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The Mills of the Gods


By  James Howard Kunstler


September 13, 2023

"We didn't love freedom enough." — Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

Do you think that more than half of the US public may be getting a little irked with "Joe Biden's" lawfare elf, AG Merrick Garland, as he rolls one innocent J-6 protester after another into decades of hard-time for strolling through the US Capitol building — while the special counsels assigned to only a few of the Biden family crimes play hide-the-salami with due process?

For all their cheap talk about "our democracy," it's a little scary to see what Democratic Party lawyers actually think of the legal system that is supposed to allow a society based on liberty to function fairly. Court filings last week indicate that Special Counsel David Weiss is about to indict Hunter Biden on that gun charge they have used as the joker in a three-card Monte game for going on five years.

Last time, they ran the game before Delaware federal judge Maryellen Noreika, she detected a teeny-weeny, sneaky clause in the plea agreement to a watered-down gun charge that would have granted immunity to Hunter B from any other past wrongdoing, including, of course, the entire alleged Biden family racketeering operation that had the First Son acting as prime broker and bag-man for tens of millions of dollars in bribes from foreign actors in countries less than friendly to US interests, funneled into any number of Biden family shell corporations. Judge Noreika nixed the plea agreement.

Now, Mr. Weiss's crew seems to be saying that the immunity clause is still tied to any plea deal answering a forthcoming September 29 indictment. The move would appear to be timed to exactly the moment that a House impeachment committee would begin its inquiry into the Biden family's moneygrubbing activities. In ordinary House committee hearings, DOJ officials like to use the excuse of "an ongoing investigation" to demur from answering questions. Merrick Garland has done this dozens of times. Will they now try to upgrade that to "an ongoing prosecution?" Could that move lead to a constitutional impasse, requiring the Supreme Court to rule? Or does a House impeachment panel enjoy special privileges of inquiry?

It also appears that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FLA) intends to force the issue of opening an impeachment ASAP against "Joe Biden." In last January's maneuvering to seat a new Republican House majority, Mr. Gaetz pushed through an agreement that the process to remove and replace the Speaker of the House could be activated by one vote. Mr. Gaetz reiterated last week that he means business. He's the one vote.

The argument that Republicans should leave hands-off "Joe Biden" so they can run against the feeble old grifter in 2024 is preposterous because there is no way that the "JB" can possibly run for reelection under any circumstances. It's just another trip being laid on the American public — and one that illustrates how tragic and dangerous is the absence of an honest news media for challenging such insolent gambits. The President can barely totter into a room now without making some embarrassing pratfall or gaffe. He couldn't possibly survive a debate, especially with all the new records of his crimes unearthed since the last time around in 2020 when he pretended to know nothing about his son's business dealings.

Anyway, the actual issue is not whether it's politically advantageous to lay off "Joe Biden," but the irrefutable fact that he (and the shadowy figures running his regime) are wrecking the country. He (they) can do a lot more damage in the many months leading up to January, 2025, especially around the dangerous idiocy that the US foreign policy gang pursues so blindly in Ukraine. You might argue that the "president" would never be convicted (actually booted out) in a Democrat majority Senate trial following a productive House impeachment. But both procedures would be televised and recorded for play on a thousand Internet channels, despite the connivance of a complicit legacy news media. And the public will finally see the case against "Joe Biden" and his family laid out carefully, precisely, and coherently, with high and grave decorum. Even some percentage of ring-fenced Democratic voters may have to finally conclude that something has gone very wrong in our country and in their own party.

Reprinted with permission from  Kunstler.com.

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