Man).

(8). Not Slander to Curse and Accuse Malevolent Government (Shall Not Give False Witness). "If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you are not allowed to (name or) criticize" wrote George Orwell. "If you are facing nothing less than the safety of the homeland (or your family or community), then you should pay no attention to what is just or unjust...praiseworthy or shameful. You should put every other consideration aside, and you should adopt wholeheartedly the practice most likely to save your homeland or family" even to the point of cursing the perpetrators. If the power elite is mandating a lethal medical drug or procedure, compelling your child in public school to change their sex by surgical mutilation, encouraging marijuana and deadly opioid use as a medical prescription, naming the perpetrators and power elites may be illegal because of the institutional cover, but it is not bearing false witness. In America circa 2024, slander, libel, free speech and lying have a double standard. A talent that is peculiar to fools, children and drunks is they alone speak the plain, unvarnished truth (Erasmus).

(9). Modern Theft is Invisible (Shall Not Steal). In a technocratic state where high finance has replaced production of goods and services, and banking is electronic, socially engineered money inflation, usury and fiat money are invisible theft by power elites.  Home mortgages are made by banks with no corresponding deposits but nonetheless requiring the borrower to pledge forfeiture of the collateral of the home in the event of loan default and foreclosure. A something for nothing scheme. We should avoid complicity in this kleptocratic state wherever possible and not aggrandize it as the working of the free market or Capitalism (Jim O'Reilly,  Capitalism as Oligarchy: 5,000 Years of Diversion and Suppression, 2015). Parallel banking systems not regulated by the state should be considered.  Life in the Negative W... Best Price: $21.28 (as of 06:07 UTC - Details)

(10). It is Wrong to Say Covetousness Doesn't Exist for Oligarchs only Common People (Shall Not Covet). In Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel  The Brothers Karmazov (1880), the fictional character "The Inquisitor" faces Christ reappearing in Spain under the cover of a religious Inquisition to root out religious heretics, and Christ is thrown in prison for posing a threat to his power for purposes of social control not religious sanctity. The Inquisitor states to Christ: 'Why hast thou come to hinder us? For nothing has never been more insupportable for a man and human society than freedom. We alone can feed them invoking your name, declaring falsely that it is in your name. Oh! Never, never can they feed themselves without us. No science will give them bread so long as they remain free. In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet, and say to us,' 'Make us your slaves, but feed us'. They will understand themselves, at last, that freedom and bread enough for all are inconceivable together, for never, never will they able to share among them...They will marvel at us as gods, because we are ready to endure the freedom which they have found so dreadful and to rule over them - so awful will it seem to them to be free. Too, too, they well will know the value of complete submission...They will marvel at us and be awe stricken before us and will be proud at us being so powerful and clever, that we have been able to subdue such a turbulent flock of thousands of millions...Go and come no more...come back not at all, never, never."

Isn't this effectually what modern oligarchs say to an exact Tee to us? With Christ effectually imprisoned, there is no freedom. In 1869 an " Anti-Secret Society" Convention was held in Chicago. Is there any current equivalent to make the public aware of the covetousness and deception of the semi-secret Oligarchs in our Fascist corporate controlled society? (see Clara Mattei,  The Capital Order: How Austerity Paved the Way to Fascism, 2022).

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