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Covid All Over Again? Practical Steps...

By  Capt. Randall

September 16, 2023

History Repeats and Repeats

The most reliable treacheries of government are disinformation, distraction and dishonesty. There's no R vs D, no left vs right, there is only one deep dark empire herding its slaves through words, trickery and fear. Just recall Alexander, Caesar, Lenin or Mao; The American Script was written long ago.

State medicine told us saturated fats/cholesterol cause heart disease, to stay out of the sun, Roundup/glyphosate is safe, that masks/vaxxxines prevent infection and that any other opinion was quackery. Conventional M.Ds (Money Doctors) don't want people to doctor themselves and restrict actual prevention in favor of tests and screenings to drug-treat symptoms.

Medicine evolved as an aspect of religion. Then religions aligned with governments to create belief systems; so people were trained to believe in gods, kings, and doctors. They could sell the suckers anything!

Psych Warfare

So what happened with covid 19? Our CIA controlled medical experts, pharmaceuticals and well-compensated Judas media terrorized the world with hysteria/high-end stress. A combination of standardized medical stupidity coupled with a carefully designed psychological attack hijacked the planet. They murdered millions in hospital death-portals with ventilators, vaxxxines and bad drugs while demonizing Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Ivermectin and hydrogen peroxide that defiant and highly censored physicians utilized with near-perfect outcomes.

The covid scenario trashed lower-tier economics, yet benefitted the empire in many ways, just like their endless wars and global thievery. Given the evidence of preplanning, the obscene number of secret bioweapon labs here and abroad, and the concerted effort to mask/lockdown/test/mal-treat under a blanket of hysteria; there is little doubt that an artificially engineered virus and toxic injections were intentionally released upon the world to dispose of the elderly, infirm and naive among us. Collateral damage crippled our nation with political support across the board. Shocking events are all created to jam the pedal to the metal!

First, get healthy!

Recognize covid/flu/RSV as scams that play-on weak minds and weak immune systems. There is little we can do to throw this empire off our backs; they are 50 moves ahead and can assume emergency power. We can bitch/moan/write and piss into the wind. What we can do is protect our minds and bodies and so live to fight another day. "A live dog is better than a dead lion." Wise up and become self reliant!

* The Mind; If you buy into the mass-media scare scenario, you already have one foot in the grave on account of not just the latest weaponized virus, but all chronic diseases, cancers, heart, etc.. The autonomic nervous system has two sliding-scale modes of action…

1)The sympathetic chain is activated by fight/flight/fear-stress and dumps adrenaline and cortisol which prevents healing and sources disease more or less depending on severity and duration. This can be due to unresolved conflicts, abusive situations, anxiety/depression or continuous media pandemic-pressure where ginned-up fear and rage also poison the physical body. Stress must be eliminated mentally and through physical exertion, not antidepressants which eventually make matters worse.

2)Then regenerative-healing parasympathetic control can return marked by fearless unconditional love, a sense of purpose, laughter and happiness. Very old people I have known are active and extremely relaxed with a well honed sense of humor. Laugh much?

The universe is energy, we are all that energy plus the electromagnetic fields we each generate according to our levels of consciousness and intent. Our states of awareness define our worlds which can be bold and beautiful if we so choose.(period)

*The Body; Focus on organic, pastured and wild foods in a wide variety of color and source. Practice scratch cooking with raw food products. Sunshine, exercise plus a sense of purpose in community are essentials.

Avoid toxic processed foods stacked with vegetable oils, corn sugar, preservatives, drug residues and pesticides.

Connect with organic farmers…You'll be surprised at their depth of knowledge in foods and health.

Self Aid/ Forbidden Bush Medicine

Pandemic emergencies are just one more way to keep the herd scared, anxious and obedient. A new round of masking, vaxxxing and seasonal fear-mongering has already begun; first seen in our corporate and university institutions where one would expect "intelligent" minds to possess common sense.

Vaxxxines train the immune system to one specific strain precluding broad-spectrum natural immunity while containing toxic metals and other adjuvants that elicit an inflammatory/autoimmune response to "make them work." The compliant vaxxxinated/boosted become more susceptible to random infection, bacterial pneumonia, myocarditis, stroke, Bell's Palsy, Guillain-Barre, etc.!

