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An Urgent Letter to Vladimir Putin

By  L. Reichard White

June 15, 2024


I've written some mostly tongue-in-cheek pieces in the past about Western Leaders dissing you ( Those Silly Russians,  How Stupid Is This Narrative?,  Oh No! Not Novichok Again!, etc.)

I hope you took them in the spirit in which they were intended?

But in a more serious vein, I worry about you now and then, the nuclear fate of life on earth solidly lodged on your shoulders 24/7. At least you have Mr. Lavrov to share the burden. Despite that, neither of you seem to age much, what's your secret?

OK, but here's the thing. The current, apparently brain-dead leaders of those countries you used to refer to as "our friends and partners in the west" refuse to take you seriously. I know, as you said, you expect that.

But when it gets down to  The Final World War, you'd think they'd at least listen. They don't, though many of us have also tried to get their attention - - -

 Watching Washington Foment Nuclear War, Paul Craig Roberts, PaulCraigRoberts.org

 Is Putin Paranoid?, L. Reichard White

 False Flag On The Horizon? The Strange Case of the Destroyed Russian Nuclear Radar, Brandon Smith, Alt-Market.us

Not surprisingly, we've had even less success than you have.

I'm not sure if you know, but The West operates on Games Theory. You can tell because they'll say something like "all options are on the table." Your opponent has to believe that or your power to bluff is blunted. This is derived mostly from poker, a game where someone wins and someone loses. There's always bluffing going on, normally co-operation isn't in the cards.

Some folks think you don't understand this - but maybe you do - and so  you don't bluff?

They refuse to understand that Ukraine in NATO means NATO/US nukes on your borders, 5 minutes flight time to Moscow - which puts your retalitory nukes in  "launch on warn" mode, likely resulting in the end of life on earth sooner or later. Similar situation to our own President John F. Kennedy warning the former Soviet Union to remove their missiles from Cuba, only they listened.

I see that you've just  reiterated your requirements for a cease fire, even though the G7 have now agreed to, as you say,  "steal" about $50 billion of interest on your frozen sovereign assets and give it to Ukraine. As you point out, this further threatens the status of the U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Nonetheless, with U.S. Secretary of State Blinken, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the deep-state, MIC etc.  all pimping for war, your former "friends and partners in the west" will likely continue to ignore you, especially since  you weren't even invited to the current Ukraine "peace talks" in Switzerland.

Which brings me to the reason I'm writing. We're not ALL brain-dead here in "The West," Mr. Putin - - - we're trying to get the likely outcome of this Ukraine debacle through the Military Industrial Congressional Complex controlled MSM (Main Stream Media) to "we the people," particularly that if "The West" - especialy Effigy of State Blinken - doesn't  stop blocking peace talks - apparently to continue making the MIC money and maybe to get you to help depopulate the planet, well - - -

 Heading Towards Armageddon!, Larry Sparano and Paul Craig Roberts, April 3, 2024

 Malinen: Start To Prepare For The Unthinkable

And respected Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter - I beleive you're familiar with him - with Judge Andrew Napolitano this time, describes it like this - - -

Scott Ritter: Russia's Strategic Advances - YouTube [skip to 12:00]

In fact, just about all  logical projections and  computer simulations of a confrontation between your country and NATO end up in all-out nuclear war - and likely  nuclear winter.

And since you seem to be the only currently rational national leader who has any control over this nuclear situation, I'd like to reluctantly suggest three possible alternatives to all-out nuclear war. You may have thought of them already. They're horrendous, but I'm pretty sure if it comes down to it, most of the living things on earth would grudgingly agree, they're better than all-out nuclear war.

From least to most horrendous:

1. High-altitude nuclear detonations over the capitals of the nations that you feel are most egregious in threatening your country. These would produce massive EMP waves which would take out all unhardened electronics, including the electric grid, computers, vehicles, etc. I'd suggest you give these folks advanced warning so they'll know you aren't going  full monty yet.

They'd likely retaliate in kind, but at least you'd finally get their attention without completely destroying civilzation as we know it.

2. A huge nuke off the coast of UK - or France - or somewhere - creating a tidal wave. That would get folks to realize Putin says Russia would use nuclear weapons if threatened (State TV Interview) I think that was already suggested by one of your more radical supporters?

3. Dirty nukes to make Ukraine uninhabitable. Warn the Ukrainians ahead of time so they can move to safe countries. Benzion Mileikowsky (that's Benjamn Netanyahu's real name) and the Israelis have thoroughly tested this ploy and proven that the world grumbles but does nothing to stop them.

Maybe some of my readers have better less horrendous suggestions? What say folks?

One final thought. While I'm not a Trump fan - as per our American founding father James Madison "All men having power ought to be mistrusted" I mistrust all of 'em - he'll at least listen to you, he doesn't like NATO, and it seems you guys see eye-to-eye about not liking nukes as indicated by his comments  HERE and  HERE.

And unlike What the U.S.House of Representatives thinks of Russia's Vladimir Putin?? , he doesn't think of you as an enemy - - -

U.S. President Donald Trump described Russia's Vladimir Putin on Thursday as a "competitor" rather than an "enemy"... "I think we'll get along well. But ultimately he's a competitor. He's representing Russia. I'm representing the United States. So in a sense we're competitors, not a question of friend or enemy. He's not my enemy," Trump said. "Hopefully some day, maybe he'll be a friend...."  -Trump says Putin 'competitor', not enemy - Reuters

So, may I urge you to be patient till the results of the U.S. Presidential Election on November 4 of this year are in. Maybe all this can be cleared up without any nukes. And, since, as Mr. Trump quipped, we're competitors not enemies, while unlikely, maybe we can all go back to "our friends and partners in the west" mode?

L. Reichard White

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