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08/02/2023  3 min 🇬🇧 #223794

 « Farha » et la guerre israélienne contre le récit palestinien

Farha: The Netflix Film the Israeli Government Fears, with Darin Sallam


The MintPress podcast,  "The Watchdog, " hosted by British-Iraqi hip hop artist  Lowkey, closely examines organizations about which it is in the public interest to know - including intelligence, lobby and special interest groups influencing policies that infringe on free speech and target dissent.

08/02/2023  8 min 🇬🇧 #223793

As Israel Pushes to Annex the Jordan Valley, Is the Threat Already Here?

 Jessica Buxbaum

Before being re-elected in 2019, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  vowed to annex the Jordan Valley, which makes up approximately 30% of the occupied West Bank, if he remained in power. After months of speculation, Netanyahu  nixed his promise in the summer of 2020 as part of Israel's normalization agreement with the United Arab Emirates.

08/02/2023  3 min 🇬🇧 #223792

Canada Is Part of The Us War Machine, with Pitasanna Shanmugathas

 Lee Camp

Today, Behind The Headlines host Lee Camp speaks to filmmaker and peace activist Pitasanna Shanmugathas. Pitasanna has produced a six-part  documentary series exploring the role of Canada's foreign policy in the international arena and the impact it has on the world. His journey to uncover the truth behind Canada's foreign policay started in 2019 and has resulted in an impressive and eye-opening series, which can be viewed for free  here.

08/02/2023  28 min #223790

 Seymour Hersh : Nord Stream a été détruit par les Usa et la Norvège

Comment l'Amérique a mis hors service le gazoduc Nord Stream.

Le New York Times a parlé de « mystère », mais les États-Unis ont exécuté une opération maritime clandestine qui a été gardée secrète - jusqu'à présent.

« La décision de Biden de saboter les pipelines est intervenue après plus de neuf mois de débats très secrets au sein de la communauté de sécurité nationale de Washington...«.

Par Seymour Hersh*
Paru le 8 février 2023 sur  SeymourHersh.substack sous le titre How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

08/02/2023  2 min #223789

 Plus de deux milliers de morts dans le séisme en Turquie et en Syrie. Panique au Liban

La sainte colère du Père Elias Zahlaoui: « Je n'attends plus rien ni du Vatican ni de tout l'Occident qui se dit civilisé »

Je prenais hier des nouvelles du Père Élias Zahlaoui, après le séisme qui a frappé la Turquie et la Syrie. Sa voix m'est parvenue le soir, fatiguée, dévorée par la souffrance des Syriens qui sont passés le voir toute la journée.

Par Regina Sneifer* 08 février, 2023

Depuis 2019, la loi César, loi inique décidée unilatéralement par les États-Unis, impose un blocus sévère sur l'État et le peuple syriens qui manquent de tout.

Seymour Hersh : Nord Stream a été détruit par les Usa et la Norvège

Le journaliste états-unien Seymour Hersh déjà à l'origine des informations sur le massacre de Mỹ Lai au Viêt Nam ou sur les actes de torture à Abou Ghraib, ou encore sur la fausse attaque au gaz sarin en Syrie, vient de révéler comment les gazoducs Nord Stream ont été sabotés [1].

Des plongeurs de l'US Navy ont posé des explosifs sous les gazoducs Nord Stream l'été dernier (durant l'« opération Baltops 22 » de l'Otan, du 5 au 17 juin 2022), que les Norvégiens ont activés trois mois plus tard, le 26 septembre, en larguant depuis un avion une bouée qui les a fait exploser.

08/02/2023  7 min #223786

Pérou : commotion et la violence de l'État

Vivre n'est pas nécessaire, naviguer est une nécessité !

Ernesto Milà


Je me plains toujours que nous ne voyageons pas assez et que nombreux sont ceux qui tentent de reconstruire le mode de vie de leur propre pays au cours de leurs rares voyages. J'ai vécu en Bolivie avec des Italiens. Nous étions un groupe sympathique de Français, d'Italiens et d'un Espagnol, moi.

08/02/2023  53 min 🇬🇧 #223778

The Hypocrisy Just Makes Me Cry


Danny: Greetings everyone. [We] have two very special guests today.

[This] is the first conversation of a series that we will be having on The Left Lens leading into the one year anniversary of the official beginning - or at least what the mainstream may say is the beginning - of the Ukraine proxy war - really the beginning of Russia's special military operation - but we're gonna have great conversations here.

08/02/2023  10 min #223777

« Sauver Les Retraites » Ou Sauver Le Néolibéralisme ?

La réforme des retraites défendue actuellement par le gouvernement n'est que la dernière en date d'une interminable succession de réformes. Présentées à chaque fois comme inévitables et comme preuve du « courage » et de la « responsabilité » des dirigeants, elles révèlent en réalité l'échec d'un système néolibéral soutenu avec constance par tous les gouvernements depuis quarante ans.

