Letter to President Trump and the First Lady

10-11-2019 pamelaandersonfoundation.org 4 min #164134

November 8, 2019

Dear Mr President and the First Lady,

I am always enlightened and encouraged when I see the great work that you both have achieved during your period as the leading couple of the people. You complement each other extremely well, Mr President with your personal touch and emotional flare that strikes a chord with the people, together with the enduring poise and presented dignity that the first lady upholds.

Integrity was certainly the underlying thread that defeated Hillary and brought to the world this great couple, cannoning you into the most powerful position in the world. The people trusted your intent and your judgement because and it was supported by the free press during your campaign. Recalling that it was the free press that in effect stifled and dominated over the fake news rubbish that was so desperately trying to derail your great and successful campaign.

Mr President you were elected by the people to save the people from the septic political swamp of systemic corruption that filled the shadowy halls of the USA's power structures. You always said you loved Wikileaks and you were right to say that. You are an honest leader of the people and as you correctly acknowledged you were not promoted into the presidency by a fraud of a Russian conspiracy, but you in fact were pathwayed thru your own tenacity as well as through honest journalism and that was broadcasted primarily from the 100% factual publishing work of Julian Assange and his Wikileaks.

I fear now however that the great leader of the people, the great President Trump is being drowned in media falsehoods perpetrated by a vindictive and orchestrated media blitz of lies and propaganda.

The deliberate misinformation that is being peddled against you is clearly also part of the conspiracy to shut down the honest free press. This is happening through the high profile torturing and silencing of the fact publishing journalist Julian Assange.

Mr President the relentless public flogging of the modern day symbol of free and honest journalism Julian Assange is in effect part of the conspiracy to destroy your presidency by allowing the domination of fake news that is now working against you.

The conspiracy to extradite Julian Assange to the USA for simply publishing as a journalist sends a clear message to all free press and honest journalists that if you publish facts that expose the shadow government's illegality then you will be punished.

The world needs a real champion of the Free Press and that can be your moment in history. To save Democracy would be your defining moment stamped in the pages of history and will turn your presidency around. To make you the champion leader of the people that you were always destined to be.

If you were to pardon Julian Assange and not allow the legal precedent of extradition of a fact publishing journalist for a life of torture, then the people would salute your action. You will be forever remembered as the champion you were always destined to be and the people would truly salute you for such a gesture. It would always be remembered as your legacy to the world and the people could never be fooled otherwise.

I would also like to take this chance to have a meeting about the environment and how The Pamela Anderson Foundation can help be a platform broadcast your outlook and objectives in regards to the environment. I feel I wish to also explore the possibility that the First lady Mrs Melania Trump may wish to partner with The Pamela Foundation on some ground breaking initiatives to save some endangered species such as the Black Rhinoceros......As well as allowing via a welcoming PR platform to inform and guide the people as to how you wish to manage the planet into the future..

Best Regards

Pamela Anderson