Official propaganda makes you feel there are no options to your survival and question your commitment to your neighbors' safety…guilting/shaming..unbridled coercion! Don't fall for it, there are simple cheap remedies for chronic conditions and viral infections; they just don't want you to know!

Bush Medicine Supplies;

Nebulizer with nozzle reservoir/not mask, large graduated syringe, small glass storage bottles…. to treat all respiratory infections/COPD with 1-3% hydrogen peroxide alternating with NAC solution (approx 500mg NAC powder dissolved in 20ml pure water). Nebulize each separately for a few minutes, diluting peroxide if needed to prevent nasal irritation or diluting NAC to prevent extended coughing. Nozzle attachments on nebulizer cups allow inhalation via nose or mouth where peroxide may irritate nasal passages.

Pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Arm&Hammer baking soda, NAC capsules (n-acetyl cysteine). Buy Vit C in bulk lbs/kilos, try NOW or  purebulk.com. In dire emergencies, alternative clinics can deliver huge doses of Vitamin C and or NAC via IV…or even provide ozone/O3 infusions. If illness progresses to septic pneumonia, IV cocktail infusions of Vit C/B-1/corticosteroids are the highly successful elements of Dr. Marik's Protocol. Demand it or move to an alternative clinic! (See ACAM.org physician finder.)

Vitamins A, B complex, D3, E with tocotrienols, K2. Magnesium/zinc/selenium/iodine. MSM sulfur crystals to reduce clotting/speed circulation/detoxify/boost DNA methylation.

100% Pure oregano oil (antibiotic/antifungal/antiparasitic). Try  oreganoworld.com

Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide @ 3%, or @ 35% which is dangerous and must be diluted to 3% using graduated syringe. 1 part 35% H2O2 to 11 parts pure water = 3%.

Ivermectin liquid is available at farm/pet supplies and can be applied transdermally to belly skin.

Papain, Bromelain, nattokinase, lumbrokinase, etc. are proteolytic enzymes useful in destroying spike proteins, clots, internal fibrin films and scar tissue…lumbrokinase being the most powerful. Sauna also helps long covid by dumping toxins and straightening misfolded proteins.

Keep these on hand!!!

How To;

Vitamin C is fizzed in half glass water w baking soda 2:1…Start with a level tsp Vit C / 2000 mg (2 grams) and increase dose to bowel tolerance, perhaps 5-8 grams of Vit C to half as much baking soda…Dose can be repeated every 3-4 hrs on empty stomach as needed. Vitamin C is antioxidant, antiinflammatory, antiviral, antihistamine immune support as well as a universal detoxificant of metals and organic poisons. Since dosage is purely individual, increase until healing occurs.

Baking soda alone raises alkalinity and body voltage, bicarbonate being a major pH buffer along with magnesium/sodium/potassium electrolytes. Baking soda is taken by millions, a teaspoon at a time, and increases oxygen penetration to reverse cancers/acidic hypoxia if properly employed. (see Dr. Tullio Simoncini protocols)

Nebulizing hydrogen peroxide destroys all virus, bacteria, fungi and organic debris in sinuses and lungs…while nebulizing NAC promotes antioxidant glutathione production, vigor of macrophage cleaner cells in lungs and increases mucus flow for the physical removal of "garbage" so problematic with a "dry cough." NAC should also be taken orally. Grocery store 3% hydrogen peroxide can be used in a pinch via a nasal spray bottle aimed at the back of the throat/huffed directly into lungs 3-5Xs every few hours.

Vitamins and minerals are "vital" nutrients that supplement those missing from foods.

Oregano oil is a "hot oil". 100% pure OO is started @ 1 drop on a spoonful of honey, held in mouth for a minute/swallowed..Increase to 10 drops as tolerated. OO safely targets staph/strep, other pathogens and yeasts/fungi. I take a 10day course of oregano oil several times a year. Oregano oil blends and gel caps do not provide the same strength and benefits as pureOO.

Don't take my word for it, or that of thousands of independent physicians around the world, do a bit of research and see for yourself. There is complicated science behind each of these simple steps….the only thing holding one back is the hesitation to take determined action and a few hundred $dollars to employ these safe proven therapeutics..

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