08/02/2023  3 min 🇬🇧 #223776

You're Being Lied To About China - Lee Camp Talks to Jingjing Li

 Lee Camp

For the latest episode in our Behind The Headlines series, Lee speaks with Jingjing Li,  a journalist and host for China Global Television Network ( CGTN). Based in Beijing, Jingjing anchors two popular shows on the network. Today, the pair discuss the topic of how China is presented in U.S.

08/02/2023  15 min 🇬🇧 #223775

Openly Pro-Israel Tech Group Now Has Control over Uk's Most Sensitive National Security Data

 Alan Macleod

This is the story of how a multibillionaire who has dedicated his life to advancing the cause of the Israeli national security state is now in control of Great Britain's most sensitive public and military data.

In 2020, software giant Oracle  won a gigantic contract with the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide it with cloud infrastructure, digital assistance, data visualization software, mobile hub and development tools.

08/02/2023  10 min 🇬🇧 #223772

Woke Imperialism

Woke culture, devoid of class consciousness and a commitment to stand with the oppressed, is another tool in the arsenal of the imperial state.


The brutal  murder of Tyre Nichols by five Black Memphis police officers should be enough to implode the fantasy that identity politics and diversity will solve the social, economic and political decay that besets the United States.

08/02/2023  8 min 🇬🇧 #223771

Us. Declares War on Turkish Tourism Economy

Steven Sahiounie

The U.S. State Department has issued warnings and threats to Erdogan if he follows through on his plan to have a neighborly relationship with Syria.

On February 3, the Turkish interior minister, Suleyman Soylu, blasted the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey,  Jeffry L. Flake, saying, " Take your dirty hands off of Turkey."

08/02/2023  2 min 🇬🇧 #223770

Scott Ritter: I'm Not a Traitor... Lying Politicians and Us. Government are the Real Traitors

Finian Cunningham

Scott Ritter: I?m Not a Traitor? Lying Politicians and US Government are the Real Traitors

Former Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter answers his critics who accuse him of being a "Russian stooge".

Former Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter answers his critics who accuse him of being a "Russian stooge" and an "anti-American traitor" owing to his trenchant criticism of U.S. involvement in the Ukraine war with Russia.

Ritter says, "they can go to hell!" He adds, "my job is to tell the truth based on fact-based analysis".

08/02/2023  6 min 🇬🇧 #223769

 Ballon au-dessus de l'Amérique du nord : la Chine appelle à ne pas «monter les choses en épingle»

Where Do Things Stand?

By  James Howard Kunstler

February 8, 2023

"The world, however, is moving on from the Davos unitary world governance prescription, to de-centralisation and multi polarity - in pursuit of the renaissance of autonomy, historic values and sovereignty." - Alastair Crooke

Have you forgotten the Chinese balloon incident yet? Don't worry, you will.

08/02/2023  3 min 🇬🇧 #223767

 Ballon au-dessus de l'Amérique du nord : la Chine appelle à ne pas «monter les choses en épingle»

The Chinese Spy Balloon Hoax

By  Paul Craig Roberts

February 8, 2023

After the Russiagate Hoax, the Covid hoax, and the Insurrection hoax, We now Have the Chinese Spy Balloon Hoax

According to Washington and the whore media,  China sent a balloon that the Pentagon said "could" be loaded with explosives to spy on America.

08/02/2023  17 min 🇬🇧 #223766

Pfizer Admits 'Directing' the Evolution of Covid-19 Virus

By  Dr. Joseph Mercola

February 8, 2023

By now, many of you will have seen Project Veritas' undercover video of Dr. Jordon Trishton Walker, director of Research and Development for Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning at Pfizer, discussing an internal plan to "direct the evolution" of the COVID-19 virus in order to make more money from COVID boosters.

08/02/2023  15 min 🇬🇧 #223764

Be Careful of the Goals You Seek With Bad Data

By  Tom Luongo

 Gold Goats 'n Guns

February 8, 2023

"Well, I'm not the princess you seek, but we can still have a really good time!"
Aeryn Sun, Farscape "John Quixote"

Last Friday's Non-Farm Payroll report came out with a massive 517,000 new jobs created in January. It blew expectations completely out of the water and forced onto global markets a different view of the US economy than the one it held just two days earlier when the FOMC announced another 0.25% hike to the Fed Funds rate.

08/02/2023  13 min 🇬🇧 #223763

Mercouris: « something Big Is On the Way »

By Mike Whitney
 The Unz Review

February 8, 2023

"The Russians have decided there is no way to negotiate an end to this. No one will negotiate in good faith; therefore we must crush the enemy. And that's what's coming." Colonel Douglas MacGregor (9:35 minute)

"Strictly speaking, we haven't started anything yet." Vladimir Putin

The war in Ukraine is not going to end in a negotiated settlement.